Nehemiah: Updates from FB

Monday, December 5th, 1:00 pm

First of all, thank you all for every prayer you have lifted for our precious son. We are so grateful. This story is definitely one for the Memorial Box with many components readily showing God’s hand in the entire situation. God, once again, has been astoundingly faithful and a sober reminder of how trustworthy He is.

Today, Nehemiah seems to be feeling much better – praise the Lord! I guess the surgeon did not end up putting a tube(s) in to drain the surgical place. Instead, he is draining it by leaving the big incision partially open so it can drain. Dw texted me a picture. The feelings I felt when I looked at the picture was a fresh reminder of why I did not choose to go into anything medical. Ha!

Lastly, the Infectious Disease doctor came in again this morning and told Dw and Nehemiah that there is *something* growing in the culture and he will not be able to go home until they know that that something is. So he is there until then. Please, if you think of us, continue to pray for his complete healing.

Picture above taken in Uganda a few weeks ago. Nehemiah was carrying little Gem Shakira to the car. She was being taken shoe shopping for a wedding she was going to be in.

And the Best Update: December 6th, Tuesday Evening


Thank you for praying with us! God has been over-the-top astoundingly faithful.

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