UPDATE on Karl

Autumn called me between services.  She was hysterical and I could not understand her.  Karl {her boyfriend} had been on the way to pick her up to take her to church.  He was on his motorcycle and was in a car accident.  We had a fun family day planned with Josh, Emma, Graham, Savannah, Karl and Autumn and all the younger treasures and our family friend Stuart who is visiting from Phoenix.
Karl was airlifted to the hospital here in Durango.  
Emma and I {literally} ran from the church building and raced to the hospital.  The police stopped me for not coming to a complete stop.  I jumped out of the van and ran sobbing, crying and barely explained that I was one of their chaplains and what had happened to Karl.  They just yelled, “GO!  GO!  GO!”
Emma and I got to the hospital as the helicopter was arriving.  Autumn was alone in the parking lot hysterical.
Karl’s mom grew up in Tonawanda, just like me.  She and Karl’s dad and brothers arrived in about an hour {they live an hour away in Pagosa Springs}.   Lisa, Karl’s aunt, and I set Karl and Autumn up on  a blind date.  It worked sweetly.  They deeply care for each other.
Karl is truly the nicest boyfriend Autumn has ever had.  {Bar none. The only other one who we also deeply loved was her first boyfriend, Quinton, who was killed in a car accident in July a few years ago.}
Karl has had scans and really is pretty good, except for the trauma to his head.  He is being airlifted to the nearest hospital with a trauma NEUROSURGEON and will undergo neurosurgery immediately.    We are leaving now to drive there.  
Please post anywhere you think people will pray for a miracle for Karl.  You can see his sweet countenance in this picture.   Please, I beg you to pray.  We need a miracle!!  Desperately.

45 thoughts on “UPDATE on Karl

  1. Praying Linny! My heart just about stopped when I read this. Remembering Quinton…and now Karl. Praying for Autumn's precious heart and for a miracle for Karl. God can do it, I completely believe this!!

  2. Praying the precious hands of our savior himself will be on Karl's head, covering all his wounds. May you all hear Jesus as He sings over you, ministering to your hearts His encouragement. May the peace of Christ reign in your hearts, especially in Autumn's heart.

  3. Praying for that miraculous power of our Heavenly Father to reach down to Karl and heal him. Praying, too, for the Holy Spirit's comfort and peace for all of you as you wait during these hours. HUGS!

  4. Posted, emailed and praying! Karl is just beautiful. what a smile!
    praying for Autumn, her sweet heart!!! Oh Linny I'm just praying I don't really have the right words.

  5. Praying for Karl here in Texas! My cousin's wife and daughter were in a horrible car accident a short time ago and God healed them both, He can do the same for Karl! God we need a miracle!

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