Are You Willing to be Part of a Worldwide Prayer Vigil for Karl?

You all know that our Place Called Simplicity is a place of miracles.
We are sitting here in the ICU waiting room praying,
sometimes crying, reading scriptures, even
singing a few worship songs
believing and wondering if you all 
would be willing to be part of a 72 hour
Prayer Vigil for Karl?
The next 72 hours are the most critical.
The trauma to his brain has been significant
BUT we serve a ALMIGHTY God 
whose name is Jehovah Rapha – 
the GOD who HEALS
We can’t think exactly how to do this….
But we were wondering if people all over the 
world would be willing to sign up for a slot 
{60 minutes} to intercede for Karl?
You would have the opportunity to be part of a 
miracle in the making!
We are on Mountain Standard Time.
So most can google and type in “current time in Mountain Standard Time zone”.    That would give you a little math problem to compare your time and ours {hopefully you are better at math than me!}.  Then just leave a comment that you are covering a certain time…if you happen to see someone else taking the time you were going to sign up for, don’t worry….we would love to see multiple at each possible slot. 
Our goal is to have someone somewhere in the world praying for Karl for the next 72 hours. 
Dw and I are spending the night with Autumn at the hospital.  
Emma and Josh have been here too. 
 What do you think?
I will be posting this on Facebook as well, so Lord willing, one way or another people all over the world will help us cover the next 72 hours.
Now for the Miracle that just happened:
The swelling in the brain is the largest concern {I think}.
The pressure had been 15.  
It went to 47 and in no time went to 60
{this is extremely serious}.
They immediately took Karl for another CAT scan.
The neurosurgeon looked and felt that they should 
remove the shunt and re-put another shunt in.
They did and IMMEDIATELY the 
pressure in the brain went from 
Miracle number ONE!
Would you believe with us for more?
There is concern because of the chest injury that not enough C02 is being removed from the blood.  
So here are the two prayer requests at the moment:
  {1}  The pressure on the brain would not re-appear.
{2}  That Karl’s breathing will exhale the C02 necessary.
Thank you to all of you who have been praying and passing the word on to others.  His nurse just came and said hello to the crowd gathered here. He said, “I want you to know that I am a believer too, and there is power in prayer.”
Please, please, please don’t stop praying.
{Set your alarm on your cell or stove to remember.}
And please post if you are willing to take a shift praying for Karl.
We will be forever grateful.

122 thoughts on “Are You Willing to be Part of a Worldwide Prayer Vigil for Karl?

  1. I would be honored to join your vigil. With a needy toddler at home, I don't know if I can guarantee an uninterrupted hour, but my best bet will be naptime. So that will be 1:00-2:00pm MST on Monday. Sending love and prayers your way even now!

  2. I will definitely join your prayer vigil. I can pray on Tuesday from 11am-12 MST. Sounds like Karl is a fighter. Praise God for your presence there for Autumn and for him.

  3. Praying continuously, but will also pray from 7-8 am tomorrow morning.

    Also know that one of the responders (EMTs) on the seen was my brother and I sent him a message to pray also, and I am sure he is.

  4. Linny…i'm praying unceasingly! But i will also pray during a specific time of 12p.m. Mountain time tomorrow, 12p.m Mountain time on Tuesday, and 9p.m. Mountain time on Wednesday…praying well into the night tonight…also my FB friends are praying too! Thank you for updating! The Lord hears our prayers…sending you comfort and love! <3

  5. Thank you for the opportunity to be part of this prayer vigil. I will pray for Karl on Monday from 10:00-11:00am (MST) and on Wednesday from 10:00-11:00am (MST).

    Love & hugs to all of you

  6. I heard the news from my sister on my way into work, she follows your blog. I am currently on my lunch break here at the hospital I work at and will keep Karl in my prayers. May God Bless and Keep you all in his loving arms.

  7. Praying often and will take Tuesday 6-7 am PST. You know our Director of Women's Ministry suffered a horrific brain injury 3 years ago and is now 80% recovered. Her recovery has been nothing short of a miracle from prayers all over the world for her. It will happen for Karl as well. Squeeze your Autumn tightly for me!

  8. I had already planned to fast and pray tomorrow so I will be praying for Karl all day, but will set aside 7:30-8:30am Monday morning your time to pray.

  9. Dear Linny, I will pray from 3am-5am MST every morning this week, and many other moments of the day . . . Praise God for His Spirit of comfort and peace as He wraps His loving arms around your family and Karl's family, and holds Karl ever so lovingly in the palm of His Almighty hand.
    In prayer, Beth from WI

  10. I have never "introduced" myself here, so I guess I am a "lurker", but I love reading your blog, and love your family. I have prayed today for Karl and will set aside tomorrow (Monday) at 2:30 to pray. I will be at work, so if someone else can help with that time in case I get a call, that would be great. I know it isn't much of a "commitment" but I wanted you to know I am praying and that I want to be a part of this, too, and add my prayers to the others. I also want you to know I will be praying for Karl's family and for your family, too. I will be praying for Autumn at this time. Lots of love and possitive thoughts to you all.

  11. I will pray on my way to and from work tomorrow so that would be 8:00-9:00 am and 5:30-6:30pm MST on Monday. Tuesday I'm home with the kids and will pray many times all throughout the day as well as this evening.

  12. Asking God to wake me tonight – in prayer for specific things for Autumn's Karl.

    Praying that ministering angels would be so close… that Karl would experience a touch, revelations, and life-changing experiences with God while this miracles unfold.

    Trusting Him.

    (And we will be praying on our way to work as well – 6 – 7am and more).

    Much love and prayers for YOU and Autumny.

  13. I will take 6am-7am M,T,and W my time. So that would be 8:00am-9:00am your time. I will also be fasting each of these mornings. Praying for Karl and his family and for Autumn and your family.

    Portia, So. Cal.

  14. Praying right now and will be tomorrow morning from 9-10 west coast time. Also asking the Lord to remind me to pray when there might be gaps…..

  15. Time change plus keeping all the slots taken in mind is proving too much for me.But know that I am praying here in "Australia on a continuous basis for Karl. It is Mon afternoon for me right now.

  16. Hi Linny.
    Love to your family right now.

    My heart is especially burdened for your Autumn after the previous tragedy in a similar situation which she faced xxx.

    We're in Ireland so we are 7hours ahead.
    We will do 3-4pm mst(10-11pm here) today and from 1-2am mst 19th and 20th July(8-9am here)

    We believe we will see a miracle for your Karl. Jesus IS the healer xxx

  17. My son woke me up with his head banging at 4:30am today. I went up and soothed him but knowing my alarm was going to go off in little more than an hour, I laid in bed unable to drift back to sleep. I thought about Karl and I began to pray. Been praying for him, for Autumn, for his family, and for you all.

    Believing for a miracle!!!

  18. Linny, in tears for Karl and praying now, 7am Eastern time. I will keep him prayer through the day, name written on my hand. Prayers for peace and comfort for Autumn, Karl's family, all of you as well. My husband just rode off to work on his motorcycle – this story is a worst fear of mine. Praying.

  19. Praying 2 to 3 pm MST, and fasting through lunch for Karl and Autumn. Being that my name is also Autumn, I know how special your daughter is and just can't comprehend the pain she must be going through, especially a second boyfriend suffering a second car accident 🙁

  20. Linny,
    I'm not sure exactly of a quiet time I will have but know that I am praying and when the kiddos give me some quiet time today I will be focused on praying for Karl and for all of you.

  21. I will pray for Karl from 8-9 pm your time 10-11pm my time on Monday night. Will be praying also for him just throughout the day as he comes to mind. May the Lord just surround you all with His peace and comfort.

  22. praying right now (5:30 MST)specifically for no brain swelling and the right amount of CO2 in Karl's blood stream and complete healing. May God hold Karl and Autumn and all of you close.

  23. I'm covering Karl in prayers throughout the day and will commit to pray from 11:00 pm-12:00 am tonight MST, the 18th. Praying for miracles and complete restoration of Karl's body.

  24. Will be praying in Kansas each night from 9 pm-10 pm your time. Grateful for the opportunity to be a part of Karl's vigil. Love to you all!

  25. I will be praying between 4:30-5:30am tomorrow morning–I'll be praying while I exercise in my morning walk. A great time to pray. Been praying already!

  26. looks like you are 2 hours before me so I will pray my time 11pm tonight. . your time 9pm-10pm Monday for Karl. I have been praying for your Autumn. . that fear would not grip her. . that she would not feel like "it" is all happening all over again. . I will keep popping in for updates and pray accordingly. . .

  27. Just found out about the situation since I didn't turn on the computer yesterday. I am praying now (6:24 mountain time) and will pray throughout the day whenever God brings Karl to my mind. Also praying for the peace that passes understanding to guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.

  28. 11-12 this morning, sweet friend! We serve a God who heals and still performs miracles–we've witnessed it.

    It's comforting to know that Karl's life is in the hands of a mighty God, a kind and loving God, our God!

    Much love, Linny!

  29. My computer was down all weekdn and I am just seeing this and I am going to pray off and on all day and fast! I will pray on my lunch as well which is 12 EST…Lifting you all up right now…Strenth and peace to you all and guidance for the Dr.'s.

  30. I don't know what hour I will be able to pray, but God knows the hour he has set aside for me and I know it will be the one I need to be praying. Praying as I work today also.

  31. Prayed 6:45 am to 7:15 am MST for Karl. I will be picking up more time this evening and will be praying throughout the day. I will also pick up more time this evening. Thank you for the updates.

  32. Will Pray 6-7am on Tuesday morning which is (9-10 on EST), 6-7am (9-10 EST) Wednesday morning. It is 10 am EST right now, so I will also be lifting Karl up as we speak (7am EST). As another person post, I have a 3 & 5 yr old busy girls, but will be praying inbetween mothering.

  33. I can't guarantee a certain time slot of prayer, but I am praying right now and will continue to pray throughout the day for Karl and his complete healing.

  34. I graduated from high school with Karl and he truly is a great person. He is kind to everyone and always smiling. I have been praying since I heard about the accident and will continue. Ash

  35. We will continue to pray all day for Karl, Autumn and all of the families that know and love Karl. This has got to be such a difficult time for all of you, may you be surrounded by HIS peace and HIS love. Blessings to all of you and may God heal Karls broken body and make it new again.

  36. I will be praying from the Philippines from 5pm – 6 pm Colorado time (7 am – 8 am Philippine Time).

    Praying boldly in FAITH!

    ~ To God Be the Glory!

  37. I will be praying from the Philippines from 5pm – 6 pm Colorado time (7 am – 8 am Philippine Time).

    Praying boldly in FAITH!

    ~ To God Be the Glory!

  38. I am blessed with a one-hour commute to and from work each day. I will be praying from 7a – 8a, and 5p – 6p (EST) daily for as long as needed. Thank you for humbly but boldly asking for prayer. It is a huge blessing to pray for the needs of others. Please keep us posted!

  39. I just wrote Karl's name in big letters on my hand so that I would remember throughout the day to pray, and when I did that, I suddenly remembered that Scripture says God writes our name on His hand. God has Karl's name on His hand.

  40. Oh Linny, I will be praying! I need to check into the time zone thing and then I'll get back to you, but I just wanted to share about my husband's miracle after a very similar accident.

    The day before Dave's high school graduation he was in a motorcycle accident and had to be flown to a hospital in a bigger city. He had a tramatic brain injury, some broken bones, and had some internal bleeding. He had multiple surgeries and it was a very long road, but God COMPLETELY healed him! He was told by some of the doctors that he would never be able to do much in life, that he would never be able to go to college. Well, God is so much bigger and not only did he finish college in 3 years, he also went on to get his masters! We were dating at the time of his accident and now we've been married for 13 years (today). We have 3 beautiful boys at home and we're waiting for our 4th boy who we'll be adopting from China (this will be our 3rd adoption from China). Dave has many, many scars on his body including a very deep and long scar on his head from all the surgeries. Those scars are a reminder of our miracle working God. I'm believing in that same miracle for Karl.


  41. I liked the idea that someone suggested of writing Karl's name on my hand so that I'll be reminded throughout the day to pray for him. I will also be praying from 1-2pm Mountain Time.


  42. Praying without ceasing. Will be praying from 4-5pm EST, which i think is 2-3 MST.
    I have seen some miraculous recoveries from significant brain trauma. I have every confidence that the Lord will heal him!

  43. Will pray during a certain time as well once I can sit down and look at the times covered and figure out the best time to pray. Will repost once I figure it out but will be lifting him up all day today. Praise God for miracle that has occurred already! Can't wait to see the Lord's hand move again! Love and prayers, Charissa

  44. Will pray during a certain time as well once I can sit down and look at the times covered and figure out the best time to pray. Will repost once I figure it out but will be lifting him up all day today. Praise God for miracle that has occurred already! Can't wait to see the Lord's hand move again! Love and prayers, Charissa

  45. Hi Linny,

    I will be praying throughout the day and have asked the prayer team at our church here to cover him as well.

    I will take the 11 PM-12 AM shift here, (EST). I seriously don't know how that translated MST but thankfully we are all on God's time table.

  46. I like sleepyknitter's idea, I will write Karl's name on my hand and whenever I see it throughout the day today I will bring him before the Lord and ask for healing.

  47. Joni-you're one step ahead of me! I was working on a spreadsheet when I saw your post!
    Prayer warriors are still needed for 7-8pm & 10-11pm today. There are also several slots left for Tues & Wed, specifically mid-day and afternoon-evening.

  48. Joni . . . Thanks for all your hard work on the spreadsheet! Very thoughtful, and it works wonderfully. Adding my name to more hours of prayer.

  49. Linny – you can count on me for breathing prayers continuously – I'm holding Karl so closely to my heart. Please count on me for Noon-1:00 p.m. Central Standard Time, tomorrow, Tuesday……..but please know I am praying all of the time. Praying in Jefferson City, MO. Always xoxoxox

  50. Praying often from Ohio. I will take the time slot of 10-11 pm MST Monday and Tuesday night. I have been thinking and praying for Karl, Autumn, and both of their families constantly since I heard about the accident. I know all too well the pain of what you all are going through right now. Love and Prayers!!

  51. I am so thankful for the opportunity to pray and have been since we heard yesterday. I am standing in faith that Karl will be completely healed in Jesus' mighty name…praying specifically for the needs mentioned from 6am to 7am.

  52. Oh Linny…just reading your blog and catching up on posts. I will be praying every time God brings Karl to my mind–which I'm sure will be often. He is ABLE.

  53. I too am a silent reader of your blog and I have been thinking about Karl and your family all day. Sending prayers from Boise from Ms. Mohaili and have had a prayer in my heart since I found out.

  54. Continuing steadfastly in prayer, by the grace of God, being watchful in it with thanksgiving….from Karl's West Coast family in Christ . . .Tuesday 6-7 AM PDST ( 7-8 AM MST, I think) Praise be to God for the hope we have in Him.

  55. I will be praying tomorrow (Tues morning) from 7:00-8:00 am, Eastern time, so that makes it 5-6 am, your time.

    We have had a family member suffer major trauma, and I know how it affects everyone, from sleep to eating.

    And, I also know how much we are blessed when others pray, how honored I was when people asked about my nephew and when they told me they were praying.

    I will now be honored to be praying for Karl and for Autumn.

  56. Bob, Vickie, you know we know what's happening to you and Karl. We were there yesterday and been praying since. Just know that no matter what it looks like; no matter what the professionals say; all of you are being held in the Hand that protects and uplifts. It will be okay.

  57. hi my darling lady! i send hugs to you all, especially Autumn! its Tuesday evening here in the uk, I am praying on and off between the demans of my kiddies and bedtime, but will give you my solid attention and prayer from 9-10 oclock tonight GMT here in the uk xxxxxxx

  58. our prayers are with you bob and vicki,Matthew called us from germany crying and informed us what had happened sunday we have been praying every day for Carl to get through this accident,we have watched him grow up and he is a great young man our prayers are with you all god will help him pull through this! Greg,Dolores,Matthew and Michael Gallegos

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