A Bloggy Friend’s Story about Fasting

After posting about fasting yesterday, I got the following letter from one of my sweet bloggy friends. I wrote her back and asked her permission to share her story. Due to the sensitivity of this story I have changed the name and all details.

I cannot thank her enough for sharing this story about the power of fasting. My bloggy friend and I both are convinced that fasting is what broke the situation with her daughter. And for the record, there is no doubt that for a 21 day fast it is more than appropriate to drink grape juice and tea.

Rejoice with this sweet bloggy friend after you read how our Miracle-working, Mountain-moving, Awe-inspiring, Gasp-giving God moved on behalf of this broken-hearted mom when she fasted:

One of our daughter’s, Rebekah, got into heavy drugs. Her boyfriend at the time abused our grandkids. They were taken away from her by her choice because she decided to stick with her drug addict boyfriend. Her ex got the kids and would not allow us to see them for many long years. Even the laws at the time couldn’t help us.

Anyway, not only did Rebekah get into heavy drugs but had to find money for those drugs and turned to prostitution. For years we would not hear from her unless a prostitute had been murdered and she would phone and say it wasn’t her.

About 6 years ago I felt I was to fast for 21 days and pray specifically for her. I drank only water, tea, and grape juice. When I started my fast we hadn’t heard from Rebekah in about 2 years. At day 17 of my fast, she phoned and her exact words to me were, “You’ve been praying for me, haven’t you?” I said, “Yes I have, why?” Rebekah then said, “I can feel those prayers”.

Within a year, Rebekah was at a drug rehab center and has been drug free now for a couple of years and is out of prostitution. YES OUR GOD IS AWE INSPIRING and BIG!! He knew this mother’s heart, knew I needed to have a relationship with her and knew I needed to see our grandkids. Within 6 months from fasting, out of the blue our grandchildren phoned me on Mother’s Day and we’ve had contact with them since.

16 thoughts on “A Bloggy Friend’s Story about Fasting

  1. Linny, I have seen the Lord confide in you more times than I can count and know that your faithfulness and willingness to fast is one of the reasons why. Your teaching here on fasting is God’s way to confide in us! And we are genuinely blessed for it. Thank you. I love you and know you will see HIM move in your life for your obedience. You have really found a gifting through blogging for the world to share. Lori L.

  2. OK… tearing up… tears flowing down the face… loving this amazing testimony. God is so close. He is so close to the brokenhearted. He desires our relationship so much, and when we draw near to Him – so many things are made better and good. Thank you Linn for sharing and thanks to your bloggy friend for that awesome inspiration. Lv, jen

  3. I have absolute chills. What an amazing story of the power of prayer and fasting…these kind go out but by prayer and fasting. Wow. Awesome. We have been fasting for many things in our life recently (we are trying to adopt two boys from foster care), and I can’t wait to see the result of our fast!

  4. What an awe inspiring story. Praise God for bringing the girl out of that horrible muck and mom back a peace of mind and allowing connection with the precious grand children. Thank you for sharing to you both. God Bless you. May He continue to pour out His blessings on all of you.

  5. WOW that is awesome praise God for his redemption of family and healing! You know Linn I find it super funny that I have not checked your blog for two days and then when I do for it to be on fasting the very thing that I have had the “tug” of heart to be doing!

    Thanks Love and Miss You All


  6. I am new to fasting. I have been learning alot about the different types of fasting. (Natural,partial,Total)

    My question is.. How long was your first fast? I know that it is to be something between you and the Lord.

    I know he is calling me to fasting, I am waiting on how long.

    Thanks for sharing. You have Godly wisdom and thanks for sharing. We are praying for your daughter. God will heal her.

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