The Drive from Albuquerque

Realizing that many of you might never have been to this neck of the woods, I thought you, my sweet bloggy friends, might want to see this desert landscape drive from our home to Albuquerque. I happen to love it. But you can be the judge, isn’t it just so beautiful??

Autumn sleeping…
For some reason Dw was pretending to be annoyed with me – just cause I was driving AND taking pictures. Like whatever…. I told him I just need to figure out how to blog, take pictures and drive….then I would be onto something….(I gave him fair warning that I was going to show you guys all the faces he was making at me…and he still kept on…so here goes…)

25 thoughts on “The Drive from Albuquerque

  1. In my defense… does it bother any of you when your spouse is hanging out the window taking pictures so she can blog? I mean, who cares about semi's headed your way – cliffs & wild animals? Why should i be afraid… and she says I'm taking a picture of you and posting…. well then here's my best face while thinking i'm about to die!!! Love to all Linn's blogging friends, but please advise her – this is not a good practice! Please!!

  2. How wondrous are thy works O Lord, And the majesty of your hand.
    But the face on DW
    Makes him look like a sour young man…
    But I got to admit my first thought was “hey thats DW’s shirt, and from that angle she has to be driving…”

    So I completely understand and agree with the next pic, and the face that is so sour….

    Multi-tasking can be taken to far!!
    So glad that Dad kept his hand on you guy’s in spite of it all..

    You are proof of the power of prayer!!!!

  3. Mr. Daddy and DW need to get together in real life. Cuz I need to get together with Linny just as much 🙂 Road trip anyone? 🙂

    I would say I agree with DW and Mr. Daddy, except that I once got chided for VIDEO TAPING the snowfall from the driver’s seat.

    (That’s what angels are for, right?)

    Love you both!

    (and Autumn looks like she’s smiling, even in her sleep!)

  4. aahhh, ya, not a good practice…talk about multitasking.
    Must admit, tho, the scenery WAS beautiful….DW..hhmmm, looking like he was about to scream… LOL

  5. Love the pics, but have to agree with the safety thing. Uh, I seem to remember that texting and bicycling wasn’t exactly safe either!


  6. Thanks for the pictures. Grew up in a desert climate, last traveled to your region a number of years ago – its beautiful for sure. Funny pictures too!

  7. Ha! You are so funny. Love you!
    (By the way, you said in your last post you were thinking you would be traveling to China late summer, early fall. That is my best guess as to when we will be traveling! Wouldn’t it just be so cool…) 🙂

  8. Hi Linny, In your defense I must comment that most men drive and look sideways at all sorts of sites-golf courses etc. so I don’t think it is much different that you had a camera in hand~lol. Loved the pictures-I’ll be heading down to Santa Fe in the fall so can’t wait to see some more of the landscape.
    Glad Papa watched over you though. Loved hubby’s look.
    With prayers and thankfulness for you.

  9. Boy are we glad we weren’t on the road with you! I showed Lori and Josh the picture of Dwight and Autumn, and asked them “what’s wrong with this picture” – neither of them could tell you were clicking and driving. Lori said “oh, maybe Dwight was taking the picture” – but you proved her wrong.

  10. This post is hilarious!! So good to laugh, isn’t it?

    The scenery is beautiful. We definitely don’t see that in Indiana!

    When are you headed this direction and where will you be?

    Still praying for you….

  11. Ok so driving and practicing your photography skills might not be the best combination. But it’s almost worth the danger to capture such a loving expression from your adoring husband!

  12. Someday I would love to go to New Mexico! Your pics are beautiful!

    One question? How did you drive and take pics?
    Wow! You are good at multi tasking!

    Bless you sweet friend!

  13. My hubby makes faces when I take his picture, too. Not just in the car! Always!
    So, I say “fine, if that’s how you want all your pictures to look in our family scrapbooks…go ahead…I’m still putting them in!”

  14. Linny,
    Love all of your pictures… always!!!… always, always, no matter the subject, scenery or children!!!

    As to the manner of questioning your method of ‘multi-tasking’: we know you are a genius… how else would such a talented woman of your stature get all the things so superbly accomplished as you do?
    To those… including your devoted, most beloved husband, and his momentary lack in charming facial appeal… it is… simply sheer amazement for them all to begin to acknowledge your true capabilities… :o)

    Most Sincerely,
    Your quite misunderstood, multi-tasking, fun loving, silly, tall (who stands up for short), blog friend,
    Barbara Lyman 🙂
    Marysville, WA

    Continuing to keep Autumn, and all the needs of
    your family in prayer. May the Lord continue to Bless your comings and goings… your risings and settings… and each moment between. He will give you His Peace.
    Barbara 🙂

  15. I havn’t written in a while although I do still follow you. I also signed in today as a follower so I can follow you from my site. I just built mine and it still has a ways to go but feel free to check in.
    I just wanted to tell you those kids with the sause are so cute they just made me laugh. They were so innocent and hey they were good and quiet. They were expermenting. Thanks for shareing you life and heart. We are praying for Autumn. Lynne

  16. Hi Linny,
    I found your blog a few weeks ago through a friend of mine, and I just wanted to say hello….because I recognize that desert landscape!! I grew up in Aztec and made that same trek many, many, MANY times! 🙂 Ahhh, brings back so many memories….! Thanks for sharing the photos. I will definitely be following your blog in the days ahead!

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