“Is She MY Friend?”

 Something miraculous happened last week.  
It was so beautiful that I cannot stop tearing up and giggling 
all at the same time.
When we say, “Yes” to the Lord,
we open up the doors of heaven and 
have a front row seat, 
watching His spectacular plans unfold.
there is absolutely no doubt that
His miraculous ways are beyond breathtaking.
To those new to our Place Called Simplicity,
every bit of Ruby’s story is miraculous.
Her survival was miraculous.
Her rescue was miraculous.
Her growth is miraculous.
Her smile is miraculous.
When she lifts her head it’s miraculous.
Her giggle is miraculous.
Her joy is miraculous.
Her eating is miraculous.
Her rolling over is miraculous.
Her signing is miraculous.
Her seeing is miraculous.
Her responding to us is miraculous.
And last week, we had a new first:
Ruby asked me a question 
{which she has done on a few occasions}
then after I answered,
she responded.

Ruby and I had teeny weenie conversation.
I’m still giddy.
Here’s how it unfolded.
Mark and Lisa 
{missionaries to Kenya and dear friends}
had returned with their treasures for a rest 
after serving on the mission field for a year.
They landed in Phoenix and ‘debriefed’
 {stayed with us – we had a blast}
 for several days.
We love this precious family.
Lisa is Karl’s aunt and 
together Lisa and I set Karl and Autumn up on their blind date. 
Anyway, Lisa and I were hanging out one day, 
{with my camera and thankfully I was able to catch most of it}
 when suddenly I remembered that Ruby had recently learned to 
“Give us five”.
We are really excited about this very 
astounding accomplishment.
There were medical professionals who said 
Ruby would never do anything!
So on that note, 
Lisa put her hand on Ruby’s stander and said,

“Ruby can you give me five?”
To which Ruby balled up her fist,
and turned completely away from Lisa
and did the sign for “I’m thirsty”,
which usually means,
“Don’t bug me, I’d rather have a drink,
I’m not interested.”
I laughed and said, 
“Awww come on Ruby!
Can’t you give Aunt Lisa five!”
Ruby paused for a second and
turned her face back toward Lisa,
but pulled her balled fist even tighter to her body…
Then suddenly Ruby signed, 
My eyes almost popped out of my head.
What Ruby was asking was,
“Is Aunt Lisa MY friend?”
In disbelief that this little conversation was
unfolding, I answered, 
“Yes, Ruby, Aunt Lisa is your friend.
Remember I told you yesterday that 
she is your friend?”

Immediately Ruby opened up her hand
and gave Aunt Lisa five. 
And then Ruby grinned from ear to ear,
clearly pleased with our little conversation.
And when
medical professionals said Ruby 
would never do anything…
our miracle-working,
gasp-giving God said, 

“Now Watch This!”

56 thoughts on ““Is She MY Friend?”

  1. Wow… Wow… Wow… God is amazing and so is Miss Ruby! What a blessing it was to have your camera ready! We just LOVE hearing about Ruby and all seeing all these miracles. Wow… πŸ™‚

  2. Wow. I have no words for how awesome that is. God is so good! I love love love reading about what He's doing in Ruby's life. And I'm so glad He orchestrated all this while you "happened" to have your camera handy. There certainly are no coincidences with God!

  3. Tears in my eyes. God is so good.

    On a side note, I think you should know that in our house Ruby Grace is the star of your family. My boys were watching some of Graham's You Tube videos with me the other day, but to them Graham is "Ruby's big brother". If I bring up Emma who lives in Uganda, they have to clarify if I'm talking about "Ruby Grace's big sister." πŸ™‚

  4. Okay…..tears…….sobs…….and praise!!! Wonderful wonderful…w.o.n.d.e.r.f.u.l. Joel and I are doing a happy dance…Joel says~~~ "GO Ruby!" Amen!

  5. Tears of joy and goose bumps all over! LOVE THAT RUBY GIRL!!! THANK YOU for sharing Ruby and her miracle with all of us, I sit in awe every time I read your postings about her. She is a special girl and totally put in your arms for a purpose and each day we all see a little piece of her purpose. THANK YOU!

  6. Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh! I love, Love, LOVE these Ruby testimonies!!! We serve such a faithful God who doesn't see labels and limitations and diagnoses… all He knows is His power and love is ever reaching!

  7. Ruby Grace, You are such a joy to watch grow!
    Linny, How wonderful not only that she displayed her own feelings (balling up her fist and turning away), but she told you why with her question. Every little bit is so awesome to see . . . because we know what Ruby has been through. Praising God for this little miracle you have the blessing to call your daughter. I love all that Ruby-personality shining through. Makes me want to squish her and give her kisses! >*<

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