A Unexpected Visitor Just Minutes Ago!!!!

This morning Graham and Liberty came running. They had just heard it knock our garbage over again and sure enough, there he was digging in our trash again.

I think he was bummed he was not invited to Emma’s birthday party, cause here he is devouring the remains of the cake.
These were all taken from the playroom window. We were just feet above him. We bumped something and he turned and stared at us. He has gone up and back from the driveway to the patio at the back of our house. He has been hanging around for about 45 minutes to an hour. I am kind of freaking out now.

The cake was a few days old and probably dry. He needed a drink….right out of our kiddie pool.

He’s back again as I type this. Is it just me or am I the only one who thinks that our lives never are dull? I could use some boring. Really. And then I also wonder: Do I dare go outside again with the babies?

42 thoughts on “A Unexpected Visitor Just Minutes Ago!!!!

  1. Oh my stars! I sure wouldn't want to go back outside! I think you need a fence of some kind!

    Come visit us – you bring excitement to my life and I'll bring boredom to yours! LOL.


  2. AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! We are screaming! Both from fear and well, just unbelief! The kids play there!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my goodness….

  3. Yikes!! I would be nervous going outside. I would have to be sure I was always facing away from the house, toward the way he would come. Your life is definitely not dull and with 10 kids, I don't think it ever will be again:-) I am sure you would like a bit of a respite though. May this weekend bring you peace and wonderful family time.

  4. OK funny on this end but I would be terrified to see it in real life. Be careful!! It is pretty cute that he drank out of the kiddie pool!!

  5. WOW! I knew CO was a beautiful place to live…lots of wildlife, but didn't know they were so up close and personal!
    Hmmmm! Boring? At your house?

  6. Oh my gosh. I would have a heart attack if that was on my back patio. I would never go outside again.

    You would not know what to do if your life was boring. LOL

    newark, Ohio

  7. oh my word!! amazing. i'm sure it is a little more frightening from where you stand, but from here it looks so beautiful. one of God's big, beautiful creatures refreshing himself from your babies' cute, little pool. =)

  8. Yikes! If you do…you better be armed with something! 🙂 And I was bothered by the stray cats in my backyard! 🙂

    Kristi from Texas (soon to be New Mexico)

  9. No, stay in your house!!! 🙂 Now that bear is going to be on a sugar high – that is a big boy on a sugar high! I am scared………I think God wants you to stay home and do nothing….stay home Linny, stay home! 🙂 lol

  10. WHOA!…now that's a visitor I don't want stopping by my house!! Beautiful to watch from afar, but I would definitely be questioning the safety of my children with him lurking around like that. If he keeps returning, you may have to contact the authorities so that they can 'relocate' him! COOL PHOTOS though! 🙂

    Praying safety over your family!

  11. I can't believe he didn't pop that pool! How exciting! And I'm pretty sure that with 10 children life will never be boring. Sorry 🙂 Love you!

  12. That is just crazy. We had bears in our trash can too when we lived in Colorado Springs. We had little ones and I thought for sure all the stinky diapers would be a deterant but it didn't seem to bother it at all. One night we watched a momma bear dig through our trash while her 2 cubs watched! We thought great, look what the momma is teaching her cubs! And you are right, your life is never boring!


  13. Hi Linny, I think I will start praying for calm, boring, uneventful days for you and yours.
    Honestly, I think you have enough character already-it doesn't need to be developed more 😎
    When I was little and visiting Yosemite we had bears come right up on the porch and try to get into the cabins. I was only 7 yrs old but remember being able to get the pots and pans and bang them together making the most noise we could(bears don't like that I'm told)-it was quite fun. Give it a try-from inside your home.
    Love and prayers, Noreen

  14. Oh, Linn, your life is NEVER dull! I guess you'll need to invest in one of those "bear proof" trashcans if you don't want to share your old birthday cake anymore! (;
    Thanks for sharing some great photos. My kids loved them!

  15. Oh my goodness!!! I could be wrong, but I don't think the bear would come around if you were out there. Bears are more excited about garbage than people.

    But yeah….you could use some boring for awhile. Hugs!!!

  16. Wow! never a dull moment Linny!! I may keep the little ones inside for awhile!! Wow, again!

    We had a cougar in our backyard -a while ago. I am sure Jim will tell you the story of we should meet again- I mean when we meet again! It goes something like this … it was just me and the cougar, someone had to run and it wasn't me…
    It's kind of like those old high school football stories… you know! 😉

    Yes, dull might be nice for you, for awhile that is!!

  17. Wow! It's like Animal Planet in your own back yard!

    Glad everyone is safe…but he IS kinda cute and "huggable" (well, my almost 3 year old would think so).

    Hmmm, "dull", your life? Nuh uh. 🙂 But you ARE a tremendous blessing and encouragement to us Christian moms and adoptive mommies!

    ~Joy in Jesus~

  18. He doesn't look old enough to be on his own… I'd still go outside.. just make lots of noise before you do.. I'm sure the kids can help you with that and will continue with the noise while outside!

  19. Linny, I've said that before! You need some BORING but then you'd probably get bored! LOL! Or maybe not!

    I would be FREAKING OUT if that bear was in my backyard. I mean FREAKING. I would much rather see an alligator or coyote or snake or anything … but not that bear. You know how fast he can run and that he can climb things!?!

    Can you call some kind of state animal control experts? Seems he is getting too close but I am no expert at all. OK, I'm freaking thinking about it.

  20. Oh friend–I'm surprised the word 'boring' is even in your vocabulary 🙂

    We had a mama and her two babes the other day–sweet as can be. But, like you, I am on high alert now! The joys of living in the mountains.

  21. I just had to laugh when I saw your bear! My husband was looking over my shoulder and he said, "I guess you wont' be asking to visit her anytime soon!"

    Two years ago, we had some close encounters with a black bear and a grizzly and her cubs in Yellowstone…never any real danger, but close enough to put the fear of bears in me… It's the running family joke now about how fast I can move when I see a bear!

    Buy some bear spray girl! (lol)


    P.S. Guess where I'm headed?! Monday night, mom and I leave for Swaziland, Africa for 10 days!!

  22. Well you where praying about seeing a bear right so God just answered your prayers! 🙂 I can't believe how close he was that is amazing! 🙂 But please stay inside! 🙂

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