Grateful/Thankful Thursday – Our New Home

Do you remember a post a few months back I asked if any of you would want to write out some Bible verses or prayers and mail them to us so we could fill our walls with God’s word? We received dozens of them from so many of you!! Thank you so much!!! Our hearts were so grateful as the envelopes from all over poured into the church offices.
Well a few weeks ago the house was finally at the stage where they were ready to put them in the walls before they started drywalling. (We had thought it was going to be much sooner, but delays kept happening – so goes building a home…..)
Recently we took an evening and went and taped all your sweet words, prayers, verses to the studs. Each one of us took a handful and went throughout the house, reading them aloud, thanking the Lord for the scriptures, thanking the Lord for YOU who wrote them and praying each prayer that was written. It was a very sweet and moving time. Thank you to all of you who took time out and sent verses and/or prayers.
We took copies of all of them so we can make a scrapbook and have a treasure of all of the words you guys wrote. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! We also have a few that will be buried in a time capsule in the yard.
Graham & Josh thought it would be great to put some in the “attic”……Liberty Josh

Autumn & Sarah (our daughter-in-love) Sarah was home to see her sister’s new baby, so she was part of the dedication as well….it was so wonderful to see our sweet Sarah…. we miss her and Tyler sooooo much!!

GrandmaEmma puts one in the kitchenElijah and Elizabeth were running around the house somewhere and somehow I didn’t get a picture of them….so I had to put one in of them too….
It really was such a blessing to have Sarah home for a bit….we had a sweet time together….

And while she was here overnight the power went out…and we had to have our pie by candlelight….

And I am really thankful for the two tiny African hineys running around “butt naked” as I type this…..I don’t know what in the world they are doing or where their clothes are…..but they are obviously “feelin’ free” today… to find their clothes and maybe some super-glue to keep them on….(j/k)

24 thoughts on “Grateful/Thankful Thursday – Our New Home

  1. What a beautiful thing to do in your home…I LOVE it!
    I also love the "feelin' free little ones…my little one OFTEN runs around that way, ESPECIALLY since we are trying to make it to the potty….
    Thanks for the great post!

  2. Oh my goodness, I can't believe I never mailed mine in! I swear I don't know where my head is these days. 🙁

    But those are such sweet memories and I'm so thankful and blessed that you guys are so very loved!!!

  3. I love it…the dedication…the daughter in love visiting and the naked hineys you have in your house running around freely!
    What a blessed life you live my friend!
    My heart overflows when I think of all that the Lord has done for you and His plans for your futures…your latter years will be more blessed than your former years.

  4. Oh Linny, I am rejoicing with you that your new home is coming along slowly but surely. I can hardly wait to see how it turns out. I bet you are so super excited! LOVE the idea of the scripture all over the house.

    Have a blessed day with naked kiddos 🙂

  5. I thought it was such a great idea. Had my verse all written out and procrastinated about putting it in the mail!!! Then I thought it was too late Ugh!!!!!! A lesson learned on my part!!!

  6. I hope mine made it, I remember we were camping at the time. How wonderful to be surrounded by all those beautiful bible verses. I think that was an awesome idea. Wish I had them in my walls too. Thanks for the beautiful b-day wish for Em.

  7. Hi Linny, What wonderful pictures-so many blessings going into your house before you guys are even in it. I say Amen to all the verses written and claim them for all of you. Loved the part about your two naked ones-my grandkids do that often.
    Love you girl,

  8. Oh my goodness, tell me I sent one!!!!! I can't remember yesterday let alone months ago if I sent you a card. I am pretty sure I did and if not than I will just have to frame one for over your bed!!!

  9. Man, I want to write all these lovely, spiritual things like everyone else did . . . and I am totally stuck on the "pie by candlelight" part. Mmmmm. What kind of pie was it? lol

    So happy the house is coming along . . . and wishing I hadn't procrastinated (along with some others) on sending my scripture blessing. 🙁

    I'm sure it was great to see Sarah, know you can't wait to hug her new hubby's neck! 🙂 Soon. Praying for your Jubilee, your Autumny too!

    Love you friend!


  10. This is one of the best ideas, EVER!! I can't beleive I forgot to get mine in the mail to you, as your original post touched me SO much! Can I still send a 'blessing' for the time-capsul?! In any case, I am so happy to see that you received SO many blessings from so many faithful friends. May God surround your new home in His hedge of protection and keep you all safe in the storms! <><

    Love you,

  11. Awwww…Linny. What a sweet time of prayer in your new home. Your kids will never forget it. (and btw, can't wait to see pictures of the outside of your new home)
    I totally relate..daily…about the tiny (Chinese) hineys running around. I had a thought today that I need to give some of their clothes away because they don't wear them anyway. What's up with that?! Hugs.

  12. i was thinking the other days when were you going to show some pictures with the letters/emails you received with the verses. now that i see them, I am so thrilled to see all of you guys covering your home with God's word.
    many blessing your way!

  13. Love the pics!! What added blessings this will be to your new home! Did you tape ours up too??

    Okay, okay the truth is I didn't send one- I thought it was a great idea, I wanted to but I didn't quite get around to it.

    BUT I will be praying for your new home to be protected by God's shield and filled with many many blessings!!

    Love ya dear friend!

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