Meet Charlotte, Sundrop, Mr. Darcy and Blossom

We have two barn kitties {when we had a barn, prior to the fire}.  One of them is Bailey and the other is Chunky.  Recently Bailey had a litter.  I just had to show you how different all the kitties are.  They are clearly adorable…love kids, love Nelly and Charlee Louise…
and here’s the kicker…if you live nearby….there are three available…
anybody need a kitty??
Meet {l-r} Charlotte, Sundrop, Mr. Darcy & Blossom

 {curious as to how these kitties all came out of the same litter?
 Not an expert on genetic stuff…but definitely confusing us!}


Mr. Darcy


Liberty is holding Bailey – the mama kitty…

18 thoughts on “Meet Charlotte, Sundrop, Mr. Darcy and Blossom

  1. please consider getting the mama cat spayed – if it a question of money – many local animal shelters offer free or almost free neutering and spaying – so many kitties in shelters have to die because of so many –

  2. Wish you could ship!! I was told by a "cat" lady that a female cat can have several mates. And likewise, the kittens may all have different daddies.

    I love them though…You sure the postman won't ship?! j/k

  3. Oh Mr. Darcy be still my heart! I am not even a CAT person and I think he's the most handsome ever. Probably really smart too. Hope they find good homes soon. 🙂

  4. So cute! (I'd be in big trouble if I lived closer!)
    I once had 2 cats from the same mother, but different litters… one long haired and all black, the other short haired and siamese (looked JUST like Charlotte when I brought him home!) It definitely is interesting how the genetics work with kitties.

  5. Oh, they are so precious!! If I weren't already trying to get rid of one "kitten" we got stuck with back in December, I'd be knocking on your door! Charlotte looks just like a cat I had growing up and I loved her SO much- until she got eaten by coyotes in our front yard about 6 years ago. 🙁

    I keep forgetting to tell you that Autumn looks so great!! I love her hair long. 🙂 How is she doing?

  6. oh I love Charlotte, she looks so grumpy! But my new husband is deathly allergic…wahh. We have 3 16 yr old kitties here now and I'm afraid they are the last kitties I will ever have. Think I'll go change the stinking litter box and remind myself how much fun that is….

  7. OH, I would take one; I'm actually getting a kitten for Moriah's birthday (surprise!) that gets to live inside with us froma a friend at church. We have 2 inside and 4 barn kitties. As for the genetics, a litter can have more than one father! Do you have a low-cost spay program? We have one that's only $42 and only requires a rabies shot. That's where all mine go; no real vets for us anymore!! Too much money when there are orphans to feed (and adopt)!!

  8. Oh, man! They are adorable. And just for the record…one litter CAN have more than one father! Yep, it's true! Honest. I used to breed Himalayan cats (and based on Charlotte, I'd say there was a loose Himalayan male somewhere nearby when mama went into heat!!!)
    It was always VERY important to keep males and females apart, and to plan breedings very carefully, with only male, and to leave the pair together until the female was LONG out of heat! Otherwise…who KNEW what the pedigree REALLY was?

    Anyhow…OH, I wish I could have one!!!!!!! Our last "old lady" died almost two years ago…she was 17, and had to be put down. Broke my heart. We are not allowed pets in our apt., but the landlady had given us dispensation to bring her, but not to replace her…not that any creature is fully replaceable! They are ALL different and unique, and wonderfully made!

    Hugs…Nancy in CT

  9. Yep, Nancy is right….we had a dark gray, light gray stripped kitten, named Stripper" after the Christian rock group and a Norwegiann Forest Cat named Goggles..both from the same litter….Beautiful sisters….
    I love cats, have been called the Cat Lady and with 4 cats of our own, if I lived closer(over 1500 miles away) I would be tempted to take all 4 of them….Our oldest Maggie is almost 12 and not doing too well these days….
    Cats teach people a lot about the Goodness of God and how we really need to learn more….LOL

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