Our Flights to Uganda & A Treat From the Lord

I thought I will tell the stories of Uganda, starting at the beginning…
our flights to Africa….
This look from my kids says, “We are already tired of your camera mom!” BUT just think how they will love looking back on the pictures someday when they are grown….just ask the bigger kids!! Food on international flights can leave something to be desired….but this one had OREOS!

We met this sweet lady on our flight from Amsterdam to Uganda….She had asked if Emma would hold her little girl as she used the ladies room. She grew up in Kampala, went to University in Germany, married a German and now had two children. She was returning home for Christmas, after being gone from Uganda for many years. She was a pleasure to talk to and gave me all her phone information so that if I should need anything, at all, while in Kampala, just call her!!

As we were walking down the airplane hallway thingy in Amsterdam to get on our flight to Uganda I happened to glance out the window….look at this spectacular treat from the Lord….Yes He is the ULTIMATE PROMISE KEEPER!!! And my promises were awaiting me in Africa! Yippee Jesus!!

4 thoughts on “Our Flights to Uganda & A Treat From the Lord

  1. I hate flying alone but love flying with family and friends! The rainbow is beautiful and it is just awesome how God continues to show us His love and promises through out our day to day lives! Yippee Jesus! 🙂

  2. I love the rainbow! God gave Chris and I a rainbow on the day we got engaged.

    Funny you would start telling the story today. This morning on TV we saw a children’s choir from Uganda. Our 5 year old looked at Chris and I and as sure as could be said “our next baby is coming from Uganda”. We have not even talked to her about your blog so both of us just looked at each other and smiled. She has seen us looking at the blog but we haven’t talked to her about Uganda.

    I can’t wait to hear more of the story and see more pictures.

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