Nehemiah Did It!

Dw called me the other day and asked if we could Skype.
We had some of our Ugandan sons here for dinner, as well
as, the team still here.
I went into the other room to Skype…
but Dw said, 
“No!  Put the computer where everyone can hear.”
So I took my laptop back to the kitchen table
and with everyone gathered around
Dw brought Nehemiah to the camera
on Skype.
Nehemiah then told us his very, very joyous news – 
he had asked Jesus to be his Savior.
What a joyful celebration on both 
sides of the globe!! 

We have been praying as a family
for over a year
for him to understand  God’s 
unfathomable love for him…
and to give his own life back to Him.

The ultimate story of adoption.

Adopted once into our family.
Adopted again into God’s family.

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