The Sweetest Kiss in The Entire World

The most beautiful sight we’ve seen in a really long, long time!!
Finn didn’t know what to make of a boatload of 
strange people giggling and squealing…

and so he started to cry….and cry….and cry….

and cry…

and cry….

Hmmmm, you maybe look like you might be nice….

and then he warmed up….and he loved Emma

 and JaJa was soooo cool…

and believe it or not, completely on his own, 
after warming up to most everyone, Mimi got a chance to hold him again.  Soon, he was loving playing with my glasses and I was talking to him and all of a sudden, unprovoked he leaned in…
{Emmy caught it on my cell phone}
I was so excited!!
And she caught it on camera!
*Is that not the sweetest kiss in the whole world?*
I knew he was gonna’ love his Mimi

 Playing Scattegories

 Lovin’ Finn

 Time to go see Ryan’s parents…
{and we’ll see Finn again on Tuesday}

33 thoughts on “The Sweetest Kiss in The Entire World

  1. What a precious collection of photos and memories! Finn's expression in the first photo is just priceless! And those cheeks – so kissable! What a special day for all of you!!!!

  2. F.I.N.A.L.L.Y!!! I could hardly wait to see that sweet baby boy! Thanks for posting the pics – they sure are precious and so is your family!

  3. OH CONGRATS, CONGRATS, CONGRATS!!! I haven't been able to check your blog in awhile so it was the sweetest thing to see this as the first post. We actually adopted our first on October 1st so I know just how exciting this is, God is SO SO SO good! MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all!

  4. I just adore these photos! I'm awaiting my referral *any day now* for a baby boy from Ethiopia. And I can hardly stand it. Seeing the pics of Finn and the rest of the family put a smile on my face!!!

  5. I've been looking forward to seeing you with that precious baby! It won't be long before he's begging to go to Mimi's and JaJa's house.

    Looking forward to our next adoption…and grand babies. May our house be full, not matter how CRAZY others may think we are.

  6. I just HAD to pop in and see if you had posted photos! I am just praising God for this little one and your time together as a family!!!!
    Hip Hip Hurray!

  7. Tears of joy are streaming down my face. Oh how I pray that our children carry on a legacy of adoption and unconditional love! His little lips and cheeks are just so adorable! Love, love, love the pictures!

  8. So precious and beautiful to see how many people Finn has to love on him.

    Related to your earlier postings about dropping nets…I wanted to share how God has been using this to get me thinking about all the nets I need to drop. It seems it's a theme He's been making me aware of lately – the idea of letting go of the past and moving in the future. I had an image this morning of how I'm not only trying to hang on to some nets, but also how I'm trying to follow Him while dragging some nets behind me. I had this almost comical image of Him telling me to follow Him and I immediately started after Him (with a net still in tow). And as I was hurrying after Him all these things were getting caught in the net, making it harder to catch up with Him. When I finally did catch up with Him, I show Him proudly how I was able to follow Him while dragging all these "precious" things in tow. And He looks at me with love and amusement as He gently extricates my hands from the nets and lets them drop to the ground and it's then that I finally get it…I am not free to follow Him if I try dragging these nets behind me as I follow in His footsteps because at some point, they will keep me from following Him at all!

    And so I thank God that He used your post to bring me to new realization and examine what I may be hanging onto while trying to follow Him.

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