Memorial Box Monday: The Tickets

A few days ago I told the story of “the penny”.
God’s provision begins with a penny.
Whether unemployed or in the midst of bringing treasures home, He will provide.
He will.
He really will.
He is always faithful.
And our experience has been that He loves to provide in ways that we least expect – which makes life a wonderful adventure!
Kind of like all the bountiful produce we got the other day.  
We were blessed so beautifully 
{and such perfect timing with Karl, Autumn
 and Savannah arriving}.
This Memorial Box Monday story is also a story of His provision.
And it came as a surprise 
{which is our favorite kind!}.
After returning home from San Francisco this summer 
where Jubilee had just had surgery we had to make 
reservations for going to Uganda to get Ruby Grace.   
I contacted the travel agency that Abi and Ryan
 had used to bring Finn home.
I told the gentleman that I needed to fly out of Phoenix 
and what my first choice in airlines was.
We emailed back and forth.  
The travel agency is only open on the week days and
 I really wanted the reservations made.
It was Friday and it was already mid-afternoon on the East coast {where the agent was located}.  
So I was standing at my computer
 about to email the gentleman back 
and suddenly I heard the Lord say, 
I prayed.  
“Seriously?  I should wait?”
I asked the Lord again, “Did you say I should wait?”
Very clearly, “Yes, wait.”
I wondered what that was all about.
I said, “Remember it’s Friday and it’s likely that the prices will go up by Monday….or worse yet, the flights will be full.” 
{Sometimes I am amazed at all we
 have seen Him do and yet – at times – 
we still question.  
He must shake His head some times,
 don’t ya’ think?}
But I had clearly heard His voice.
I would wait and I would trust. 
Saturday night I noticed that I had voice mails.
I confess right here and now that I am slow 
to listen to voice mails. 
There are not many quiet moments in my day and 
so when I do listen to them, 
it is often late, late at night 
or the wee hours of the morning.  
But Saturday night I saw that there were voice mails and so in the middle of the night I was up and listened to them.  
It was a friend of ours calling to see 
if we still needed airline tickets to Uganda?
The message was garbled and so I wasn’t quite sure what Deb was asking, but just that it was about our flights to Uganda.
The next morning at church I saw her husband, Gordon.  He asked me if I had gotten Deb’s message.   I said, “I listened to her message, but it was garbled.  What do you guys mean?”  He said, “We have air miles and we would love to help you get to Africa and back.”  I almost fell over.  Truly, I was dumbfounded.  I said, “Emma is going with me.”  
He said, “That’s okay, we have enough for both of you.” 
{And might I add, their free tickets were with our favorite airline! Amazing God.} 
No wonder the Lord had said, “Wait.”
He knew all along that Deb and Gordon were going to call!
The Lord had free air mile flights just waiting! 
Thanks to our God-fearing, orphan-loving, 
generous and precious friends – Gordon and Deb,
Emma and I had free flights to Uganda and back. 
We laughed and cheered at yet one more provision of the Lord to bring our sweet Ruby home.  He is faithful.  He will always be faithful.  He loves the orphan.  He will provide to get them home. 
In our Memorial Box we have our tickets, reminding us of the faithfulness of God, His provision and how He uses friends when we least expect it to minister to our hearts.  
How about you?
What stories do you have to share?
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6 thoughts on “Memorial Box Monday: The Tickets

  1. all of last year i had to have testing done to see if i had liver cancer or liver always i prayed to him..and i felt his arms around me each step of the way..i trusted in him and the outcome was good and he has always answered me when i prayed..i know i can trust him hes the only parent i have had who has never given up on me and helped me..

  2. So sorry Linny for posting my MBM twice. The first time, I forgot to link it to the exact post I wanted to share. Still kinda new at all this… didnt mean to post twice! Thanks sister. Love your heart. You are an encouragement and I am blessed to be able to share in all this!

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