It *Always* Has to Go Back to That

I had another blog post started today, but felt that there was someone out there in bloggy land who needed to read this instead.

It’s fresh.

It’s raw.

But I’m sharing it – anyway.


The other day I realized something that made me stop
dead in my tracks.  

I would love to tell you it was one of those “yippee” moments…
but no, it was a “stop-dead-in-your-tracks-cause-you-just-realized-something-that-was-so-obvious-
kind of stop.”   


I hate those kind of moments.

I’m guessing I’m not alone either.

When the ‘reality’ you’ve been living in, is not really reality at all.

The pit of your stomach suddenly lands in your throat.

And after a few moments of staring into space with my mind reeling,
 I thought,  
“How could I have been so oblivious and missed that?”

Thoughts swim together, but floating most near the surface frequently is this:  “What should my response be?”

I’m human.

Just like you.

And a few thoughts whirled through my head:

“Okay.  Fine.  Then I’ll just….”  

and then I thought…

“That’s it…I’m done trying….”

And about that time I look up from the dishes I’m doing and see this:

Which my precious friend Megan made me 

and right then and there 

I read it 


and over

and over

and over

and realize there is only one thing to do.

Forgive them anyway.

Be kind anyway.

Be honest and sincere anyway.

Be happy anyway.

Do good anyway.

Case in the final analysis, it is between me and God.

It was never between me and ____ anyway.  

And peace floods my soul.

It’s okay.  

He’s got my back.

He will be honored. 

No matter what.

And I will rest in His favor when I do the right thing.

23 thoughts on “It *Always* Has to Go Back to That

  1. I could claim this as for me…the next thing the hubby who left came over and
    said that I was lying…NO, I did not lie, but in his mind now I am lying….So I
    whined to God again and said that I know that HE can change everything and make our
    family whole again, right? Then I felt better as I really do believe God and HIS promise
    to me about healing our family….So, I do have to forgive…Do you know how hard this
    for me after two yrs. of verbal abuse of the hubby of 31 yrs. gave me before he left to be
    happy…Oh, yes hard, but I do it everyday and I am kind to him and I think he hates it…BUT GOD!!!
    Thanks for letting me give my thoughts on your blog space….And thanks for loving me even
    tho we have never met…..
    Love from NC

  2. On many days, at least one of those statements is a tall order to fill. But definitely worth contemplating and striving for.

    I have a plaque with those same words (somewhere). I need to get it put up again. Thanks for sharing. Again. You truly are an inspiration.

  3. Linny, I think you wrote that blog post for me. These past few weeks I have been dealing with exactly this from your above post! (stop-dead-in-your-tracks-cause-you-just-realized-something-that-was-so-obvious-but-yet-you-were-choosing-to-believe-the-best-and-actually-just-might-have-been-kind-of-living-in-la-la-land) And really I have not been able to get it out of my head. I keep thinking about it against my will. It had to do with a "friend", who I realized was not a friend at all and I can't believe I was so blinded. I was living in la la land! Thanks for this post and reminding me that its between me and God!

    1. Betrayal in friendship is so stinkin' painful. I'm so sorry. I have been betrayed by "best friends" on several occasions. In our human frailty, I tend to want to withdraw and sink in…but there are some friendships I would have missed out on had I done that. As you know – Love wins. Every.single.time. xo

  4. I'm thankful for the way you relay what He teaches you, often without even mentioning what is going on, and yet it connects to each of us and our needs as we read and are reminded of Christ's work in each of us, fixing our eyes back on the perfecter of our faith. Beautifully written.
    Nothing beats forgiveness. Nothing competes with forgiveness. Nothing molds us like forgiveness. If our goal is the sanctification Christ desires for us to be more like Him, we must surrender self, entirely, and recognize that no matter what I forgive, it's minimal compared to His forgiveness of me on the cross.

  5. Tell Miss Megan that we ALL want to be her friend…oh my, I LOVE LOVE LOVE that! I would love to have one…does she want to "go into business"? 🙂 I would be happy to be her first paying customer! Honest!

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