Before I Forget…

I think I better mention this before I forget as the day approaches for Emma and I to leave for Africa.
If you slide over to the sidebar and cruise down 
to just below the live traffic feed
you will notice a small box with a pretty big number in it.
That number is how many visits we have had at 
our Place Called Simplicity.
But I must explain….  
Never, ever in my wildest dreams would I have guessed that God would grant me the joy of doing one of my favoritest things ever {writing} from my most favorite places ever {our home} surrounded by my very, very most favoritest treasures ever 
and use it as a ministry around the world.  
And if you can’t believe that, then you haven’t been stopping by our Place Called Simplicity for long.
Seriously sweet friends, growing up with daily abuse, trauma and brokenness no one who knew me would have ever guessed that is what Almighty God had in store.  
But HE is a redeemer, restorer and healer of all who are willingly seeking Him.  Out of all the ashes, He not only will use you or me, but He will use us in ways we never dreamed.  I’m living proof!
 There is no one, and I do mean no one more amazed than me.  He is truly Jehovah Rapha the God who heals.  
He heals physically.
He heals spiritually 
And He definitely heals emotionally.  
He is always faithful.
He does not waste any of our life’s struggles.
Not ever.  
And so here we are again….
about to roll around to 2,000,000 visits into our lives.
It’s truly beyond crazy.
I started sharing our lives just a little over three years ago.  
Well last year we went over the million mark and here’s the post.
We had quite a lot of fun leading up to it.
My sweet bloggy friend and now real-life friend, Sally, 
was totally trying to cheat 
{and of all things you-know-who was helping her!}
 and I wrote and put pictures about her 
cheating little self right here.  
That was just last July 24th, 2010.  
And ya’ know what’s sooooo cool?
The sweet bloggy friend who was the first to send me the million photo, Char, ended up going to Uganda with Emmy and I in April on the team.  So cool to hug her neck in Africa – of all places!
And here we are, just a little over a year later and about to do it again.
So in the next few three days or so….
Here’s what ya’ need to do…
Last year I sent gifts to everyone who sent me a picture
{And while I’m mentioning it, how is it that 17 people all were able to appear to be the millionth?  That alone was hysterical!  The emails kept rolling in with pictures of 1,000,000 on each computer screen.  Totally crazy!}
This year I will be sending ONE gift to the two millionth.
The trick is to be the first to send the picture you take of your computer screen showing 2,000,000!!
One winner – the first to send the photo of the computer screen and a photo of yourself.  {Don’t be shy!}
It could even be a doggone lurker, ya’ know.  
And you don’t even have to have a blog…just a computer and a cell or camera to upload and send it along.
Send it to:
Doesn’t matter who you are or where you live – I will send overseas…I will send anywhere!  And it can even be one of our male bloggy friends:  Mr. C, Mr. Daddy, Kevin, you-know-who….or one who has not yet come out of the shadows.
I will purchase the winner’s gift while we are in Africa and I will bring your gift from Africa and mail it when I get back.
{Talk about making life a whole lot easier than
 trying to send 17 gifts like last year.}
So there ya’ go.
You’ve been warned!
And I cannot wait to post a picture of the 
2,000,000th person to stop by 
Our Place Called Simplicity
Cause none of this would be possible without all of you…
So buckle up, this is gonna’ be sooo fun!
Let the countdown begin…

14 thoughts on “Before I Forget…

  1. Yahoo! Praising God for the witness you and yours are for so many people out in the world… for ashes…I just wrote an article about that on my little blog…so very true and Linny you have helped me and countless others to turn their ashes into beauty! Loving you and sending prayers for your trip.

  2. He is always faithful.

    He does not waste any of our life's struggles.

    Not ever.

    Those are the words that ministered to me today!!! I included them in my post and linked to you–thank you for that timely encouragement! 🙂

  3. Well, seeing as it is obviously going to be me… I will take a certain little boy as my present… you can grab him on your way out with Ruby Grace. And no need to mail him… I'll come collect him from your house. You just have to get him to America. 😉

    Oh, I wish that could work.

    So blessed to know you! And to know that my sweet boy will be getting some love soon… when you & Em aren't too busy with Ruby Grace. 🙂

  4. WOW. I can't believe you've received almost a million hits in a little more than a year. Well… actually, I can believe that, because your words and testimony bless so many people. Praise Jesus!

  5. FUN FUN!!! Praying for your trip! It is amazing to me how God orchestrates things! Kim has been telling me about you guys being on the same flight! Whodathunkit?! GOD…obviously! It is no coincidence in the timing for sure! Thank you for the encouragement! I have been thinking of sending you an email to share some things that is going on in our lives. I know God has big plans for us…I don't know when but I am super excited! Lotsa love and prayers!!!

  6. Your blog is changing hearts around the world a million times a year!!!!

    My friend you have been redeemed from the ashes, poured with oil of gladness and clothed in praise like only our Lord can do!!!

  7. The internet is amazing! Each semester I have at least one freshman student who writes a research paper on the "evils" of Facebook, blogging, and other social networks. Invariably, the students claim something to the effect that digital social networking isolates the user and creates an inability to sustain normative relationship-building skills, thus hastening the inevitable, post-modern-induced decay of society. And I always laugh my head off as I grade their well-written blah, blah, blah, because I have been SO blessed through the relationships you (and many other bloggers) have built online. The social sciences can make their official claims, but somehow God still manages to use every tool available to connect His people. As my sweet friend Ellen would say, "Loverly!" 🙂

  8. I honestly just sat here and wondered how long it'd take to click on your blog 22,000 times 😛 LOve your blog and sweet family. I've come out of Lurking 😛

  9. Last year was fun, I'll be watching! 🙂 I do have to say I wish I could send gifts TO Uganda rather than have them come back here. Hugs. I'll be praying fro your journey.

  10. I was one of the 17 that July day to watch 1,000,000 pop up on my computer screen. I treasure the little gift from you. It is a tangible sweet reminder of all that the Lord has taught me through you and your family since I first began visiting. Your words today, as always, were exactly what I needed to hear! Excited to follow you back to Africa.

  11. Thank You Jesus for this Dear Sweet blog Friend! Thank You for what her blog means in my life! Thank You that I have read about orphans coming home, Prayer answered, Healing done. Janet

  12. Oh Linny! As always, your own journey with Jesus causes me to just sit – or stand! – in awe of our AMAZING GOD! I have been praying, and will continue to pray for you and ALL of your family! I just LOVE that your sweet treasures pray with such faith… thank you for sharing that with us!

    By the way, I just did the math, and the blog counter is 3000 hits closer to 2M than it was just YESTERDAY!

    So that means that the 2 MILLION mark will probably happen THIS WEEKEND!!! 🙂

  13. Linny-Linny-Linny…………what can I say. I have no words to express what you, your blog, and your family mean to me. I can't begin to tell you how much you have helped me. I hang on your every word, and the Knee Team is so beautiful. My heart is so full of love. I feel hope, peace, and love…….things I have needed more than I can tell you. From the depths of my heart – Thank You. xoxoxo

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