Many of you have wondered what family life at our home is like on a day to day basis…here’s a little of an average Saturday with our large family….

This morning the boys stayed home {they cringe at the thought of yard sales, hanging with big brother is way more fun} with Graham while Dw chauffeured us around running errands, getting the veggies at Market On the Move and spending a fair amount of time at a Used Kids clothing sale while we sifted through an enormous amount of kids stuff {found just the clothes that I was looking for and everything was 1/2 off today!  Yippee Jesus!}

Since I was on the phone with a friend for a few minutes, Dw was able to walk over with the girls to get the vegetables…Dw told me later that Elizabeth saw the crates and said, “Dad!  Look!  Ga-zoo-nee!  Ga-zoo-nee! Mom can make ga-zoo-nee bread for us.”   I giggled when Dw told me.   Yes, indeed, plenty of ga-zoo-nee {zucchini} for bread {and spaghetti sauce}.

While we were gone, Graham and the boys made a little car that is powered by the sun.  It is pretty stinkin’ cool.  If we set it in the sun, the wheels turn like a lunatic gerbil on a wheel.

When we returned home Liberty made lunch, I sorted the new-to-us-clothes and started the wash going…while the kids folded and put away a few loads of laundry.

We were able to Face Time with Emma for a bit, which was super special.  We talked to Autumn who had just worked her first all nighter on her new job as a CNA and I texted with Abi about her adventures as a new nursing mom.

After lunch the Liberty, Eizabeth and Jubilee had a tea party while Nehemiah, Isaiah and Elijah swam in the pool.

The vegetables today at Market on the Move were exceptional.  I’ve been dehydrating tomatoes with sea salt and basil sprinkled on them over the last several weeks…..totally yum.

Anyone else dehydrate stuff?  I’m always up for some new recipes…any ideas?

Lastly this week-end we are rearranging some of the house.  We have decided to move the homeschooling from the dining room to the loft….which we think will work much better for our family.   Kind of excited about it actually.   I have been doing the homeschooling in the dining room, but admittedly it looks like a cyclone at least 90% of the time and since that’s the first thing one sees when they open our front door – so not pretty.   Now we can confine the mountains of educational creativity to upstairs.  Sweet relief to all our eyes, I mean, how wonderful and perfect is that?

Speaking of homeschooling, I think I am about to finish up my 25th year.  I just did the math and figured out that I only have 12 more years to go till Elijah Mueller graduates and that means I’ll have put in 37 years.  That’s almost around the corner.  Ha!  And let’s see, I’ll be 66 when I finish as it looks now.  Wait!  66?  Seriously?  No way.  Impossible.  I must have added wrong.

Okay, so Math might not be my strong point, but anyway ya’ spell it, I’ll be 66 when Elijah Mueller graduates.  That 66 thing makes me actually want to vomit – so let’s move along and think happy thoughts….

Happy thoughts include the fact that I’m leaving for Uganda on Wednesday – 4 days and counting.  Liberty’s going with me and a team of some of the sweetest ladies on earth and I will get to hug that precious missionary daughter of ours.

Happy thoughts indeed!

32 thoughts on “Ga-Zoo-Nee

  1. Ummm Linny, I'm not sure 66 will be the end. I mean, if your kids are like mine they've already decided that we will have adopted again by the time they are gone. Who knows what God has in store 🙂

    Excited for your upcoming travels.


  2. I am always trying to keep up with our homeschooling mess, I mean curriculum items. It is a full-time job sometimes!

    Kevin and I had a sweet three days away while we attended the homeschooling convention in Cincinnati. I loved being there with my sweet husband, getting his input on our children's schooling. Very nice getaway. Ted kept his siblings for three whole days! They had a blast! We did, too!! 🙂

    janet and gang

    1. You will not notice when you reach 66 years old as 54 years is no different to 66 years because I will be 66 this year :D. Will pray for your safely journey.

    1. They are awesome. I just didn't mention them because we didn't talk to them during the day…he is about to head over "there" for his 7th dep and they are expecting their 2nd, due early fall. They don't want any attention due to what he does, but I highly unlikely they would see anything in the comments. Ha!! xo

  3. Ok, how are you dehydrating the tomatoes? In a dehydrator? That just sounds totally yum. My dining room looks like a paperwork explosion too… I tell people "Its because we live here." 😀

    1. paperwork explosion? Made me laugh. My favorite is when the paper hole punch dumps and they tear out pages from a spiral notebook and take the nasty little edges off. And they end up with the hole punches everywhere. My true favorite. ugh.

    2. I keep reminding myself (unsuccessfully) that I need to get another 3 hole punch for all of this adoption paperwork and the kids' school papers… now you have reminded me why I got rid of it in the first place lol!

  4. Oh how exciting..wish I could be on that trip. I love to dehydrate veggies, I just don't
    have a dehydrator right now. Which one do you have? I make crispy kale chips in my oven and season them different ways. My kids gobble them up. Healthy eating is one of my passions and I have a few with allergies so let me know if you need some ideas. Also I sent you an email do not know if you got it, I really need to get something to you and your family.

    1. I did try calling you and will attempt to try tonight as well. The problem is that when I get everyone tucked in, literally, in the blink of an eye, if I sit {to give Ruby her last bottle} I fall instantly asleep. Not kidding. But I appreciate it and I will call tonight, if possible.

      I have a Nesco American Harvest dehydrator. Love it. Praying I can find more trays for it. I have four. But a bunch more would save time!

  5. One of my favorites is "ga-zoo-nee" lasagna, where you use zucchini in the place of the noodles. I was a little skeptical when I first heard about it, but I honestly could not tell that the noodles were missing and zucchini was there instead. So yummy! I can't find the recipe that I used at the moment, but just search online and you're sure to find a recipe you like.

    God bless your trip and time with Emma!!! And God bless Dw and Graham as they are home with all the littles!

  6. Dehydrated beets slices with olive oil and sea salt are wonderful, as well as dehydrated green beans with sea salt. You can also do strawberry slices. Yummy. =) Praying for you as you go…

    1. Thanks, I look forward to it!

      I checked Amazon to see if they carried extra trays for the Nesco American Harvest dehydrator and I think they do. They have a couple different model numbers so you would have to check to make sure. If they do, I would love to send you an Amazon gift card to buy some. Just a little act of kindness to bless your beautiful family. The gift card could be emailed to you or sent in the mail (your choice).

      Prayers for a wonderful trip to Uganda!

      Amy Patzer

    2. Wow Amy. Seriously? That would be an amazing blessing. Thank you. I would love it!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Makes my face and my heart smile. May God bless you abundantly for your generosity. Either way works wonderfully. You choose.

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