Jubilee Promise Turns 9

The day after Christmas…
a special day in our home…
Jubilee Promise turns 9.  
She has only been home for one year and two days….
We didn’t do the “breakfast in bed” routine last year….it was all so overwhelming, having just returned from China and knowing she would have no clue what we were doing.
I had been in the girls room to get everyone up and ready for church.  I had hugged on her and wished her a happy birthday.  She was smiling away.  She knew for the last few days that her birthday was coming.  Last night we told her it was tomorrow!
So this morning when I came in with the tray and the lit candle I so wish I had had my camera on.  For the past year she has watched as everyone has had a birthday and breakfast in bed.  This morning her expression was indescribable….it looked as though she was saying, “ME?  I didn’t know I would get breakfast in bed.  I never thought it would be my turn.  I can’t believe I deserve it.”  Really, her expression made my heart cry.  
Waiting so long. 
 Understanding {finally!}  
Yes baby girl, it’s  your turn.  

It’s your turn for the rest of your life.

Forever you are ours.  

Sweet baby girl.  

{Graham had left for worship practice before 7am.}
And finally{!} Graham taught me how to upload to YouTube all by myself!!

Here is Jubilee’s birthday….{unedited}

{Most of us.}

Look at her joy!!  
Look at her Jubilee – forever home.  
Would you please join us in wishing our birthday girl 
a very, very happy birthday??

73 thoughts on “Jubilee Promise Turns 9

  1. Happy Birthday Miss Jubilee!!!

    And woohoo!! a video! it's like being there with you!! what a treat to hear everyone's voice!!! so cool!

    A video a week?? maybe more since now we all know that you know how to do it!!

    Thanks Graham!!

  2. Such pure joy!! What a precious and beautiful child!! Happy 9th Birthday, Jubilee Promise!!

    And what a sweet treat it was to hear voices to put with all of those beautiful faces!! Thanks so much for sharing!

    Y'all make my heart happy!!

    With love from TX,

  3. Happy, happy birthday, beautiful girl! I'm so thankful that you have a forever family to surround with you with love and laughter and to celebrate the gift you are to the world. God sure knew what he was doing when he made you – you have a light that is just bursting out of you. May you celebrate many many many more birthdays surrounded by people who love and cherish you. Blessings to you sweet girl!

  4. Dear God in Heaven, this makes me weep! so beautiful!!!! Happy, Happy Birthday, Jubilee!!!! may God richly bless you and keep you as you grow strong in Him and in God-Love that has skin on 🙂 Bless you!

  5. HAPY BIRTHDAY JUBILEE!!! What a glorious day it was when God brought you into this world, and when your forever family brought you into their home. May God bless you abundantly with love, wisdom, courage to walk the path He has for you, and for your light to shine brightly for all the world to see.

  6. Happy birthday, Jubilee Promise! So wonderful to see it finally your day, but it's apparent that you are celebrated every day of the year. (Yep, pics and video made me cry, too.)

    Happy 9th birthday! Precious girl, you are so very loved!

    Much Love,

  7. Happy Birthday precious Jubilee! May you blessed this year as grow. I can't watch the video or see the pics without crying. How precious our Heavenly Father to weave together your family the way He has. Your family is a living inspiration!

  8. Happy birthday Jubilee – and much joy and health to you – precious girl.

    I am reminded what Jesus said about little children – what you do to them – you do to Him…How happy He must have been at Jubilee's birthday parth!

  9. That was just one of the best videos I have EVER seen!!!! I love it! Happy birthday to you, Jubilee. You are a priceless treasure! God bless you, sweet girl!

  10. Happy Birthday Beautiful Jubilee Promise!!! You are truly a precious treasure from Heaven! What a blessing to get to see all the pure joy & happiness flowing from your beautiful smile! We love you!!

  11. Happy Birthday sweet girl. You are definitely a treasure. It's been so much fun following your journey to your forever home, reading about your adventures and seeing that beautiful smile that lights up a room. May God richly bless your life. Hugs little one.

  12. Happy birthday sweet Jubilee you are such a joy to all you meet!!! I pray that this year is filled with great joy, fun and Jesus' amazing love for you!!! You are a princess sweet girl and a beautiful one at that!!! 🙂 Love you lots!!!

  13. Happy Birthday Sweet Jubilee! The video made me cry to see your Joy! I am so very glad that God placed you in your family for such a time as this! Janet

  14. What with your Christmas post and then Jubilee's birthday, I just have tears running down my cheeks!

    Happy, happy birthday, precious Jubilee! You look like a princess with your breakfast in bed. You remind me so much of my precious daughter that is almost your age and also from China. I think you have a lot in common. Maybe someday you will meet!

  15. The pictures made me cry! I'm SO happy that Jubilee has a family that will celebrate her birthday! Happy Birthday, sweet Jubilee Promise. You are loved by your family, your mommy's blog friends and the King of Kings!!

  16. LOVE the video!

    Happy birthday, beautiful Jubilee! My 9-year-old, Jillian, loves seeing your pictures and reading about you on your mom's blog! Hope your day was EXTRA special! What a blessing you are!

  17. Oh my goodness!! That was so great! I love, love, love seeing that video and seeing all of you "in motion" although I do love seeing you all in still photographs too. It was so great!

    Happy Birthday sweet Jubilee!!! You are a special little girl and I am so happy to have been able to see you blow out your birthday candles!!

  18. So sorry this message is late (getting caught up after the holidays).


    Happy Belated Birthday, Miss Jubilee!!! Oh my goodness, your birthday video was priceless! I can see the joy and sheer delight on your face as your family sang "happy birthday" to you. Your smile truly lights up a room and causes me to smile from many miles away. It is my wish that God forever surrounds you with His love and care, and that you will grow in relationship with Him from your early years. I hope your 9th birthday was the best one yet, and pray God blesses you with many more years!

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