Finally the Baby Boy Arrives

Finally, finally, finally.

The day we’ve waited and waited for.

Last night, after a six hour delay
their plane arrived.
Mimi and Jaja and all the kids got to meet
Stone Wolfer
our newest grandtreasure 
for the very first time…

Today has been filled with laughter

and baby boy snuggles

and sponge water bombs

 a torrential rain storm that was begging to be played 
and splashed in…

and of course loving on Ruby

who thought Stone Wolfer ought to keep his sweet 
little baby boy fingees to his sweet little baby boy self.
Stone kept trying to pull her bow off!
She did not think it was nearly as cute as we all did.
Her facial expression says it all:
“Okay, great photo op Mommy,
he’s precious if you say so. 
Now can you move that kid to the floor,
s’il vous plait.”

Karl and Autumn will be here in about three hours…
and the days will, 
no doubt,
go way too fast
for this Mommy’s heart. 

14 thoughts on “Finally the Baby Boy Arrives

  1. Enjoy your time with your grandbabies 🙂 It looks like everybody is having a great time! If it's okay to ask, is Ruby wearing a "pressure" onesie? We are looking at getting one for our youngest son to help him with his sensory processing difficulties. His OT brought one out that she had the last time she was here, but it was an extra-small, and he hasn't been extra-small since before he was born :p

  2. Love these pictures, ohw what a joy to your hearts it must be to finally meet this little Mr. Handsome in person! Enjoy enjoy your time yogether!
    Love from across the ocean.

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