A Visit of the Funnest Kind

Our little Finn man arrived late Friday for dinner…
and can you believe it?
Our three boys were getting their jammies on and Abi said, 
“Mom, Finn has the EXACT same pair…”
so we gathered them together….
Graham refused to put matching jammies on….
such a party-pooper kind of guy {haha}
Come on Graham- get with the program, will ya?
Such a delight to have them here, even though it was brief…
{They left Sunday morning  – waaaaa}
We packed the fun in…and just hung out, talking, laughing
and the big ones staying up late…

Jaja loves the little Finn man so much….
and clearly Finn loves his Jaja

Nehemiah thinks having a huge family is a blast!

7 thoughts on “A Visit of the Funnest Kind

  1. So glad you got to spend time with you Finn! I'm in California right now with my grandbabies!

    Merry Christas Linny!


    PS. Brock waved to his brother again this week and even leaned out the car window as he drove by and said hi!

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