Elijah Muller’s FIRST Kiss

I don’t know any mama who wants their kids to look less than adorable when picture taking. Somehow Elijah has been giving us the “deer in the headlights” look each time we are photo taking so I finally decided, since Dw is at the office, to work extra hard to get some pictures so everyone can see just how absolutely adorable he is.

Since both Elijah and Elizabeth have spent their entire lives in an orphanage every single experience is new. They are definitely behind developmentally, just like expected. It is said that for every three months a little one spends in an orphanage they are behind one month. Elijah is 23 months old and that would put him somewhere around a 14 month old probably. I would say that is a fair estimation. He is still “floppy” in muscle tone (heard commonly from many adoptive moms) and walks with a floppy toddle more than a firm little walk….his belly sticks out as he toddles – so sweet!!
He seems to be adjusting quickly, maybe a bit more quickly than Elizabeth. She is doing well, but still has grieving times, usually in the morning. He seems just to be going with the flow.
Of course, we have been showering them with kisses and Elizabeth has given us a few kisses on her own and will say, “I love you mama” all by herself. BUT the other day I thought, “Hey, I should see if Elijah would give me a kiss?” Having spent 2 weeks in the orphanage with them I knew that he probably had not ever been asked for a kiss. Elijah was just one of about 2 dozen kids his age and he was just another face in the little crowd. Not too likely to have ever had any real individual attention – at least for any extended period of time. So I asked him for a kiss and he leaned over and opened his little mouth and kissed my lips. I was so tickled!! What a precious little first kiss – and for his mommy – what a treasure!!
I am standing at our kitchen counter typing this and he is repeatedly running toward me from the opposite side of the kitchen giggling and squealing and banging his little head into the backs of my legs….I just hope he doesn’t bite my bee-hind!! =/

Anyway, these pics are fresh from just a few minutes ago!!

22 thoughts on “Elijah Muller’s FIRST Kiss

  1. What a cutie pie!! Great smile…and what a huge blessing he is to your family!

    BTW, I can’t believe you keep your tree up so long…I have been known to take ours down on Christmas night (but my family gives me such a hard time that I usually wait until the day after!).

    Love you guys!!

  2. Lori’s comment cracks me up as I was thinking the same thing. I too have been known to take my tree down on Christmas day. This year I waited until yesterday while Robert was watching football in the next room. He had no clue I took the tree down. Laughed when he noticed saying he doesn’t know anyone who takes their tree down as early as me. I am sending him to Lori’s blog!!!

    Okay, pictures of your new son are darling! Such a cutie! Anything come in the mail to you today????

  3. SUCH A CUTIE! I was waiting for him to ham it up for you with a camera around! 🙂

    So… if they’re “behind” from their time at the orphanage… then, wouldn’t he be a little “ahead” with that huge curly goatee in the first picture??? 🙂

    So very, very happy to see and read about your sweet kiddos at home!

  4. Now that they are home with you they will move ahead in no time. Who could not with all that loving that goes on in that cabin!!!!! The pictures are simply beautiful!!!!

  5. Linny,

    I’ve been following your blog for several weeks and finally found the time to post and say hello. Thanks for sharing your story and inspiring others. It is always a blessing to read what you have written and see the beautiful photos of your family. We hosted children from the Ugandan Children’s Choir this past summer so Uganda has a special place in our hearts and we are trying to learn more about adopting from there. Great to connect with another couple who feel so strongly about James 1:27!

  6. I’ve been following your blog for several weeks and this is the first time I’ve had the chance to say hello. It is such a blessing to see the beautiful photos of your family and read what you have written. Thanks for everything you are doing to inspire and encourage others. We hosted two boys from the Ugandan Children’s Choir this past summer and are hoping to learn more about adopting from Uganda. It is so great to connect with another couple who feels so passionately about James 1:27!

  7. Linny,

    Thanks so much for commenting on my blog. I wondered if anyone would ever read it. Your family and blog are such and inspiration to me. My sister gave me some beautiful beads from Uganda for Christmas and even though I don’t know you I instantly thought of you.
    My two youngest have been asking us to adopt again, but we have constantly argued that we are too old. Well, I guess God doesn’t think so. We are just now in the paper chase with a special needs adoption from China. I wonder what God has in store for 2009? His timing is so perfect. My oldest son leaves for Iraq next month and this will certainly give me something else to think about while he is away.

    Have a Blessed New Year with your new family,


  8. Oh my word—those dimples! How do you stand it 🙂 That child is absolutely adorable—he looks so happy and content. Isn’t God just amazing! It is so wonderful to see both the babies having the BEST time for Christmas. Absolutely precious. Thank you so much for taking the time to post all the pics—I know you are one very busy lady.
    So interesting reading about the adoption process for Uganda. Praying that MANY will follow your lead and feel the call to go and get a child. I know your journey in Uganda was not easy—but God is paving the way through you. Thank you for your obedience. So exciting!

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