Both Sides Covered

Never in my wildest dreams did I expect as a young newlywed that my wife and I would be preaching on both sides of the world on the same Sunday. Linny will be teaching in Senge Village outside Kampala. This is the home area to the African Hearts project to take kids off the streetss.

She asked that you pray for her – she will be teaching on….. well you probably guessed -prayer.
As one person said, when Linn prays for you specifically things start to happen. Remember Africa is a very male dominated culture – for her to speak is big – but a bit intimidating as well. If you knew my wife, you’d know that if the Lord tells her to say it, she’ll say it, but that doesn’t mean she won’t be wishing for the rapture! 🙂

I on the other hand will be preaching on “Hope” Seems to be a popular theme lately so I thought it proper to give it Biblical attention. This first week will be on “Searching For Hope”.
Listen people, if you think Hope is coming from the government, Wall Stree, or bail outs you will be sorrly disappointed.” (Now i’m starting to preach… thought i’d try my first line out on all of the choir! )

I just got up from a 2 1/2 hour power nap. You see when the power is totally used up after 50 the power naps go from 20 minutes to hours! Now I’m ready for the day. Too bad it’s 3″30!

So, tomorrow we get to cover the gospel from both sides of the world. What a privilege, what an honor. Only one thing I wish was different… i want to be the one in Africa1 🙂

Linn wanted me to tell you a comment that I made to her that had her laughing. I told her, “Wow, there’s no time for housework! I got to check the blog site every couple of minutes for an encouraging word!”

Thanks again to Linn’s blogging possee (sp) for your support. It’s been fun to get to “know you”… I’d better get to Starbuck’s or my local watering hole – coffee that is- to get some macho moca for sermon prep.

Blessings to you all – have a “wonder filled Sunday”! dw

5 thoughts on “Both Sides Covered

  1. What a true testimony for your kids! Mom and Dad preaching and reaching all over the world! Amazing!

    Gotta share a funny with you DW…tonight’s preaching at our church (we have a Sat. night service too) was all about listening to God and getting His message. Elijah was spoken of often. And Linny, our pastor was talking about asking for a sign, etc. OH MY GOODNESS. Every two seconds I was elbowing Tony. The pastor said that SOME people might have to be hit upside the head with a brick. Hmmm, I know SOME one like that! hehee

    Ok, I pray that God uses both of you to speak directly to the hearts of His people. I pray that they be open to the message and that they can apply it immediately.

    Goodnight, my friends.

  2. I’ll be praying for both of you. What an awesome opportunity for Linn to preach in Africa – she seems so well accepted there too, and it’s no wonder. I will pray that her message will be receieved with open hearts and open ears.
    Your family is a wonderful blessing to not only the orphans and the blogging community but to Durango as well. I feel so blessed to know you guys!

  3. WOW! I am so proud of her I could just burst. God is doing mighty work here, and I am so blessed to be here witnessing it.. even if 2 weeks behind… I will get caught up to real time though.. I will.. I will…

    Love you guys!

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