Get Linny Home

Linn has landed in the USA!!! She said the flight was good – so thank you for all your prayers. The kids haven’t slept much as a result Linn has hardly slept at all. She is soooo whipped.

Linn is already on the flight from Minn. to Denver. One of two to go. Something went wrong with the booking so she has to go to the counter every flight to get ticketed. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, what else is new in this difficult yet rewarding journey.

Linn mentioned that Elijah has been crying – he didn’t want to get on another flight. Neither did I so I fully understand. After two major international flights who wants to go inside a metal cone??

I told Linn we are in blizzard like conditions at home. She said then, “I’m not getting on the final flight, I’m too tired – I almost threw up, Emma is sick again, the kids are crying, and I just can’t take a horrible flight. So pray.”

So pray I did and pray and pray. Right now there is a break in the clouds. Please tell this blizzard to go cool off a real hot place!! 🙂 I want my family home. Ok, maybe I will repent later. But for now I’m rebuking this storm big time.

Let get Linny home – thanks blogging friends for praying, you are the best. Oh, here come the tears, Tim Taylor would really be disappointed in me! dwight

15 thoughts on “Get Linny Home

  1. Praying, praying, praying….and rejoycing with you that your family are on their way!
    Can’t wait to read that you have them all wrapped in your arms again.
    ~ Fiona

  2. We will be praying for amazing, compassionate flight attendants and for fellow travelers who are overwhelmed with love and patience for this precious cargo! I'm sure the babies are simply overwhelmed with all the change – we will pray for special peaceful angels to hold these babies & comfort them to sleep. And a special prayer Emma, Graham, & Linn to be able to get some rest!

  3. Thanks for the update Dw. I think that she is going to just fall into your arms at the airport. It must all be sooooo exhausting for her. I definitely have a new hero 🙂 It will all be worth it once she is home and rested. A good nights sleep is going to be just what she needs.
    Continuing to pray!

  4. Tim Taylor has nothin’ on you Dwight!

    Father God,
    We lift up Linn and the children to You, Lord please see them safely home. Father, stay the storm, if that’s what it takes. Please give Linn, Emma and Graham health and strength for the final leg Lord. Let the babies sleeeeeep. Line things up Lord for this precious family to be reunited. God we continue to thank you for all You have done, and we ask You once again to show up big on their behalf! We praise You Lord for what we know You are going to do! In Jesus name, Amen!

    Praying in Texas~


  5. DW, who cares what Tim Taylor thinks…LOL. I’m so excited for your family because I know the blessings are continuous. I know the days are long but the blessings are many. Tell Linny we are praying for them…and poor Emma…we are praying. I can’t wait to hear about the hugs when they arrive. You all are blessing so many readers..more than you know.

  6. What an inspiration to see God continually provide for every need and receive His due glory. What an amazing journey-I have been blessed by following along. Praying for the weather and flights to be calm.

    mom to six (one waiting in China), 3 stepsons, and open to more:)

  7. We are praying for the snow clouds to be moved just like the mountains. Linny and the kids need to be home with you more than ever tonight.

    Oh how I wished I lived in Durango to be with you all. God Bless!

    Lisa from Ohio

  8. I can see it now…I am picturing you ALL at finally at home, well rested and cuddling for hours around your little warm stove while snowed in with nowhere you else you need to be. I hope it happens soon!

  9. I one of your lukers. I have been praying for you all since your journey started. I will praying all night long, until I know they are home. God bless all of you.


  10. Praying with you to bring your family safely home… I bet God’s ok with you rebuking the storm too! There’s no doubt He’s knocked a few hurricanes off course in answer to prayer…so what’s a few snowflakes?!

    She’s almost home!!

  11. Yes Lord…Please bring them home safely tonight to be reunited as the family you have intended them to be even before time began.

    In Jesus precious name I pray…Amen

    Love and blessings to you all,

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