Don’t Wait

I had a horrible dream the other night about one 
of our treasures.  It was long and involved and just 
wouldn’t end.  Well actually it would be totally
classified as a nightmare.
I don’t usually remember my dreams at all, 
however, this one was the kind that wakes you 
up and days later you still can’t shake it.

And for that reason I am holding and hugging and 
snuggling with each of those at home more.  

Everything can wait.   

Hold your treasures.  Forget all the “stuff”.

Slow down.


Hold them. Call your big ones and tell them how 
proud you are of them and how much you love them.  

Don’t wait.

4 thoughts on “Don’t Wait

  1. This is post is so very timely, as your posts often are. I feel like my world has been turned upside down, and thought it really hasn't, and I know that I do have it much easier than a lot do, I am still horribly overwhelmed and just struggling. I find myself just going through the day just saying "Oh, Lord, Father, what do I do?" and at night I fall asleep, repeating "Lord, please Lord help me…" because I just have reached a place where I am just so over my head that I just can't anymore, but I must. *sigh* But, I do need to take time and just drink my kids in so to speak, as they really are great kids, and really be with them, not just in the same space as they are, but be with them and spend time with them. Thanks for sharing, your blog is such a blessing to me, more than you will likely ever know 🙂

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