Good News from a Distant Land

“Like cold water to a weary soul is good news from a distant land.” Proverbs 25:25

I mentioned that I had some good news from Africa the other day and Nicole A. commented and asked about Martha…..Nicole you are goooood!! Boy-oh-boy do we ever have some wonderful news!

For you who are new to A Place Called Simplicity while Emma, Graham and I were in Africa in December we met Martha at the orphanage where Elizabeth and Elijah also lived. She had been brought in only a few weeks before we arrived in Africa and at over 2-1/2 years old she weighed only less than 10 lbs. I first introduced Martha here.

Then I even did a second post from Africa about Martha here. Our hearts broke for little Martha and we wanted to bring her home with us. We prayed that the Lord would send a family to adopt Martha. Maybe the Lord would even use our blog to help find her a home??

We received a picture of Martha from the Christmas play the orphanage did. She was a little lamb. Emma posted the picture on her blog here. We cried when we got the picture. She is improving greatly. We then received word last week that Martha is now walking holding onto the walls.

And the greatest news of all…..We joyfully report that there is a family who read about Martha on our blog and they are pursuing her adoption. I actually talked to the mom of the family the very night before our fire. She was such a delight to talk to and we had a long, wonderful conversation. Last word I had was that they are heading to Uganda sometime in probably March to begin her adoption proceedings!!!!

To all who prayed for Martha and homes for the other little ones….please pray again! Pray that the Lord would raise up homes for other little ones from Sanyu (and around the world)….there are such precious treasures waiting for mommies and daddies!!!

FRIENDS AND LURKERS……PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do NOT copy the photos from this site and post them on your site or send them in emails. They are only for your viewing. If you would like anyone to see them, use a hyper-link to allow them to come to A Place Called Simplicity and look for themselves. The director of the orphanage does not want the children paraded about. The sole purpose of the pictures is to entice you to come and serve and meet them. Thank you so much for respecting our wishes. xo

31 thoughts on “Good News from a Distant Land

  1. Oh Praise the LORD!!! I am so thankful that sweet Martha is going to have a forever family!! It makes my heart leap to see how God weaves His family together, connecting just the right obedient members to each other to make His plan work. It is beyond words…only the Creator of the Universe could orchestrate such a thing. All GLORY TO HIM!!!!

  2. Thank you Jesus that tiny Martha is getting her FAMILY!! Thank you Linn for advocating for Martha, and for all of the children –everywhere, who desparately need families to love them forever.

    May the Lord bless your day!

    Love from Texas ~


  3. Well, this makes me so very happy!!!!! I cried and cried for her. I told Keith that I wanted to bring her home, but knew deep down that it wasn’t something that we could do right now. I’m thrilled that she will see the love of God in the faces of her forever mommy and daddy.

  4. 🙂 I just read this out loud to Gracie, Linn, and she said, “Now that’s a GREAT BIG ‘YIPPEE, JESUS!'” 🙂 It sure is! Thank you for sharing this awesome news, Linn!

    With Love and JOY! – Amy and Gracie

  5. Wonderful, wonderful!! I am tearing up! She is so precious, and I am just so happy that she is doing well and especially that she will be going home soon!

    Isn’t it amazing how your work there and your adoptions of your own children from there are all opening doors for other children to come home? God is truly working through you, and that is amazing!

    Thanks for the update! We will continue to pray for her and for all the others still waiting …

    All the best!
    Nicole A. in OH

  6. As you know we prayed very, very hard for this precious girl. We also would have taken her in a minute if God would have given us the go but instead he had us pray her into a family. I would love to follow this familes journey if they have a blog. Martha is a miracle and there is a reason that God saved her precious life and I can’t wait for her family to get to her.

    I hope this is just the first of many, many children that come home through your blog.

  7. Yayyeeee Jesus! That is wonderful. I am so happy for sweet Martha. Praying that the paperwork would go smoothly for her family—that they would be able to bring that sweet little one home asap. Rejoicing this day. God is just so amazing.

    Linny, when do you move? I bet you cannot wait to have to room to spread out a little. Oh, and to have your hubby in the same bed as you will be an added bonus 🙂


  8. This is the greatest news! YES!!!!!!!!! I could not possibly be any happier or smiling any bigger!! God is soooo very good! Happy Happy Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We will be celebrating here tonight in Martha’s honor!!!


  9. Yea! How awesome is that!
    Oh, you will never believe… oh, wait, yes you will!! … Our pastor has been going to Congo for several years setting up a “College of Prayer” for pastors and lay leaders. Well, this summer he will be leading a “College of Prayer”module in of all places… the Ugandan Parliment. No really! How cool is that?! My husband turned down a trip with him last summer to Congo feeling it wasn’t what he was supposed to do then. Please pray that the Lord will let us know if he is supposed to go this time! (Last summer the ms was not great and he didn’t want to leave me with 3 kids for 3 weeks alone. He is a good hubby!) I see God’s hand all over this now. Sheri

  10. What precious news to hear of a forever family for little Martha. Mom and Dad are beyond ecstatic I’m sure. Was just catching up on several of your posts–it truly has been a worship time. Thank you Linn for your passionate heart cries to be so totally in the absolute rightness of God’s will. We always say in our family–there is absolutely no safer place to be except in the will of God–thank you for helping to keep that truth be firmly rooted in my spirit.
    We continue to pray for you and your family.
    Paula Jacoby
    (Mom to Addie Ruth on Journey to Me)

  11. Hi there! I wanted to come over and say THANKS for the sweet, SWEET message you left at my blog today. It’s been such a JOY to get to “meet” your family. (I’ve heard some WONDERFUL things about you from Amie.. that’s how I found you) ☺

    Yes, losing Brent was by far the GREATEST pain and loss we’ve ever experienced. However, the greater the loss, tighter we CLING, the CLEARER we see JESUS! Amen? (We KNOW beyond the shadow of ANY doubt that Brent IS WITH JESUS.. Brent was saved at the age of 8, and then GOD allowed us to witness during Brent’s last days as HE prepared his heart to go HOME) We are at peace because we KNOW we WILL see him again.

    Okay.. I talk WAY TOO MUCH (LOL).. I guess I’ll go for now. Thanks again for the encouraging words and for allowing me to meet YOU! ☺


  12. So glad that precious martha has a forever family waiting to adopt her! Oh that brings joy! As an adoptive mama of 10 children — it is pure joy when we see one of these precious souls place in a family.. the Lord truly does place the solitary into families! Praise His name!
    God bless,
    gloria in Missouri

  13. Linn,
    I am so glad to hear about Martha and to see the beauty and hope that comes in the midst of all of the stuggles you are facing. I wanted to let you know I was thinking about you all and praying for you. ( I can’t leave a message on my computer…it’s a MAC. Guess that’s the problem). I also had a favor to ask. I am in the process of helping with a dinner for friends adopting from Ethiopia to help raise money for them. We want to use photos of families who have been touched by adoption. I am asking your permission to use a picture of your family. with your heart for adoption, and your beautiful family being such a reflection of the beauty of adoption, I would love to use a photo. It would just be here, not published. Thank you for your consideration. Blessings to you!
    Andrea Nielsen

  14. Linn,
    I am so excited to read your wonderful news! I am so thankful to get to experience these moments of great joy with you while also praying for strength for you through the challenges. God is good! ( I am so glad I can finally comment…my computer is a MAC and is it very non compliant!)
    I also have a favor to ask. I am helping with a dinner for friends to raise money for adoption..their second. We want to display pictures of families who have been touched by adoption. With your heart for adoption I was hoping you would give me permission to use a picture of your beautiful family. It would not be published anywhere. thank you for your consideration
    andrea Nielsen
    ( I don’t know if my first comment published, so If this is a duplication..sorry. I am not terribly computer savvy as you can tell!)

  15. This is an answer to our prayer! Little Martha has been on my heart since I saw her on your blog. My girls have asked me from time to time how that “little girl with the tiny legs” is doing. (They are 4 and 2 and can’t remember her name!) We are praising God that he is granting the request of so many prayers offered on her behalf.

    We will pray for her forever family, that the process will go smoothly and quickly.

    And we are also praying for your family. You are on my mind and hearts daily and that in turn causes me to storm the throne room of heaven on your behalf. It is awesome to watch and see what God is carrying out in your family. It has truly been a faith builder for me.

    God’s blessings!

  16. I am so happy to hear this, the God we serve is an awesome one and he has a plan and when he reveals that plan to us it is just perfect isn’t it. The post thanking all of us blog lurkers came up on goodle reader, but it would not come up when I clicked on your blog, but you need to know there is no thank yous needed, you have a beautiful family and I am honored to look in on your life.

    Love and blessings, Kristy

  17. Praise the Lord! What an amazing little girl, and it's such a miracle that the Lord is providing her a home!!

    Thank you SO much for your blog! I just went back and read your entry "Glad you asked" and I am so thankful I did. My husband & I are very interested in adoption but haven't given it much thought lately because of money problems (who isn't bogged down with it all?) but I know I need to trust God. Your entry was exactly what I needed to read!! Thank you! 🙂

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