My new orders from the front line….

Alright, here’s the plan… Linny’s plan…

Linn sends me an email with attached pictures….. I then download them to my computer….what???? Download… that only happens by accident to me. Next, go to the posting section – click the picture – find the new downloads – and click there in…. No problem? Only that my kids have downloaded about 2000 pictures, especially Emma from the last trip. So let’s do it! I’ve learned to blog. I’ve learned to post comments. Now pictures! Right!!!!

Linn gets to travel to my beloved Africa… gets to love on the kids…. gets to see my sons…. gets to preach to an African church… I’m not jealous mind you one bit – nope not me – I can’t complain… I’m not supposed too… I mean whippee I get to figure out how to post a picture!

Oh yea, she got peed on yesterday… maybe I do have the best position after all. 🙂

Here goes nothing… if you see nothing…. then you know I couldn’t do it!

Thanks to all for praying… one week… let’s pray them home! Love dw

PS: I did it… I did it!!! Happy Dance time for Dw!!
PSS: These are pictures from the slums. Linn says if any one was to visit they would never complain again!
PSSS: I think she’s now out witted the system and more pictures will follow. Guess what I’m doing tomorrow night!!

5 thoughts on “My new orders from the front line….

  1. Dw,
    First off, I highly appreciate the blogging! You are doing a wonderful job!!
    Second, oh how these pictures are tugging at my heart! I have wanted to go to Africa since I was little…I want to impact the people of Africa that so desperately need Jesus! Thanks for the pictures!

  2. DW, you are doing a great job and I’m so excited each day to see the new posts. Thank you! The pics are so touching. I’m praying for you Linny. Everything will be just fine. 🙂

  3. DW We are so grateful for everything you are doing so that we can follow Linny’s journey. You are doing an amazing job!!!You will be touching so many lives this way!! And Linny… YOU GO GIRL!!!!!

  4. Great Job, Mr. Dw! I have a feeling that you would pay big money to be in Africa being peed on! Thank you so much for sharing this journey will all of us, it does bring such light into our worlds of just how blessed we really are!

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