The Idea

While I was praying about the orphan crisis and the need for many to be adopted, the Lord reminded me of something we had done a few years back.

For those who’ve been hanging around our Place Called Simplicity for awhile you might remember, however, we still are going to structure things a bit differently this time around.

Remember in part 4 of the “He’s Not a Deadbeat Dad” series, I mentioned that there are probably about six basic categories of people who stop by our Place Called Simplicity.

I’ll refresh your memory, just incase you’ve forgotten:

1.  Those who have identified a child and are in the midst of an adoption.
2.  Those who have identified multiple children and are in the midst of the process
to bring them home.
3.  Those who have yet to identify a child/children but are in the midst of your paperwork {application/home study/immigration if adopting internationally, etc}.
4.  Those who are intending to adopt, but have not yet begun anything.
5.  Those who hope to someday begin an adoption
{but still are praying or waiting or both}. 
6.  Those who are not in any of the above five categories.

A few people commented that they thought they fit in to category “7” which meant that they have already adopted and are willing to help people out.  I love category 7 {and find it interesting that 7 coincides with “7” being God’s ‘perfect’ number associated with “divine completion” – how cool is that?}  

The entire “He’s Not a Deadbeat Dad” series was birthed out of the Lord’s prompting to remind people that He can be trusted to bring through the funds needed to bring home His most precious treasures, thus fulfilling by one avenue of His command to love and care for the orphan.  

So in other words, if you are stopping by our Place Called Simplicity, you have gotta’ have a tender spot toward the orphan.  You gotta.  Cause that’s kind of the heartbeat of our lives.  Ya’ know what I mean?

If you read the Deadbeat Dad series, you will remember that God has many ways He comes through to provide for adoption.  Many.  Many.  Many.  He is not limited to any one way.


the main way He uses to provide to bring treasures home
 forever is really kind of crazy simple…


Holding your breath?

{Okay, just kidding, please don’t hold your breath, you might pass out}

It’s this:

Through plain ol’ ordinary orphan-lovin’ people like you and me.

How crazy is that?

Think about it, we already have tender hearts for the orphan.

We already see the need.

Many of us have adopted.

Many of us want to adopt.

Many of us want to adopt more.

Many of us want to do something, anything.

Many of us have laid awake at night, staring at the darkened ceiling, tears filling our ears whispering to Him,

“What else can I do?
Show me Lord!
Show me what else I can do from my little piece of the world?
My husband isn’t into adoption right now…so what can I do?
Or my life is far past adopting age, what else can I do for an orphan?
Or I’m still too young, I’m in high school, but I love the orphan, what can I do?”

Or some have even said,
“An anonymous gift helped us…
I want to do the same for someone, but not sure who…”

Sooooo, based on that fact….here’s the truth about our family:

We are a large family.  We live by faith.
We do not have any ‘extra’ cash floating around,
BUT we know that we are called to help others bring treasures home.  

And here’s the other part of that truth:

You are called to help others too.

Remember the verse:

“To whom much has been given, much will be required?”

Yup.  It applies to this too.

So here’s what we’re going to do.

Next Tuesday we are going to have a day of Prayer and Fasting.

We will open up the comments for people to pray for each other.

Then on Wednesday we are going to have Linky open so that people can post their adoption financial needs by linking a post from their blog. Only thing is we are going to divide it into different groups on different days.

Next Wednesday’s group will only be for those who are adopting MORE than one internationally and are nearing travel.  

There will be some rules set forth as well:  

1.  I am only going to allow between 7 and 12 links.  That’s it.  Otherwise there are just too many for people to wade through.   
2.  The link has to be to a completely fresh blog post that is linked directly back to our Place Called Simplicity mentioning what we are doing over here, complete with a questionnaire as part of the body of the post.
3.  I will be posting the questionnaire late Tuesday.  Each person will take the questionnaire and copy and paste it into the body of their blog post.  That way, any one reading their post will all know the same thing.  
4.  Each family linking must have a Paypal on your sidebar OR an address where people can send you a donation. 
5.  A picture must be included in the link/post.  Preferably of the little treasures coming home to you {although I understand there are some countries that do not allow it, but there is something that you can post a picture of – you, your family, your kids waiting, something!} 

There are many of you who comment fairly regularly and have even commented on the Deadbeat Dad series.  Or you’ve mentioned being in the process of bringing little ones home in other comments.  I can name a few of you right off the top of my head.  Some of you are even on the Knee Team.   All of you are the ones I am thinking of.

Because truly, I feel like we are all one family over here.  So if you are a semi-regular commenter, a part of the Knee Team, please get your typing fingers ready!!  I want you to be one of the ones listed.  

As much as I would love to open it up to everyone on the face of the earth that is adopting at this moment, that’s not what this is for.  This is for the Place Called Simplicity family.  And seriously, that’s what I feel with you all.

And family takes care of family.  They see a need and they meet it.  

The days of prayer and fasting have drawn people together like none other.  That’s why we will pray and fast together.  Then we will hear of the needs of those going to bring home more than one and we will have the opportunity to respond.

So there you  go.

Are you with me?

126 thoughts on “The Idea

  1. Linny, This is such a great opportunities for families. Thank you so much for doing this. Can I ask just one question? We are trying to scrimp to start a homestudy. Do you have to have an approved homestudy? The agency we want to use said we need to have an approved homestudy before we can proceed for the country we want to adopt from. We've got some savings (not a lot for sure) but are praying that God will provide what we need to pay for a complete homestudy. Thanks again,

    1. We are going to have a day just for people like you – Starting the adoption process!! It will be a time of saying, "We believe in you and we are with you!!" It's gonna be so stinkin' fun!! Watch and see. This first one is for those adopting MORE THAN ONE and are nearing travel. So hang on and pray with us on Tuesday. Your day is coming and I can't wait!! Yippee Jesus!

    2. The Lord has been impressing me that there are several {like you} in the beginning stages and that you need a "shot in the arm"….so your shot is coming girlfriend. Can you hear my giddiness from Phoenix? Seriously, grinning from ear to ear! xo

    1. You have adopted – you KNOW every.single.penny counts. I can't wait to see what God does. Thank you Debbie – so proud of you – being a single adoptive mom – you ROCK!

  2. Very exciting! I mentioned your Deadbeat Dad series to my husband night before last, actually. We are approved for 2 from China, but so far only pursuing one right now. Anxious to see what transpires with your Idea. 🙂

    1. Ohhhh, approved for two? Yippee Jesus!! Wait to see what God does in the meantime! Thank you for joining in the excitement – I seriously am giddy at the sweet responses! YOu guys are all so amazing!

  3. I love this! We have been helping friends adopt as we wait for our "turn". I've lurked/commented here off and on for a few years now, and am so excited for this. God is so good! I am so blessed and encouraged as I watch your family live a life of obedience to his calling. Looking forward to next Tuesday!

    1. Love that you are helping others while you wait for your turn. Just what honors God – I LOVE IT! Can you hearing me squealing with delight from Phoenix?? Rock it Bethany!!

  4. I love your blogspot! My husband & I check to get it often to find encouragement, direction, & mentoring.

    I'll also be on board!

    "I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. What I can do, I should do and, with the help of God, I will do." Edward Hale

    The adoption community is a family & each of us can only do so much, and toether we can accomplish so much more! To God be the glory!

  5. What a great idea Linny! I'm so excited to see all the needs and see how we all can help. I adopted my daughter, Maggie, with April Holm when she was getting Willow. Now we are praying so hard for the two she is trying to bring home. I'm single and older so cannot bring home another but would love to be able to pray and help someone else. Thanks for doing this and providing such an awesome ministry.

    1. Awww, so you're a friend of Aprils? SOOO fun. She's so precious. I love that you are a single mom and willing to help others. Way to lead the way girlfriend – way to lead the way! And God will bless you a billion times over – you KNOW that…His promises are true!! xoxo

  6. Dear Linny, I am SO excited that we get a chance to help our brothers and sisters in the process of adoption. I feel near to God's heart when I get to participate with him in putting the lonely in families!!! Love you guys and everything you are doing for his glory! Annalisa

    1. Annalisa,
      I am so thankful that you are anxious to help. Yippee Jesus! Isn't the body of Christ the BEST, and rockin' stinkin' awesome when it comes to blessing others while loving the orphan!! My heart wells with pure delight!

  7. Wow Linny – what a beautiful idea. It is so true that the ones who want to hear our stories, read our blogs, donate to our adoptions are those whose hearts are already broken for the fatherless. We were just blessed by a matching gift by a family who is still recovering financially from an adoption – I am overwhelmed. I am so excited to be able to bless others while in the process of adoption again now ourselves. Bless you for crusading to help make it possible for families to provide homes for more and more children.

  8. we are in the middle of adopting a sib set of 3 from the US foster care system. they are wonderful and should be coming home on the 28th of this month. it is wonderful to not have to come up with a large amount of money to do this, even though over the last 3 years we have experienced terrible heart ache doing foster care. i am excited to pray and give on Tuesday & Wednesday!!!

    1. Thank you for joining in on Tuesday and Wednesday and for telling me too…and thank you also for adopting THREE out of foster care. You rock Mama Foster – you totally rock!!

    1. I can hear your joy in your exclamation points.

      And here I am tucking littles in and about to give Ruby her bath and kind of just giddy cause of the wonderful response. So thankful for each of you!

    1. God's ideas are ALWAYS fabulous!! He is so rockin' awesome – and just think …for real…think – we GET to be part of a plan that was mastered by the GOD of the entire universe. Like really, can you fathom that? Cause I can't fully wrap my head around it all. But I'm going with it as best I can and havin' a blast!

  9. While I wait (admittedly, I'm #4, believing to someday join the #7's) there's nothing better than sowing seeds, knowing that there will be a harvest just when we need it! How about a 4 with a 7 mentality? God is faithful!

    1. Oh my sweet friend Stacey, I love you! Just to think that you are a #4 but praying to be a #7…I LOVE that and guess what? He hears our prayers an when they coincide with HIS will {and how can bringing a little treasure – or a tons of treasures home not??} He promises He will hear from heaven and answer. Yippee Jesus!! Praying fo ryou and thank you for joining in planting some seeds…and don't ya' know we will help you one day too! xo

  10. What a wonderful idea! Love it! Just a few questions…could you clarify "nearing travel"…the process in Canada is slightly different than the USA. We need a Log in Date in order to get a proposal (we are not allowed to "pick" our child), and after that most people travel in about 4-5 months. We expect to have a LID in the next month or so and a proposal in about 1-2 months with a travel date in the next 5-7 months. I'm guessing that may not be "nearing travel"? Thanks!
    Can't wait to help out as well! The part of lying awake at night and being consumed by wondering what more we can do so accurately describes us. So good to find another way to help!

    1. Okay, I am completely confused, but admittedly, I was writing on Ruby's book all day, until I wrote the blog my brain is a little fuzzy…do you have kiddos you have been matched with? It's okay if you don't. You fit in another category. We will be doing this according to categories…and all will see the Lord provide according to His good will! And as far as the laying awake at night….I hear you friend, I so hear you. Thanks for being part of the orphan-lovin' family over here at our Place Called Simplicity! xoxo

    2. Haha! That makes 2 of us with fuzzy brains! I thought we would fit in a different category, but wasn't sure how we fit with the "nearing travel". From what I understand, Americans generally have been matched with a child, then send their dossier to China, get a LID, and then travel approval…which would make the time between being matched and travelling longer…I think…lol…that's my fuzzy brain talking! We, on the other hand must have our dossier in China prior to being matched and then we get approval to travel…making the time between being matched and travelling that much shorter…does that make sense?

    3. Ok it certainly is time to get to bed! I think I'm getting it!! Just read a previous comment…Rebecca Maas.'s…once Americans have travel approval you can travel within weeks, which would make the ready to travel time that much shorter…I think…so confusing. lol…anyhow,as I thought, we would be in a future category. Interesting how different coutries have such differences in the adoption process.

    4. When I mean 'nearing travel' I'm talking the next thing people are on their way to do is travel…how ever long that takes to get to that point…does that make sense? You've been matched, so you will be traveling next. They folks who are in the beginning stages…they don't need the funds as much as the 'soon traveling' folks…right? So we're going to have some fun giving to those in the different stages…can you imagine those who are just getting started getting a shot in the arm from the PCS family? And don't forget, some of them don't have their own families enthusiastic about their upcoming adoption?? Sooo cool to be their cheering team! Anyway, Hope that helps. xo PS If I still don't get it, then please email me separately at:

    5. I think we both got it now! 🙂 Those travelling soon certainly do need the funds asasp. Having support right from the start is so very important…can't wait to help out! Have a super day! 🙂

  11. Oh Linny this is such a great thing you are doing. I so appreciate this..being the worrier I am…this has been such a part of my week of prayer…I stress over this so much how are we ever going to come up with it all…what a blessing for many.

  12. Linny, admittedly I am a 2 and a 4. We know the children (3 of them, whom we have had a relationship with for over a year and talk weekly on Skype) but we haven't begun anything yet for several reasons…all of which make me sad. There is a good chance not all 3 can come home… I am happy to join in prayer and fasting for other adoptive families and be a part of this link up. Can't wait to read everyone's stories. Thank you for making it easy to be a part of this and to give to families who are pursuing multiples and near travel as I very dearly would love to be in that group right now. So if I can't bring mine home right now, I'd love to help bring others home.

    1. Jessi, I am sorry for whatever the circumstances are that you are facing. I do know that no matter what He is ON the throne and He is able to move every single mountain, even when it seems they are immovable. I will pray to that end when the Lord brings you to mind {and He brings bloggy friends with needs to mind ALL the time.}

      Anyway, thank you for joining in the fun of blessing others while you wait. You are a blessing and don't think for a second that God is not aware of your willingness to give to those when your heart wishes you were one. Bless you. xo

  13. So excited for this…I am so in! I don't know what number I would be. I have 3 adopted treasures, I am a single mom now and I want to adopt again. This same faith has sustained me as I see God take care of my kids and I feel so blessed that he gave me these three precious ones and knew I would be on my own raising them. So all that to say He will provide for all the needs of any one adopting and will continue to do so as you raise up your little arrows. Praise God!

    1. lori, you my dear, are such a pleasure!! Your circumstances have been painful, yet you are choosing joy, love, sharing and faith! I LOVE YOU! Rock the world girlfriend and guess what, all the while your treasures are watching your response to life and will be world rockers. xo

  14. Definitely in!! I wish we were in the "about to adopt more" category, but until hubby hears from God, we are in the "ready to help others" category – which is a place I also LOVE to be! I will be praying and fasting on Tuesday and ready to pitch in on Wednesday. This is such an awesome idea. I can't wait to see what God does. Love you.

    1. Shelby, my precious once bloggy-turned-to-real-life-lives-in-Phoenix-now-too!

      I am so thankful for your enthusiasm and your endless love for the orphan! Love you girlfriend so much and your family too!

  15. You're awesome! What a great idea God had! Ha, funny to say that! Of course God's idea would be awesome!!!! How much this would have meant to us when we brought home our boys, I can't wait to help out! I just LOVE it.

  16. Our family is a 1 right now.. waiting to hear about our court date! We love praying for other adoptive families and we love supporting a little whenever we can. What is the most amazing thing about that is how even though we know we have a financial need that isn't yet met, when we choose to step out in faith and support other adoptions, God has REWARDED US GENEROUSLY. Seriously, every time. It's amazing. So even though we are still fundraising, we are eager to help those who are walking through the process just like us right now. <3

    1. Well I am so excited to have a #! speak up. Your day is coming! Hang on and join us in the days till its your turn. His "Give and it will be given to you" is true, isn't it?? Don't you just love how He keeps His word?

  17. We're not in that category, not quite. We're not NEARING travel, we've finished it. ANd we WERE bring home more than one but that wasn't what the Lord intended, yet. But we have a little boy waiting to see us 🙂

  18. Linny,
    I know I have not been following your e-mail, or anyone's e-mail. I am very active on the RR FB page, CC4RR (Catholic Community for RR), RR Bulgarian Families, and Adopt A Child Bulgaria. I do have a blog but I don't follow any blogs. I do know about most families, about their joys and their needs, and we pray for them at home as a family. Yet, I go mostly by posts as opposed to reading blogs. I don't even have time to sleep. Being on the computer during night hours is not an exceptional occurrence, but an everyday routine. Nevertheless, despite a very privileged background and despite being an attorney, finances are extremely difficult these days. I am adopting two children from Bulgaria at this time, and court will be next week. I'm not hiding the exact date. I don't know it because I didn't want to know so as to avoid the unbearable anxiety for all of us of waiting for news at one specific time. I'd like to add that although I'm widowed and therefore a single applicant, when talking about adoption I always use the plural due to how totally, completely, entirely involved my Mom was (and keeps on being from Heaven) and my three older (biological) children are in each one of the processes. My Mom even deemed her own health to be less important than the international adoption expenses to bring her younger grandkids home (in addition to my three biological children, I have two sons adopted from Haiti, one from Bulgaria, and as of next week we expect and pray the number of sons from Bulgaria will go up to three). We moved from San Diego, CA to RI in order to try to expedite these adoptions. My older kids left too much behind but didn't care because their newest brothers were infinitely much more important to them. With the move and my Mom's illness my income has suffered. At this moment I am in desperate need for help–and maybe it was God's design to finally teach me the lesson in humility that my parents and grandparents tried to teach me so many times in the past and with which I always had such a hard time. I imagine that you have a duty of loyalty to your followers–but would like to let you know how badly I need some greater exposure. I have an innate gift for writing–but not for making my gifts shine. My blog info is: Please let me know if there is any way in which you can help me get the exposure I do need. God bless, Lillian Godone-Maresca

    1. I am thankful for your heart for the orphan. I'm not sure what you would like me to do. I get dozens of requests on a regular basis and although each has plenty of merit, I just do not have the time or ability to grant exposure for anyone who is fundraising. Thank you for understanding. And if you remember my recent posts of "He's Not a Deadbeat Dad" Parts 1-4, {great encouragement if you have a few moments} you will be reminded that He is NOT a deadbeat dad and He WILL provide above and beyond all we can think or imagine. He is faithful.

  19. Linny, I can't wait to spend a day of prayer and fasting…with a whole bunch of other likeminded folks! Thank you for doing this again. Let's just watch and see what God will do!!!

  20. Linny – I love this idea! Good thing we aren't included in this group quite yet as we have not broken it to our immediate family for the most part! Wouldn't that be a shock for them to find out that way!! Will be praying and fasting with everyone next Tuesday.

    janet and gang

  21. Thank you so much for doing this. We are a number 2 in the middle of the court process and currently fundraising and grant filling out for travel expenses. We are a pilot family and the length of the process has taught a dependence on God that a type-A planner like me needs. 🙂

  22. What an amazing idea! I am so very thankful that God led me to your blog recently. I am single, but God has called me to adopt now. I'm a #4, anxiously waiting to find a new job so that I can begin the process. I will be praying and fasting on Tuesday as well, and I can't wait to see what God does through this!

    1. Welcome to our Place Called Simplicity. It really has become an amazing family of like-minded, orphan-lovin' friends…we will pray for that new job, if you post it as a comment on the prayer requests/fasting on Tuesday. We have had so many get jobs – some the exact day we have prayed and fasted – Almighty God LOVES when we come together to pray and fast for one another. I think it's all about loving one another. His second greatest command and remember when He said, "By this will all men know that you are my disciples, that you love one another."

      We get to pour out some lovin' in the next couple of weeks and I am just giddy that so many are just as enthused as I am!

  23. You are rightabout this being a family place. Thanks for creating this place of encouragement and support for doing the hard things together. Learning to pray and fast together. Learning to give and love in tangible ways. You are such a good example of how Paul said, "Follow my example as I follow the example of Christ." I know when we were in the thick of it with foster care and I got some odd comments at church, it was good to know that there was Godly advice and support to fall back on here. Thank you for creating this gathering soace for all of us and making room for us in your so very full life. Praying God's blessing and encouragement on your life today. Did I tell you yet that we have statprted the paperwork for international adoption?

    1. Beccy, You are such a blessing. Thank you for your kind words. It was such a blessing to hug your neck way back when!

      I am so excited about your upcoming IA. Yippee Jesus! How faithful God is.

      And for the record, I need all of you and am so thankful for the friendships that have formed through this Place. Who knew? Certainly not me, not even for a second when I simply began to blog to have my family have a journal of our lives. And truly, although I've said it many times before, there is no one more surprised than me at what God has chosen to do. I don't take the responsibility lightly. And I am so grateful I "get to."

      Love to you up there in NE…xo

  24. Hi Linny!
    My family and I are totally in, and super excited to see what God does with this idea of His. I have a feeling it is going to be grand!!! :o)
    My husband and I have been praying about adoption for two years. We feel that it is finally time to act on the calling He placed on our hearts, which is to expand our family through adoption. We fall into category #4. Your blog, especially the "Deadbeat Dad" series has been so encouraging to our hearts!!! We feel led to adopt from Africa, and are currently praying that God will lead us to an agency.
    I feel blessed to have found this blog!
    Continually Praying,

    1. So glad you are "in" Shawna! God is up to something fantasticly grand, I can feel it in my bones =)

      {not to mention that whenever God does something it is EXTREMELY GRAND! right?}

  25. Linny! Fantastic idea! As you know, we are waiting on TA. : ) I look forward to praying and fasting and seeing God work through this family! Blessings to you and your family!

  26. Linny, I'm very excited, and trusting God to provide Two years ago God spoke to me very clearly about a boy who was 11. He also told me I'd have to wait. This boy is in an orphan hosting program, and because so many older orphans were being adopted from his orphanage, his orphanage director halted her orphans from going to the program, to ensure job security for her staff. This boy had come so close to having a family, that he was granted one more shot. The coordinator has had him on hold until she could find someone to host him, knowing that he has only one more chance. Several weeks ago my husband asked what had ever become of him, and I said he was still there, still waiting. We started talking about my husband going, and praying for finances to send him on the trip. Then we found out that this boy is going to be on the trip, whether or not he is hosted, in one last desperate attempt that one of the attending potential parents will take an interest. It can't be coincidence, can it?! We are still praying for the finances. But the other day I was getting ready for our school day and saw my Bible there. I felt God say, "I have something to show you." So I sat down for a moment and opened directly to the story where the disciples were fishing, and catching nothing, and Jesus told them, "Cast your net on the other side," and suddenly they had so much abundance they couldn't even pull it in. And then the tender scene where when they got to shore, they found Jesus had already prepared a fire and some fish for them to eat. I love that! Not only did he know where the fish were, requiring blind and -almost- ridiculous obedience, but he also provided above and beyond what they expected, but he also had already prepared and taken care of their personal need for something as basic as lunch. This adoption of ours is going to be gastronomically expensive – nearly two times the normal adoption from the region, because of this particular hosting program and the travel requirements. We don't have the money. We just got out of debt, and are struggling not to go back in. But I felt God was telling me that we needed to listen, and He would provide. Thank you, Jesus. And thank you for your efforts, Linny.

    1. That's soooo exciting Carmen! Yes, indeed, He is the provider. Finances are a non-issue for Him. Really, not once has God even remotely thought, "Ohhhh, you want to adopt from there? Yeah, that's just too much for me to provide." NOT.A.CHANCE. He is faithful no matter the need. I am thrilled for you…join us Tuesday in praying and fasting and then get involved helping others and watch God provide for your need! He is faithful! xo

  27. I"m so excited to join in praying and fasting. And giving. Giving has been laid on my heart lately, and I'm happy for the opportunity! Thanks! BTW – sorry about the long paragraph there! I didn't realize I'd typed so much!

  28. Yes of course. Whenever God does something, it is ALWAYS EXTREMELY GRAND, for He is ALWAYS FAITHFUL!!! God is truly GOOD all the time!!! :o)

    I truly feel privileged to be able to pray, fast, and fellowship from afar with you all. :o)

    To God be the Glory!!!

  29. very excited to be part of the prayer and fasting on Tuesday. families helping families bring treasures home is such an amazing ministry to me. i love being part of the adoption community. we are just in the home study stage of our adoption and are excited to see whom the Lord will set in our family. my boys (ages 5, 3 & 1 (although the 1 year old obviously doesnt have an opinion on this) keep saying that they have 2 or 5 sisters and were quite frustrated when their daddy told them that we are just starting with one. we will see what the Lord has in store for us along this journey. thanks for organizing all this Linny!

  30. Linny you have an amazing heart and an amazing family. I show my husband pictures of your sweet babies all the time. We are in process for a WC from ethiopia, shes near 7 and HIV+- in 2011 we brought home a little boy from ET with untreated clubfeet- he was walking on his hands. We got caught in an embassy nightmare and i stayed in ET for nearly 5 weeks. During that time i posted the need for prayer on your blog during a day of fasting.A desperate need for the change of heart of our embassy or for the police officer who found our sweet Sam three years ago to be found. Several people emailed me directly, having been prompted from reading my prayer request. It helped me get through that tough time. Currenlty, we just finished our dossier and are sending in our placement paperwork next week for our new little girl….we are in the home stretch of the second half- $12,200- which due with our placement agreement next week. I expected we would be fine, but we are still awaiting our IRS tax return from our previous adoption- we are under review… but i am sure God will provide.

    1. He definitely WILL provide. Wednesday won't be for your particular need {more than one} BUT there will be a day soon! So thankful that bloggy friends read your prayer request and responding ministered to you…faithful God, using others to minister to our hearts. Always amazing!

  31. Well, I'm adding category 8!
    We adopted our little man in March, and got a surprise sibling call this summer! We're anticipating a baby brother/sister in…..March! Twelve whole months younger than our Babycakes! We had all our financial ducks in a row for Babycakes, but this new one really sneaked up on us, so we're feeling the financial pinch as we rush to get those ducks into place.

    I LOVE this idea!

    1. I'm pretty sure that you fall into category 1. It doesn't mean there aren't other kids, just that one has been identified and will be coming home. So when we have a time for "1"…that would be your turn. And having kids close in age, from this mom of 12 {so far} is THE BEST. We love having kids close in age. Nehemiah and Isaiah are just 5.5 months apart…and Nehemiah, although older came in after. It's truly THE BEST! And I know you know, but God will provide! He's NOT A DEADBEAT DAD!

  32. Linny – what a wonderful idea. You are an amazing person, who inspires and encourages so many. I fall into the Category 7 group!Although I can not help too much, I figure every bit helps and if we all do our bit, it all mounts up together making it big! Can't wait.

    1. Dizzy, Have I told you before that I always smile when I see your blogger name? =)
      So glad you are willing to help. Every little bit helps…remember the widows mite? It's all about doing something. Anything!

  33. Yesssss! This is soooo exciting! Thank you, Linny! I LOOOOOVE reading adoption stories and being a part of the process. I pray that one day (ASAP…haha:) I will be asking ya'll to pray for our adoption journey!

  34. Miss Linny, I am so excited that you are doing this!! I absolutely love your heart for littles and regularly send folks to your blog:) I so appreciate your prayers (as well as those of the Knee Team) for our adoption!! God is so very faithful and has blessed our socks off!!! We have been granted permission to skype with our sweet boy as we wait for visa approval!!! Can I just tell you…I am head over heels for him!!! I am sure that is to no surprise. But we are so humbled as we get to know our sweet boy's heart!!!! I stare and weep each time I see him…He was just made for our family. Over the long journey to bring Aaron home I have felt every emotion in the book. Sometimes fear of adopting a 12 year old. But in the priceless moments of speaking to him on Skype…God has completely overwhelmed my heart!!! I simply do not have adequate words to express my love for the son God has hand picked for us!!! My most treasured moments have been his eagerness to look up scripture together. I think we looked up at least 15 verses today and he wanted to read each to us!!!

    Again, thank you for being a voice for those without one and being a constant speaker of truth and love!!! Regularly reading your blog is like coming home:)

  35. Miss Linny, I am so excited that you are doing this!! I absolutely love your heart for littles and regularly send folks to your blog:) I so appreciate your prayers (as well as those of the Knee Team) for our adoption!! God is so very faithful and has blessed our socks off!!! We have been granted permission to skype with our sweet boy as we wait for visa approval!!! Can I just tell you…I am head over heels for him!!! I am sure that is to no surprise. But we are so humbled as we get to know our sweet boy's heart!!!! I stare and weep each time I see him…He was just made for our family. Over the long journey to bring Aaron home I have felt every emotion in the book. Sometimes fear of adopting a 12 year old. But in the priceless moments of speaking to him on Skype…God has completely overwhelmed my heart!!! I simply do not have adequate words to express my love for the son God has hand picked for us!!! My most treasured moments have been his eagerness to look up scripture together. I think we looked up at least 15 verses today and he wanted to read each to us!!!

    Again, thank you for being a voice for those without one and being a constant speaker of truth and love!!! Regularly reading your blog is like coming home:)

  36. Love this idea! Linny in some ways it's mostly your fault we are on some kind of crazy journey right now. 🙂 Last spring you posted about orphan hosting to make your summer meaningful, remember that? Well through a long, insane series of events we hosted a little girl who ended up finding a family interested in adopting her. She wasn't ours, but we're still hoping we will find a child that fits into our family to adopt. We're hosting another child for Christmas, but we just found out the final payment is due October 31st and we're still $1,495 short. We spent all day today freaking out about it and decided to just trust we would get the money if it's meant to be.

    Anyway, I thought when reading this entry that there IS something else you can do if you can't adopt at the moment, or if your spouse isn't quite interested in adopting. You can host an orphan!! There are still so many children that haven't been chosen on the photo listings. We are hosting through Children's Cultural Connection ( and New Horizons also has tons of children left waiting. My husband wasn't interested in adopting but was willing to try hosting. Now his heart is broken and we talk about orphans a million times day. (That in itself is a miracle.)

    If you want to read the story of our crazy summer hosting experience it's here:

    1. Hosting an orphan is a wonderful way to "break 'em in"…just look how God has used it on your husband's heart! And maybe, perhaps we will have a day to bless those hosting. I will have to pray on that, for now it's just for adoption bound folks…but we will see how it goes! And no doubt, whether we do it or not, the Lord WILL provide the $1500 you need. He will. He's always faithful. it might be at the "11th hour" but He will.

    1. Elizabethd…what a tender heart you have. I am so grateful for your comment and I am grateful that the you were adopted and that your heart is full of gratitude. I would love to add another category. I will try to remember when I do that blog post for Wednesday…if I forget, remind me, k?

  37. My husband and I are a #1. We met our boy in Jamaica this spring. The process to find out his availability has been slow but yesterday we were given great news – hopefully we can officially start the process in the next month. I do not have a blog, but it is encouraging to read about others' hearts for adoption. My Mom, although a single parent, has instilled in each of her daughters a love for needy children – and our family picture is a beautiful rainbow. It is so encouraging to hear others' stories of hope!

    1. Officially starting next month? That's awesome. I am thankful that your mom, while a single parent, was able to instill a love for needy children…and personally speaking, we're all about the colorful family photo- we think it echoes God's heart!

  38. I'm with you Linny! I wanted to let you know that we just returned Thursday with our sweet little one from China! She was formerly our first daughter's foster sister and now is her forever sister! There's a very cool story with that and how Elaina prayed her sister home and into our hearts. I would like to join you in this day of prayer and fasting. Because it is sometimes difficult to find the dollars to bring these little ones home (personally, we have gone into a little debt finding ourselves short of funds when travel time arrived) that I have begun a non-profit 'Open Hands Adoption Partnerships'. We hope to provide grants for those adopting a second or more special needs child internationally. In fact, we are about to distribute our very first grant to a family nearing travel for their third adoption! It is very excited to be a part of bringing more children home! Anyway, check us out at

    thanks for all you do! LaRita

    1. LaRita,
      Would you be willing to write your story of foster sisters finally becoming forever sisters for our International Voice of the Orphan "Adoption Stories" section? I will post the link here. It doesn't have to be real long, but enough to tell the story and the prayers and then how God did it!? We would love for our IVO friends to read it! And thank you for your link. I will definitely check it out!

  39. Thank you so much for your blog! I stumbled across it just when I needed it! I made a comment on one of your latest blogs because it was something I needed to hear. Thank you for opening up your blog for people to share their stories! Question for you…we don't have a public blog, but we do have a Facebook Page that we use instead of a blog. Will that work, if we are lucky enough to be able to share our story? Blessings to you and your family!


    1. I'm sorry April, we're opening it up to those who blog…and as I said, it will have to be a fresh post {anything otherwise will be deleted} and it will have to answer specific questions, which will be available Tuesday evening and it will have to link back to the post. I'm sorry.

  40. Wow Brooke led me over to your blog and I have never seen it before. I am in the process of adopting 2 right now but am not part of your knee crew and we have not told all of our family we are bringing home 2 at once.. so we will not be linking in…. but this is an amazing way to help out others and I am banking this idea in my head for after this adoption it is my goal to figure out a way to help families like myself that are scrapping this out and praying and trusting and Faith leaping our way through this crazy process we call adoption. I am a mom of 4 kiddos (soon to be 6). My hubby is Deaf and I am a sign language interpreter.. our kids all sign. Our 4th child was adopted 20 months ago at the age of 10 1/2 years old(profoundly Deaf) with no language and no education.. He has blessed us more than we ever thought imaginable. So know we are working on bringing home a boy age 9 and Deaf and a girl age 5 and Deaf. We just received LOA for our son and have been in an immense battle for our daughter since June (still not PA.. battling battling battling)and you name the wall or obstacle it has been throw at us.. We have just learned to lean on God and HE helps us to climb higher! we are still battling for our daughter but we know she is our daughter and will not quite until she is home… ALL that rambling to say Thank you for this amazing idea of how to bless others along the way. I am going to be scouring through your blog for probably the next week or so to catch up on all posts!!!

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