Christmas at Seth and Maria’s

A New Family Picture – Just missin’ Abigail, Ryan, Tyler and Jubilee….Seth and Maria – some of the dearest and sweetest friends we have ever had
(they are moving in the Spring to plant a church in the
San Francisco area – oh how we will miss them…
they have been with us since we pastored in Virginia….
they interviewed with us while on their honeymoon
and here it is six years later and
they have added little Ella and baby twins: Ian and Levi –
Seth and Maria – rare treasures that you only come across once in a lifetime)

Ella and Elizabeth……Friends Daniel, Ann and Ben joined the fun….
Ben And Emmy holding Ian and Levi

Isaiah and Ben….

Even Spiderman takes some time off from saving people
to play a bit on Christmas too…

Maria and Maria’s brother Travis goofing off with Autumny…

Playing the Game: Left, Right, Center – lots of fun and lots and lots of laughs

3 thoughts on “Christmas at Seth and Maria’s

  1. What an awesome family picture! And I love Spiderman aka Isaiah! My little Tucker, 4, has his Spidey clothes on most days -with cowboy boots, no less! Don’t you think God smiles when he sees dear friend celebrating together – Just think of the laughs and fun we will all will have celebrating together w/ Him!

    Merry Christmas –

  2. You are awesome! Your family is awesome! Your pics warm my heart! You have 10 kids- okay 9 and one on the way- too cool! You go girl!!
    Blessings from MN!

  3. Dear Linn,
    It looks like a Joyful time was had by all! I love seeing Elijah and Elizabeth in the mix now with their big brothers and sisters! May your New Year be as richly blessed as 2008 has been for your family…
    Happy Year of Jubilee!!!
    Much Love, Amy

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