We Will Never Forget What You Did…

As I mentioned last week, our hearts are connected with the search going on for Dylan Redwine.  We lived in the area for almost 8 years…

There was a post to their Facebook wall the other day and today I was so overcome with emotions…

A link to a worldwide map pinpointing some of the places where people are praying for Dylan {I asked them to add Kampala, Uganda because Emmy is praying there as well!}.

Anyway, just kinda’ wondering ‘out loud’ what heaven must sound like as prayers are being lifted for one young boy from all over the world?

Can we even begin to imagine?

I remember like it was yesterday what that was like when so many of you were praying for our Karl while he lay in the coma in the ICU.   Sitting in that ICU waiting room and watching the live feed of people looking at the Prayer Calendar graciously set up by a bloggy friend Carol, in Texas.

Some hours literally filled with names…all hours – even through the night had names listed.

We cannot ever thank you enough for your contant care, continuous love and unceasing prayers.

On a separate note, my precious son-in-love sent me a text this morning.  It was a video text that he had recorded.

The message attached to the video said, “Watch to the very end.”  It was 55 seconds long.

I will not share what was in the video, but I belly laughed watching that video…and all day long I have giggled thinking about that video.

Then, just as suddenly, I got all teary-eyed when I realized that if God had not moved on Karl’s behalf, we would not have him in our lives.  And there definitely would not have been a video text this morning.  And we would have missed out on blessing after blessing after blessing.  Karl is a pleasure to know and a delight to have as a son-in-love.

So from my heart, thank you to all who knelt before the throne for Karl.
Our prayers were answered big time.

We will never forget God’s goodness to us and each of you who fervently prayed {and I know many of you fasted as well!}.

Thank you, all over again, from the bottom of our hearts.  

If you are new to our Place Called Simplicity, Karl’s story was told in 3 parts.  It is a powerful and riveting example of God’s unbelievable orchestration of events behind the scenes to rescue one young man, loved by many, from the brink of death.  Reminding all who have heard the story, that God is a God of miracles are He is, indeed, very much involved in our lives today!

Our Holy Ground Prelude  
Our Holy Ground Part 1
Our Holy Ground Part 2
Our Holy Ground Part 3

“The Lord your God is with you, He is mighty to save, He will take great delight in you, He will quiet you with His love, He will rejoice over you with singing.”   
Zephaniah 3:17

8 thoughts on “We Will Never Forget What You Did…

  1. Every time I see Karl and Autumn's smiling faces I think back to that time, and it makes me smile so big to think of all that God has done to bring them to where they are today. How great is our God? Sending love to you xoxo

  2. Such a lovely tribute to an amazing young man. We count it a blessing to have come to know Karl, his family and his awesome wife's family as well.

    Love to all!
    Sarah & Mike

  3. It became such a routine to pray for Karl that my kids, especially my 4 year old, continually pray for Karl still today. So sweet to hear them. I agree with lizzielou.

    Tamara Michel

    1. Tamara,
      Please thank your treasures for their continued prayers for Karl…he continues to heal…and we will never grow tired of telling the story of Almighty God's miraculous intervention that sunny July Sunday on rural route 160 outside Bayfield, Colorado…Jehovah Rapha reigns!! Love to each of you…and maybe one day we will hug your necks and thank you in person!

  4. Oh us too. My little ones prayed and continue to pray for him. It was surely such a horrible time, yet it was so amazing to be linked up with faith filled prayer warriors all pounding the throne of grace. I have such joy remembering all that He did and continues to do in their lives and in all of our lives. Praise the Lord for these memories that glorify Him.

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