Two weeks ago I shared a “yukky” story
about a little orphan boy whose finger was eaten by a rat as he slept
in his orphanage home.
I asked for help to build a dorm for these little treasures….
a dorm that would be safe from rats and rodents
and even slithery things.
A generous donor had come forward to offer a matching grant for
each gift donated.  
You crazy orphan-caring friends of mine
when I saw your response – I gasped!!
From around the world the donations came…
and today I am happy to share a picture 
 straight from the mission field…
Look at how the dorm looks…
it’s cruising right along….
The building goes on and we will continue to update.
Faithful God –
Using ordinary, orphan-lovin’ people
to minister hope and life to 
treasures who desperately need it.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.  
You guys are amazing
and I love your hearts!

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