Let’s Make a Deal

Does anyone remember the game show “Let’s Make a Deal?”  It was my favorite tv show when I was young.  I used to daydream about being on it.  If you remember it, then you will remember the host saying, “Carol Marol standing at door number…”  

Anyway, we have our own little “Carol Marol”…except her name is Ruby and she’s posing near the packages…22 more arrived immediately after I posted the other picture a couple of days ago.

And by the way, I’m listening to you all.  Kim Foo fixed the comment section so I can now “reply”…when I am able.  

Thought though that you all would love to see Ruby in front of the ever growing pile!  Cause as nice as Carol Marol was, Ruby-girlfriend is the most precious teeny-weenie little miracle poser this side of heaven, in our humble opinion.

Check out her excitement!  We sat her in front of the packages and literally instantly she lit up…don’t tell me for a second that our little treasure’s spirit doesn’t know that all those packages are love gifts for the orphan….don’t even!

34 thoughts on “Let’s Make a Deal

  1. Oh my word look at Ruby! What Love can do is amazing!! Her breathing, living LIFE— Lord-willing (prayerfully) crawling to walking LIFE is such a testimony. Praying for you as you write her story. May He be glorified!

    P.S.- I also like Em's IVO shirt! God is so, so, so good.

  2. Ruby is a joy-bringer! Just seeing her picture brings joy! Just ordered a backpack – can't wait for the precious treasures in Uganda to be blessed.

  3. Look at that beautiful girl!! And her smile has got to be the most precious thing I have ever seen!! She is SOO adorable! And she has gotten so big!!!! <3

    1. We literally set her down to take the pic in front of the backpacks and she started grinning from ear to ear. She's gotta' know deep down inside…a whisper from the Lord.

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