Can’t Help Myself

Yes, yes, I know, it’s not the first of the month.  I just can’t help myself.

But I just feel the need to share a story today.

It’s a simple story, but so pertinent to every day life for every one of us.

Because I’m convinced that many people today feel that they can only come to God with big things.

Almost like He just doesn’t have time for anything but big stuff.

This could not be further from the truth.

His word says this:

“Cast all your anxiety on Him 
He cares for you.”
I Peter 5:7 niv

When His word says the word “ALL”, which last we all knew “all” means “all”.

Think about it.

If you told your children to empty all the stuff out of their suitcase after a trip,
you would not mean take one sweatshirt out and consider it done.


When you mentioned the word “all” you were meaning, “all”.

The same goes for God.

When He says “ALL”, He means “ALL”.

He and that includes every itty-bitty need, as well as the great big stuff.

So it was on the Saturday before Mother’s Day.   I had purchased some things for Liberty’s birthday, but did not have any gift bags to put her presents in.

Truly, not a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but to this mama, I just really wanted some gift bags for fun.  Yes, grocery bags would have worked, but it’s just not as pretty as fun.

Autumn and Karl were visiting and Liberty, who could choose whatever she wanted to do for her birthday had plotted with Autumn that some of us would go to a few yard sales.

I whispered to the Lord, “It would be really sweet of you to provide some gift bags while we are at yard sales.”

So those up for it, Dw, Ruby, Savannah, Karl, Autumn, Liberty, Elizabeth and I, loaded into the car.  We went to one yard sale and it turned out it was a fundraiser for two girls going to minister this summer in Africa.  Pretty cool.

We went to a couple of others and were heading home.  There was a sign right near our home.  It was close to noon.  We thought, “Awwww, why not?”  We pulled up and jumped out.   We inquired about a few things and as we turned to leave, what was on a blanket kind of near the van?

You guessed it, a bag of awfully pretty gift bags.

I was giddy.

Yes, giddy.

I said, “Hey, how much is the bag of gift bags?”

The kind man of the house said,

“Awww, those?  You can have them for free!”


For free?

I exclaimed,
“I was praying this morning for some gift bags, this is awesome! Thank you!”

He went over to the garage and got a little bunch of tissue paper and brought it to me,
“Here take this with it.”  Do you see that bunch of pretty tissue paper?

Now, some might say, “What a coincidence!”

And I answer,

“Ummm, not a stinkin’ chance!  
God hears.  
He answers.  
He gets all the credit!”

So what’s the bottom line?

God wants to be involved in our lives 
about every.single.thing….whether itty-bitty or huge.

He wants us to bring every concern to Him.

The gift bags?

They were just a itty-bitty bit of a ‘concern’ to me, yet I whispered it to Him.

Ya’ know why?

Because He said to
Cast All Our Cares on Him, Because He Cares for Us.

And when I mentioned it to Him…..
He was on it.


Just Cause He loves.

He loves you and He loves me.

And ya’ know what the amazingly cool thing is?

He not only will do the same for you, but He wants to!

Whatever the need.

Whatever the concern.

Whatever the problem.

There is nothing too small for Him to want to hear from you, or me.


39 thoughts on “Can’t Help Myself

  1. Love that story! Thank you for sharing these stories, little and big, that remind us He sees us and loves us, and He is our Father.

    Last fall our adoption counselor told us we needed an old-fashioned "sit and spin" for our children's sensory issues, and we were unemployed and thinking about how to come up with this vintage item. Then I prayed and asked God to provide us one, and I set out on a tour of three sales, and there it was, at the second garage sale. Coincidence? I don't think so! God is aware when the little sparrow falls, and He is aware when little children need a particular tool, vintage or not, to help them develop their sensory skills. 🙂 I was so thankful for His kindness in such a small matter!

    1. Awww Sleepyknitter, what a wonderful story. God has our back – always! And a Sit-n-Spin was needed, and He provided. He is so faithful. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Those bags have left me smiling this week. It was such a cool surprise. Not a necessity. But come on, sooo pretty and FREE! It just doesn't get any better than that!

  2. I've followed your family's story and now your Em's story for a long while now. I lurk 🙂 and pray and praise God with you all often. I went to Em's blog and saw it was block for invited guests only. If I can't be invited- can you share with us how the baby news is working out? I've had her in my thoughts lately.

  3. This happens to me quite often too, and I do believe that I should share it when it does happen, to make people aware of just how He is ALWAYS there! I was going to the store alone at night and while that's not something I typically do, and while I was a bit nervous to walk through the dark parking lot by myself, I just said a quick prayer that the Lord would help me to find a close parking spot. After not even circling through the whole lot, wouldn't you know, there was a car backing out of the very first parking spot next to the door, under a light, which meant a perfect parking spot that only GOD could have given to me!! Praise Him for those little things!!

    1. No doubt, He was working on your behalf. I really believe that when we acknowledge it was all Him, that He delights in that so much and moves even more! Maybe I'm wrong, but it seems it to me. I love it. xo

  4. Sounds kind of like my story from this time last year when I was trying to put together the slide show for our kindergarteners (I work at a school). I was having problems with my photo editor not always wanting to save my edits. There were 17 kids and I wanted each of their pictures to have a white faded vignette around the side but was worried my photo editor wouldn't do all of them. So I prayed and guess what? Okay I know you don't have to guess, but I didn't have a single problem with any of the pictures I edited. Coincidence? Not a chance.

  5. Yes, so true. sometimes, the small things like this one are making even a bigger impact since it shows how much God cares for us even in the details of our lives. I had almost the same story recently with dishes. We always have tones of people over and with young children a lot of dishes gets broken. My father in law notice how we have mismatched plates and I considered the thought of buying new ones. But I thought how irrelevant to have fancy dishes when we have the privilege of eating everyday. The money could be better used… and it was a way for me to choose to live simply. Well, the next week God sent me a box of brand new dishes, the color I wanted!!! He is so great!!!

    1. Maude!! I love that God sent you brand new dishes in the color you wanted. He gets all the credit and is glorified everytime you look at one of your plates and remember. Faithful, faithful, God!

  6. My four year old was sad the other day. I comforted him with hugs and kisses and a listening hear. He was still sad. So we started counting our blessings. He was still sad. So we prayed about the thing heavy on his heart and asked Jesus to provide. My little guy wasn't so sure Jesus was up for the task (it does seem big and impossible, but that's what He does best), so I started telling him our Ebenezer stories where God had provided specifically and in a special way. He kept asking for more stories. As I searched my memory for story after story, it was really special to see what happened in my own heart as God reminded me of His faithfulness in big, little, and miniscule things.

  7. Thank you so much, Linny, for sharing these words of encouragement. They truly ministered to my heart today and reminding me that He wants to know our concerns and truly cares.
    Much love and blessings to you and your family!

  8. Another one over here that loves to read your MBM stories (an extra bonus for a random one!). Such a good reminder to give Him the details to work out and listen for His response. Just this morning I read His Word that I know was meant for me. Thanks for sharing your story!

    1. I am grateful to hear that you love MBM stories. So do I get a hot fudge sundae for a random one? Like what's the bonus "incentive". Haha. Just kidding. Of course the Word this morning was His whispering – He loves you OH SO MUCH!! xo

  9. Wow thank you so much for being such an daily inspiration, this road is a hard one and some times we need to be reminded of things. 🙂 Thanks again! ~hugs~

  10. Linny,
    Just reading this…we have a saying in our house… "God cares about Work Pants"
    One day, I needed new work pants…I am not about to buy these new, because they just get destroyed…anyway…I went to Value Village with my younger two…and I have NO IDEA WHY, but I told the children we were going to pray for them and ask God to provide…My youngest, said, God doesn't care about work pants…and I said, Oh yes He does…So I prayed He would help us find work pants at a good price and quickly, because I did not have much time…In and Out was 10 minutes…and I got two pair for under $12…That little man got a HUGE lesson in the character of God…He loves us, He cares for us, Nothing is too small to bring before Him…He provides for His children…He cares about Work pants and gift bags!

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