What is it

about me that just can hardly let a day pass without hopping on and saying something?
I’m wondering if it is the love of writing or just the love of you??
I am so grateful for blog friends around the world.
Blog friends who have only ever lurked {please come out!!  
I don’t bite – at least not on Thurdays – usually.}
Blog friends who write and tell me their stories…
Blog friends who pray for other blog friends {whom they have never met}
And the blog friends whose necks I have had the privilege of hugging.
You guys are all awesome.
Thank you.
Today I have spent the day trying to finish up all the paperwork that resulted from the fire.
Since Dw and Emmy and Graham left for Africa I have worked every night till after 1am.  Last night I worked til 3:30am.  I am weary.  I have to turn it all in tomorrow.
I ran out for a couple of hours and when I returned home there was our kitty on the porch rug right in front of the front door.   He was devouring a very large mouse {it probably was a rat, but we will have to go with the word ‘mouse’ or I will definitely vomit.}  
As I approached to unlock the front door, he growled.  I looked around.  I wondered who he was growling at. It took me a minute but then I figured it out.  He was growling at me.  
One note: “Dude, I am not eyeing your treasure.  You can enjoy that all by your little lonesome.  I didn’t have any lunch, but as much as I love sharing…I’ll pass.”

19 thoughts on “What is it

  1. Alright, I'll come out of hiding 🙂 although I think I have commented on here a time or two, I can't remember.

    So what would you like me to say. That I like to stalk your blog because I'm mildly curious about you and your family. That I hope to adopt one day and I've been clicking away on all the links on your blog that even mention one of your adventures. 🙂

    I have a feeling one day I'll know what I want to ask you (or at least be ready to ask), and then you're mailbox will be full of all the questions I have. 🙂

    Yeah, are you sure you're ready for me to crawl out of hiding? 🙂

  2. Hope everything is going well at your home while part of the fam is away. Praying, praying, praying….especially that you are able to get thru tomorrow. Love you girlie!

  3. Hey! I don't think I have ever commented before, but I love reading your blog. I admire the work you are doing for Christ! I am around your Emma's age and also share a passion for God and the mission's field. Thanks for being an inspiration for so many : )


  4. They love bringing home their treasures BUT they aren't good at sharing! Thank goodness you aren't into mice- or there would have been a "cat fight"!

    Now didn't that sound like an old person joke- I just couldn't help myself!!

    Hugs to you sweet friend and BTW – go to bed!!

  5. oh my stars that made me giggle!

    praying peace & rest for you. [wait, are you done? well, productivity if you're not done with the paperwork. i'm sure it will be such a relief to have it turned in.]

    praying for you on the homefront and for DW and the team there. i just can't help but wonder if your sweet Emmy has laid eyes on my treasure. we shall see!!! =) praying for ya'll about this, too!

  6. Linny, I absolutely LOVE reading your posts! God is using you mightily through your blog!!

    And ya…mouse is much better than the other…the other is cause to pack up and move into a hotel! 😉

  7. my cat used to get little birds and then torment them but not kill them. Not fun. He'd hate it when we'd make him let the bird go. Sometimes bird was ok, sometimes not. I love to blog as well, but don't seem to make enought time to do it more than 2x a week. Hugs and get some sleep! :0)

  8. this post just has me smiling! Our cat brought home a big fat squirrel, That was so unnecessary! And Scrappy Quilter has me laughing with her comment too! Along with her dislike of crickets ,we now know she doesn't like bats either.
    I happen to love crickets and we were wishing for a bat house this summer because we had so many mosquitoes! decided against it though as our neighbors already think we're nuts.

  9. I have followed you for a long time now, and rarely comment, but never think of myself as lurking, I guess. It is more quietly participating. 🙂

    Praying the "turning in" of all your paperwork brings a peace and rest. May God bless each and every letter you wrote upon the pages. Strong and courageous, you are, as you labor to complete this work. Praying God bolsters you with His very real presence and you experience His tender mercies and love, as you work into the wee hours of the morning.

    And I surely hope that completing the final pieces of that paperwork brings a measure of joy and restoration. At the very least, sweet relief to have it done.

  10. Praying for your paperwork and that it is complete and perfect. Thankful for you!
    PS my depression and sadness has been soooooo much better! I know it is from the prayer chain! PTL!ssessn

  11. Linny – thanks for taking the time to write us most days. You are a "friend", a "mentor", an "inspiration" – if you only knew all the times I have used your wise words and stories with my children, husband, and friends. God is using you in a mighty way and we are thankful for your obedience!

  12. Your remark about the kitten growling because it thought you want to steal its mouse… got me laughing 🙂 as if! eew, gross, lol 🙂

    Hope everything is all sorted out with the paperwork from the fire.

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