We had a very sweet trip to see our treasures afar.  
Their home is wonderful and we made lots of memories.
We sure love those two!!
The drive was about 25 hours one way.  
The kids do fantastic, truly fantastic.  
They color, play with little things and listen to me read. 
I read aloud to all of us the Lillian Trasher biography –
Great woman of crazy, radical faith who ministered to countless orphans in Egypt until her death in 1961.
Her story is truly a.m.a.z.i.n.g.
Makes the trip go so much faster and each biography we read always challenges us to give ourselves away with reckless abandon to the God who loves us so and did so much for each of us!
We encountered wild fires from lightening yesterday.  It was crazy.  There were probably about 5 {at least} and with the wind – they seemed to spread quickly to acres and acres.  
Emma ended up in the ER the first night {last Saturday} we were arrived at Ty and Sarah’s home.   Emma  has a staph infection that became {or was, I am so not medical when it comes to stuff like this} cellulitis below her knee.  
The ER docs were in touch with me a few days later and it was decided that if it wasn’t better they would have to admit her and do IV antiobiotics.  Yeah, it was nastier than nasty
 {and extremely painful}.
Yesterday it was even worse and that’s after being on a strong antibiotic for 5 days!

I thought that we might have to take her to an ER somewhere on the trip and have them admit her.  And what was coming out of the hole?  Oh.my.  We can probably hide M & M’s in there now
{that big of a hole!}  
We prayed over her again {and anointed her with oil that I had brought in my purse}, and today, 
seriously, there is a remarkable difference!
Thank you Lord!
{Thank you to those who saw the tweet and
 have been praying for her.}
We are grateful that tomorrow we will be able to go see Karl.  He has had so many of the tubes and stuff removed from him – we might not recognize him!  
He is making teeny-tiny bits of progress each day.
Please continue to pray with us for his complete healing!

13 thoughts on “Home

  1. Praying for sweet Emma's leg and complete healing. I love how you had the anointed oil right there in your purse to use. I am also up tonight praying for Karl and Ruby and Sarah. Can't wait to hear what He is going to do in the coming days in all these situations. Love you guys. L

    Oh, could you maybe blog about some favorite books for your kids. I would love to get some of these to read to my little ones. Thanks.

  2. So glad to hear good reports on Emma and karl.God is so good and I am continuing to pray for Karl. What a wonderful testimony to God and his goodness.

  3. I'm so thankful to hear you all are safely home. So sorry about Emma's leg, that's just horrible. She is on my prayer list. Together We Stand – praying for Karl. xoxoxo

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