Sweet Memories

Today I am feeling rather lonely for my big kids….
the days are just far too long between visits…
{and I know many of you know what I’m talking about}
And then I remembered I hadn’t posted this picture…
it was just a spur of the moment before we all parted ways…
{Autumn had left the night before}
Oh how I miss us all being together….
And yeah, as you can tell from the picture, Jubilee was mad and crying about something.  Can’t remember what.  I’m sure it was something devastating….like tonight at Walmart when she couldn’t ride in the seat in the cart she wanted….yeah, the whole store heard…in fact if you were in there and heard a kid wailing at the very top of her lungs about 6:00 pm, yeah, that was us.  =)

11 thoughts on “Sweet Memories

  1. What a great photo of your sweet family! What a blessing to have them all together.

    Regarding Jubilee, we have ALL been that mom in Wal-Mart with a child who is not happy about the seating arrangements/toy that was denied/treatment by a sibling/etc. (Many years ago my oldest daughter behaved so badly that I made her write a letter of apology to the manager of the store.) Oh the joys of parenting. Hang in there!


  2. A beautiful beautiful picture!

    Your Autumny looks so different – and just as beautiful. She hasn't managed to sneak off my prayer list 🙂

    I love you guys. Not kidding about getting together if you ever come to visit your oldest boy!

  3. i see many missing in this picture…and not just autumn. [although i'm sure she was greatly missed.] i know it is perfect for now, but i'm excited to for God to reveal your other treasures! [and mine, too!] =)

  4. What a beautiful family photo, Linny!! 🙂 And yes, unfortunately, I do know what you mean. Our two oldest boys and their gals are both in another state 12+ hours away. We're lucky to see them once a year these days of life. Makes me sad for what we're all missing out on in each other's lives, but where the Lord has placed each of us. So…we take it all in when we can…like you and DW! 🙂 HUGs!

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