An Honor We Didn’t Expect

A few weeks back one of the staff pastors at our church 
{Phoenix First} came to Dw to ask him something.
Pastor Jeff asked if our family would consider being 
part of the Christmas Eve service.
{There will be thousands of people in attendance!}
They asked us to spend a bit of time talking about our family 
and reading the Christmas story.
I just wanted to throw it out there, in case anyone 
{like Lisa and Leo in Ireland – ha!} 
are looking for a service to ‘attend’…
It is going to be live-streamed here.
{In fact, as I was looking for the link to attach, 
I saw there is a ‘countdown clock’ to when the service begins and my 
stomach did a little flip – 9 hours till it starts –
and that’s a lot of stuff that has to happen between 
this family with the pile of kids getting there!}
And for the record, the littles have been practicing what they are going to say….
but we’ll see what actually comes out!
So very honored at this privilege and as always, praying
that God will use our treasures to turn the hearts of 
many to the orphan crisis. 

15 thoughts on “An Honor We Didn’t Expect

  1. Now 8 hours 15 minutes and 45 seconds… I think that will be awesome… I know the Lord will use it to bring glory to His precious name! Have a super Merry Chirstmas:) Make that 8 hours 13 minutes 50 seconds:):)

  2. OOH I am so happy to be home and in bed on the PC now after family night – I have the link loading… hopefully I'll stay awake lol!

    Thanks for the shout out 😉 we'll never live that down will we 😉


  3. I watched it Linny. So precious and the love poured out of all of you. I wish I could of been sitting right there on the couch with you guys. So thankful for finding your blog and praying together, doing life together even if it is not in the same state. May God bless your Christmas and I know great things are to come for 2013.

    1. So thankful that you were able to join in…it was such a privilege…and people came and loved on Emma after hearing that she was leaving as a missionary to Uganda…Thank you my sweet friend!

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