I can’t remember!

I can’t remember if I posted the times for the court hearings so here you go:

1st: The judge will render a ruling on one of the children at 10:00 Uganda and 12 midnight MT.

2nd: The second ruling will come at 2:30 Uganda and 4:30 our time.

Thank you all for your prayers they are lifting us up. If you awake, pray, if your up pray, by the way I have said this a number of times when I preach but it has never been so relevant to me: God works the night shift!! Usually I’m referring to times when it seems darkest that God is at work behind the scenes. True this time as well, but quite literally while most are sleeping God will be working. In that I rest our case!

Love you though we’ve never met and forever grateful for you your support of
Linny, Emma, Graham, Elizabeth, and Elijah. dwight

3 thoughts on “I can’t remember!

  1. I just read the last 4 entries all at once, so this comment is for all of them… Praise God, He is good and ALWAYS in control! He loves those babies more than even you and Linn do, and will not let anything happen to them that does not first pass through His hand. We are praying, praying, praying!!

  2. DW,
    Thanks for all the updates. I keep checking back every couple of hours for any new
    I’ll set my alarm for 2:oo am (Illinois time) to say a prayer. I get up every morning at 6:15 am, just in time to pray again!
    Take Care,
    Julie French

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