Is Trouble Brewing?

Being a home schooling mom things that affect the education I have diligently been providing for our kids is of utmost concern. Not that long ago I did a post about our home schooling and what a normal day at our home is like….many of you could relate!! Today I received an email regarding the possible future of home schooling.

Friends, our freedoms don’t usually disappear overnight. They are slowly eroded away as good people sit back, shut their eyes and do nothing.

Just yesterday HSLDA {Home School Legal Defense Association} sent an email imploring people to comment on the site that has been set up to get feed-back about a recent movement among the National Governor’s Association to make all children {whether educated publicly, privately or by home schooling} to have the same standards. {This is also mentioned in the little box of “news” on the opening home page of HSLDA’s web site.}

Here’s the heart of the matter according to HSLDA: “many of their proponents call for aligning curriculum from pre-kindergarten through graduation from college, so-called “p–16.” Others call for even more drastic intervention in the lives of students and families: place children from birth until graduation from college into government run programs and schools. We believe that this threatens parental rights and ultimately, homeschool freedom.”

Did you read that friends? The future possibly being government run programs from birth through graduation from college!! We shouldn’t be shocked. There has been a movement for years to have more government and less parental involvement. It was the agenda of “The Progressives” from decades ago….slowly, slowly, slowly ebbing away at parental rights….. and we’re closer today then ever.

HSLDA is not an alarmist group – but they are vigilant! They diligently work to keep our freedoms!! They are a group of Godly lawyers, all homeschooling fathers, dedicated to preserving our rights to educate our children in our homes. They have tens of thousands of members. We have been members, but with the fire let our membership lapse, but will join again in the next few days. If you home school, your membership fee would not wasted. We have always felt, whether we needed them or not, we would be part of such a magnificient group, and our membership money would help keep our freedom and help defend those who are having trouble with over-zealous school districts.

Anyway, I am asking you to please consider going to the “Core Standards Site” and read what the agenda is. Then take the short survey. Leave your feedback. The deadline for doing so is tomorrow. I just took the survey and it took me about a minute and a half.

If you don’t home school and don’t see yourself ever doing it, would you still go to the site and take the survey and leave your feedback. If you use private schools, don’t think that it won’t affect you. It will!! Please help us keep all our freedoms.

Thank you so much!!!

From HSLDA’s website:

Home School Legal Defense Association is a nonprofit advocacy organization established to defend and advance the constitutional right of parents to direct the education of their children and to protect family freedoms. Through annual memberships, HSLDA is tens of thousands of families united in service together, providing a strong voice when and where needed.

HSLDA advocates on the legal front on behalf of our members in matters which include conflicts with state or local officials over homeschooling. Each year, thousands of member families receive legal consultation by letter and phone, hundreds more are represented through negotiations with local officials, and dozens are represented in court proceedings. HSLDA also takes the offensive, filing actions to protect members against government intrusion and to establish legal precedent. On occasion, HSLDA will handle precedent-setting cases for nonmembers, as well.

HSLDA advocates on Capitol Hill by tracking federal legislation that affects homeschooling and parental rights. HSLDA works to defeat or amend harmful bills, but also works proactively, introducing legislation to protect and preserve family freedoms.

HSLDA advocates in state legislatures, at the invitation of state homeschool organizations, by assisting individual states in drafting language to improve their homeschool legal environment and to fight harmful legislation.

HSLDA advocates in the media by presenting articulate and knowledgeable spokesmen to the press on the subject of homeschooling. HSLDA staff members are regularly called upon for radio, television, and print interviews, and their writings are frequently published in newspapers and magazines across the country.

HSLDA’s own bimonthly magazine, The Home School Court Report, provides news and commentary on a host of current issues affecting homeschoolers. And its two-minute daily radio broadcast, Home School Heartbeat, can be heard on nearly 500 radio stations.

HSLDA advocates for the movement by commissioning and presenting quality research on the progress of homeschooling. Whether it’s in print, from the podium, or on the air, HSLDA provides insightful vision and leadership for the cause of homeschooling.

Home School Legal Defense Association . . . tens of thousands of American families working through more than 50 dedicated staff members to preserve each other’s right to homeschool . . . together, “Advocates for Family & Freedom.”

Whether you home school or not, it would only seem logical that family-oriented American’s would like the option, whether they ever use it or need it.

19 thoughts on “Is Trouble Brewing?

  1. Thanks guys! I completely forgot to put the link in….it is now highlighted in RED and BOLD…

    And either my computer or the site didn't want to cooperate when I was taking the test…but total it took about 1-1/2 min.

    Thank you for checking it out…

    Off to the doctors with Jubilee…

  2. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND EVERY HOMESCHOOLER to belong to HSLDA, whether you feel you will ever have to use them or not!! It's vitally important we stand up for homeschooling and HSLDA keeps us all informed of what's happening in the homeschool movement or the government's agenda to OWN our kids.

  3. Oh. my. gosh. I didn't receive that email from HSLDA as far as I know (or it went in my spam folder) but I will definitely be doing that Core Standards survey right now. It shocks me that ANYONE would ever want more government and less involvement- other than the government themselves of course. To think that from the moment our children are born that they would be required to be in government programs, until the moment they graduate from college??! Appalling. I am ALL for less government interference and I will be passing this along. Thank you Linny!!

    I love HSLDA. We have been a member for a year & a half and it means so much to know that they are there. I pray we never need them, but the government is a lot less intimidating when you have some big dogs on your side.

  4. Thank you for posting this. My oldest won't be 5 till next year, so I didn't know about it. I went and commented. I don't have issues with what they came up with, but with the premises behind the initiative. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to say something before the deadline.

  5. I went and left comments and took the survey. I do not currently homeschool but have in the past and may again in the future! and I truly believe in it if that is what a family feels is best for them. I hate it when lawmakers feel the need to make cogs of our children.

  6. It is possible that the Government is concerned about homeschooling freedom because families who believe in terrorism can easily raise their children to this way of thinking, and ensuring that all US children go to schools to get a public education hopefully prevents this thing from happening. I agree with you, it is better to homeschool, especially if the family loves the Lord and puts Him first, as the children will learn more this way. The majority of schools do not emphasise on Scriptures as a way of living, so it is scary sending our children there.
    Hard, hey. Thanks for the heads up 🙂

  7. Terrifying! I not only want to keep my freedom to homeschool my children for their last six years but I want THEM to be free to homeschool their children years from now. I think I need to join the HSDLA even though I can't afford it. I can't afford NOT to at this time.

  8. Homeschooled 3 of our 4 children….They are now adults….It was really easy way back then to homeschool, especially in 2 of the 3 states we homeschooled.
    I pray for the safety of the children, including my grands, who are in schools today. I pray that they all learn from godly parents at home who teach them in the way they should go, so when they are old they will not depart from the Lord.
    God Sees and God Protects His children.
    Thank you for your call to go to the site, Linny, and give comments.
    We are closer to going home today than we were yesterday…..

  9. We used to live in Germany, and we all know the homeschool situation there. Thankfully, we moved home before my oldest was required to attend one of their institutions. It shouldn't be a surprise to anyone if this happens here, too. Just look at our healthcare. I'm praying that the next few elections God will allow men and women to be elected that will change the course of where we currently headed. At least we can find comfort in knowing that our Lord will prevail!

  10. I went ahead and took the survey! I am not currently homeschooling, except preschool for my twin 3 year olds. However, I am hoping to homeschool my older two eventually. I will definitely join the HSDLA when we do homeschool. Thank you Linny for posting this!

  11. I'm glad to see other homeschoolers posting about this. I've been talking about this for quite a while on my blog with a post appearing when the comments on Common Core were first opened nearly a month ago. Unfortunately, I don't feel HSDLA has been as vigilant on this issue. They sent the email a mere two days before comments closed.

    But whether or not we have time to fill out the survey or comment the standards are almost a done deal. Already 48 of the 50 Governors have signed on to Common Core State Standards. Asking the public what think at this point is a mere formality, providing the necessary cover and the opportunity to say the public was involved in the process.

    HSLDA is a fine organization of Godly people but I have to honestly ask, where were they on this issue when it really mattered?

    And as I wrote in my most recent post, the national take over of student loans was part of the recent health care legislation. This is a key component of the p-16 reform agenda. Yet, we heard nothing from HSLDA? I accept that there is no direct reference to homeschoolers but its impact on home and private educators will be significantly impacted. Telling homeschoolers to fill out a survey isn't going to stop this, informing and equipping parents to lobby their legislators has a better chance than anything else. But unless HSLDA does more than a single e-alert two days before comments ends, our freedoms are in dire straits.

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