The Reminder Call…

The other day I received an automated phone call from Ruby’s neurologist’s office.   It was a call to remind us of her Wednesday appointment.

Okay, got it.

So today I gathered her up and Elijah as a tag-a-long date and headed the 29 miles to the neurologist.  To make a long story short, I found that her appointment was actually NEXT week.  I said, “But they called to remind me….”  “Ya, we’re doing that now about 10 days ahead.”

10 days?


Whatever happened to the reminder call the day or maybe two before?  I guess us Americans need a 10 day reminder and then some of us silver-haired Americans still can’t get it right!  Aye-yi-yi.

I graciously explained that I didn’t even know what day today was, other than Wednesday and that I was so sorry, but could someone see us anyway?  I told them Ruby was doing fantastic neurologically and probably all we needed was about a 5 minute appointment with a little “a-okay”.

I leaned over closer and whispered quietly, “Actually if you are willing, we even just let Ruby see you.”  {Miss Appointment Gal was not even slightly amused.  Probably cause she knew I was only slightly kidding.  But she still could have smiled a tad.  I mean, come on, really, smiles are free and are easier on her facial muscles than the grumpy pants look she gave me.}

Medically speaking Ruby just needed to be given itsy-bitsy stamp of approval so we could get her seizure prescription for the next 6 months.

We were told to wait.  That was a good sign!

I texted Dw and asked him to pray.  I did not want to come back next week and actually, another one of the kids has an appointment next Wednesday in a different part of the city {silver-headed mama didn’t know I had inadvertently double-booked and YES I have a calendar}.

Thankfully, they squeezed Miss Ruby in after a semi-long wait and the doc himself was wonderful {he always is.}  I thanked him for squeezing us in.  He laughingly explained, “The other day I went to see my own doctor and had actually gone on the wrong day too.”

So there you go!  He’s about 15 years younger than me, so I felt comforted, I’m not the only one.

Ruby slept through the uneventful quicky appointment.  So grateful he saw us.

Anyway, I didn’t sleep much last night.  My brain was on over-drive.  Whirling.

So I’m going to head to bed semi-early and tomorrow, Lord willing, I will share the idea for the numerous categories of folks who stop by our Place Called Simplicity, which I shared on Part 4 last week.

Stay tuned.  It’s gonna’ be good.

5 thoughts on “The Reminder Call…

  1. Now that we have Torry who requires a lot of appointments I double book myself all the time too even writing everything on my calendar. The good thing is that Chris owns his own business so it's easy to hang a sign on the door when his wife messes up, lol.

  2. Hey! We did that today too!!! But, no go on getting in today. We'll have to go back next week. Ah well, I certainly can't complain since it was my fault! lol

    1. Well I guess the "Sarah's"and I are in the same boat. I was thankful they let us stay as it's kind of a long way, especially since we are running to appts weekly for one of the three, at least. And it was really funny that the doctor fessed up that he had just done the same thing! Made me laugh!

  3. Ah i had an appointment last week for a regular check up for our youngest, they called me to say they had expected me that day, oops, when she gave me a new appointment she said with a teachervoice "Are you writing that down?!"
    Lol, it's not the writing down it's reading and remembring that seems to fail every now and than.
    So i can relate to this and am happy for you you got an appointment anyway 😉


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