Crazy Love #5 – Dance with Me!

Sweet friends, my heart is heavy today. Yes, there are many reasons for the heaviness, but I know this: When we praise Him and minister to others our own troubles pale. He wants our focus to be on Him and others, no matter our circumstances. Period. Isn’t that just so hard sometimes? I know it has been for me. My thoughts can so easily be consumed with “what ifs”…..

Scripture says,

“Weeping may endure for the night, but joy comes in the morning”…..

how splendid it would for me, personally, to find ‘tomorrow morning’ that you guys are up for this Crazy Love Challenge! Really, I will be doing a very happy dance to see the participation! I know last time it went amazingly well…

On that note, I am sensing that this Crazy Love Challenge has got to be for the orphan….those who cannot speak up for themselves….

Proverbs 24:12 reminds us:

” If you say, ” But we knew nothing about this,” does not he who weighs the heart perceive it? Does not he who guards your life know it? Will he not repay each person according to what he has done?”

At this very moment, I know that Bill & Lynsay {who serve special needs orphans in China} have a huge, huge need. I also know of many, many others in the midst of an adoption who are currently doing fundraisers or need some financial help…

So here’s Crazy Love Challenge #5!

Let’s spread some crazy, crazy, crazy love to Bill & Lynsay and those in the midst of adoptions…. what do you say, are you guys up for it?

Remember the Memorial Box Monday story from two days ago….well, that cabinet the Lord provided for $1.50…yup, that “extra” money that wasn’t spent on a cabinet is burning a hole in my pocket {haha} and so I need to know who needs some help bringing their kids home so the Lord can direct us to those we are called to help this time around….

So here’s the rules:

1. You must be a friend at A Place Called Simplicity. As I’ve explained before, if you just show up and post your need, then I kinda feel used…but I also would say, “it’s not too late to become my friend before you post your need”….and the way to become my friend is to have your little picture posted in the right hand column under “Special Friends”…..{that’s easy, isn’t it?}

2. You must be in the midst of an adoption….meaning you have sent an application in {at least}….

3. If you have already brought your child home and still have expenses from their adoption left over…I’m sorry, this isn’t the Crazy Love challenge for you….your child must be waiting for you to come!

4. If you are a ministry that serves the orphans {like Bill & Lynsay} and there is a need, then you are welcome to post it here with this challenge.

5. You must link back to A Place Called Simplicity in your blog post explaining your need {you do not have to be doing a fundraiser, just in the midst of an adoption.}….but you cannot use an old post…it’s gotta be fresh and link back here with a permalink, k?

6. You must, must, must meet the above requirements, then you are welcome to post a permalink….if you have no clue how to do that, you will find the directions by clicking and reading at the bottom of this post. If you fail to post a permalink, I will be forced to delete your link….and I really hate to do that…so please help me out, okay?

6. Lastly, we are instructed to be good stewards. I take that very seriously. I also take very seriously how and where we donate our money. I have given {joyfully} to people who are in the midst of adoption only to find out that they have money in savings, but just don’t want to use that for their adoption, so they do a fundraiser to get others to pay for it. I know of others who were doing rather lavish things while adopting, yet asking others to pay for it. Hear my heart, please…when we were in the midst of adopting the last four, we down-sized our home to 1/2 of what it was {to get rid of all mortgage debt}, sold a very nice camper {that had brought us great joy} and sold everything else that wasn’t nailed down – all the while trusting the Lord to provide for our treasures to come home. If I was in my big home, with my camper in the driveway, I would feel that I was not stewarding the things we had properly….I would not have been able to do a fundraiser {which we weren’t and we didn’t!}….that being said, please, please, please…this Crazy Love Challenge is for those who have no bank account tucked away but instead for those who are living frugally, doing all they can to bring another home….I hope that makes sense…on that note, please link away…cause I can’t wait to see what God does!

22 thoughts on “Crazy Love #5 – Dance with Me!

  1. Ok, seriously, I love how God uses you. I was, just today while I was working, thinking about asking you if you knew anyone adopting or just anyone who might be in need, because I received a gift card the other day. While I could totally use it for myself (even to buy stuff for my trip to Uganda), my mind has continued to go back to "give it away." (Totally God speaking.) I'm super excited to see who it is that God wants it to be used by. 🙂

  2. oh, i can't wait to see where God wants some of our money to go! i watch last night as "strangers" raised their final amount left of over $3,000 in 24 hours. what a beautiful thing for God to allow us to be a part of! i LOVE it.

    thank you, linny.

  3. I have been lerking for a LOOOONG time so I thought I would come out from behind the bushes. I am inspired and humbled evey time I read your blog.

    I love this Crazy Love challenge. So many times during our adoption journeys we prayed for fellow brothers and sisters in Christ to help carry the burden of the orphan.

    Praying for all the families currently in the adoption process. Can't wait to follow your journeys.


  4. What a wonderfully beautiful idea! My babies are home now (five weeks), but to be able to watch the crazy love flowing ROCKS!!!!

    Praying for you guys…

  5. Boy…I just haveta say that God always provides for His little ones and the families bringing them home.

    He took care of our entire adoption…anonymous donors, many fundraisers, other love gifts, and a marathon to name a few. I was always scared with the next fee due, but silly me…God took care of it all. Even when we put the plane tickets on the Discover card…He said "No way, chicky…I've got your back, those tickets are mine to pay for." And, well, He did. We were given a 3500 grant that same week.

    Oh, friends, trust Him!! And when you see that scary "fee schedule" give it to Him. He's got all the cattle in the world to 'sell' and bring your precious child home. He loves that child more than you ever could.

    Hopefully Crazy Love will still be in full swing in 9 days, when my "Crazy Love stash" is replenished. I just gave it all to a missionary on Sunday.

    We don't have a lot of money, and our car smokes everywhere we go…but ya know, God calls us to be used of Him, and I know He'll bless those who sacrifice to help bring these little ones home!

    Can't wait to see these needs roll in. Can't wait to hear how God showers these families so they can have their precious one shome…and shrieking with joy in the background!

  6. Linny,
    Thank you so much for doing this!! The last time you did it, our family was blessed with several bead orders.

    We are so close to bringing our son home and we are so excited to see how the Lord is going to provide the final financial needs. We will not be able to travel without our final funds and we are confident the Lord will continue to provide everything! Thank you!!! ~stacy

  7. I was just thinking today "I wonder when Linny is going to do another Crazy Love post. I'm so glad you are doing this. Can't wait to see who God wants us to bless this time. Hugs and love

  8. YAY for you guys posting this!! As we prepare to move… I know that after we do we will start pursuing adoption again and I wanted to help someone now.
    SO i cant wait to see who Gods leads us too!! YAY!! FUN!

  9. Linny, I just must say that I've been reading your blog for about a year, and you'll have to read my post to see how and why I found your blog! 🙂 But, you've really been an encouragement to me to know that we CAN do a larger family. HOWEVER, my picture was not in your "followers" until tonight. I honestly have seen those things on the sides of people's blogs, but I never knew what they were or what to do with them! HA! So… don't hold it against me or feel used – I've been a faithful reader for a while!!

    I loved getting to write this post – it really helped me to think about where we were and how far God has brought us. I have NO IDEA how much we need right now b'c we're saving for travel. I keep trying to estimate and calculate and configurate :), but I'm kind of giving up until we get closer and know that God's got it. We DO have some cute tshirts on sale though!

    So thank you for doing this, but I really want to thank you for your leadership, your honesty, and the blog-mentorship you've done with me for the last year or so (you didn't know that did you??). And I'm so NOT brown nosing for donations – we could not get a dime, and I know we'll be okay. I know of others just starting the process that need it way more than us! I just should have said "thanks" a long time ago. (I usually read from my phone and it's harder to go in and comment) So, THANK YOU – for real!!

    Can't wait to see how God uses this!

  10. Yippee Jesus that Bill and Lyndsy's $5000 immediate need has been covered!!!
    What is the main message I keep reading again and again? It's that GOD IS FAITHFUL and when He calls His children, He equips them. WE MUST WALK BY FAITH AND NOT BY SIGHT!
    I keep speaking this truth to my soul on days when I am truly freaked out about the fact that we have spent everything we have access to spend and are not even half way there yet financially but only a few months away from needing it! Oh ME OF LITTLE FAITH.
    God can supply in which way that brings Him glory. We have been praying about applying for an interest free adoption loan, scared that no one will loan us the amount we still need but God knows. Maybe we get a loan for half and maybe we will get a grant or sell Tony's car….that is something we have considered as well. God knows. Bottom line. And if we who are in need are listening to Him, crying out to Him and living within our means and pouring in all we can, He will not leave us to falter!
    Praising Him for every provision He is supplying for His children who are sacrificing for orphans around the world!!
    Thank you once again Linny for pointing us back to FAITHFUL Father.

  11. Thank you so much for this Linny, I'm really looking for a sign that this adoption is a go from the Lord. Our last fundraisers didn't do so red hot and we need a chunk a change just to get started. I was about ready to give up and try foster adopt or something but more fundraising ideas seem to be coming our way. Can't wait to see the Lord work!

  12. Linny,

    First I want to tell you that I have been praying for you. I found your blog when we began our journey 3 months ago and you have no idea how you speak to my heart and ignite the desires for my family. I pray that God will heal you completely so that you can continue to inspire others. I just entered your "Crazy Love" for our "Baby Love"…which truly is a crazy love journey as we walk this journey one step at a time waiting for God to pave the way to our daughter with His blessings.

    Thank you for reaching out to bless those working so hard to bring home their little ones. Godspeed to all the children waiting to come home.

    Love and hugs from St. Louis!

  13. Just updated my blog…felt the urge to make sure any readers who don't know you stop to pray for you. I am believing Romans 8:28 for you my friend…God IS at work for good in your life and I am asking for another miraculous HEALING in your life..and for more treasures to be entrusted to your care…for you to hear the name "Mama" called to you by yet undiscovered treasures from afar.
    God knows your heart my friend.
    He delights in YOU.

  14. Hey Linny,
    I know this is off the topic of crazy love but I was wondering how Mark has been doing? The last I read you and Dw, along with another sibling had made the decision to send him back to live with your mother-in-love, but knew it could only be briefly and he would then have to be in a group home.
    How are things with him and how is he adjusting?
    Hope all is well

  15. Hi Linny. I wasn't sure how to do a permalink (this was my first time) and it never said that I had successfully linked so I tried a few times and it did in fact work and linked all three tries! I don't know if there is a way for me to delete two from my end but I was wondering if you could delete two for me. Thanks for all you do for adopting families!

  16. Linny~ I just posted my link on your crazy love post, and wanted to thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for giving a place to share our journeys, and just be encouraged and find wisdom and passion in your words and life. Thank you for sharing with complete strangers- God is using you in huge ways and I wanted to let you know I am one that has been hugely encouraged by your blog! THANK YOU!!!!!!

  17. Thank you for doing this, Linny. It is such a blessing to my heart to find people who love Jesus AND orphans as much as you do. God bless you, your family & everything you put your hands to.

  18. I just posted a link to my blog, Linny, and I am so thankful for your heart. Every time I come here I am encouraged and can see Jesus in you.It is a blessing to know that there are others out there who Love God and His children and want to help children get into their forever families. Thank you for being a blessing!!

    I have been praying for you and your health. I pray that God would be glorified in it, and that you would feel and know His peace that passes all understanding.

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