An Oversight – Gotta Be Sleep Deprivation

Here it is the day after Christmas. We are completely snowed in and await our turn for the plowman to show up so we can be dug out. We were supposed to go to a Barn Party, complete with Square Dance, but that just isn’t possible. The drifts are about 3 feet high and the lane leading to our home is llllloooooonnnnnngggg. It looks mighty pretty out there and Isaiah and Liberty have been outside almost all day digging a snow fort.
I decided to do some clean-up from all the Christmas festivities, inbetween the 3 (yes 3) Hallmark movies Dw and I have been snuggled watching….(total slugs, but what the heck, we are totally snowed in…speaking of which we were dumb enough to watch a movie about a family who loses their oldest Special Forces son in the war – ya’ I know – what were we thinking?? Cleaned our tear ducts real good…)
Anyway while tidying up I came across one of the pieces of paper I used to tally up the comments for my little Christmas Eve give-a-way. I noticed two names on it. I thought, “that’s weird, I don’t remember typing them in…” So I dug and found the other sheet and sure enough, I somehow missed these names.
Ladies, please, please, please forgive!! I listed the names in order of the number of comments and so these are squished right after Lori and before Holly: Kathie (who happens to be leaving for China 2 weeks from yesterday to get her sweet baby girl Sierra) and Susan (whose blog always just causes me to sigh – such a peaceful place)…..
So Kathie and Susan please do forgive me and thank you both for your faithful friendship and sweet comments while I was in Africa – I thank the Lord for you both!! xoxo
I guess we could chaulk it up to sleep deprivation or something, but I do pray you can forgive my oversight. Just email your street address to and your little thank you gift from Africa will be heading to your home soon, along with all the rest of you sweet friends.

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