The Wee Hour Call…

I woke in the wee hours this morning to the sound 
of my cell ringing beside me.  
Caller ID said was Dw’s African number.
Attempting to shake my groggy stupor
and orient myself, I immediately questioned,
“Is everything okay?”
It was Dw’s voice that I heard
on the other end of the line,
“I’m so sorry babe to wake you,
but we’re at the feeding program…
{The program that International Voice of the Orphan sponsors.}
my mind was racing…
Dw continued, 
“Jeremiah {not his real name} is here.  
He wants to talk to you.
I keep telling him you’re sleeping,
but he has asked over and over for me to call you,
and now he has begun questioning, 
‘Why are you not allowing me to talk to Mama Linny?’
I can’t put him off any longer.
I’m so sorry to wake you,
but would you talk to Jeremiah now?”
A sweet street boy.
He calls me Mama Linny.
I am the closest thing to a Mama that he has
and he knows I love him.
Dw said when he handed the phone to him
he smiled from ear to ear and leaned into Dw’s
chest to drown out the noise and 
hear my voice better. 
I told him how much I missed him.
He asked when I was coming again?
I told him, “March”.
He questioned, “Why not February?”
I told him I loved him.
He said, “Me too.”
Sometimes he acts like a tough guy,
but underneath are years of pain and rejection
masked often by an 
“I don’t need you”
Only a little boy at heart.
Life has not been “fair”.
And for two minutes this morning
I got to remind him that
this Mama in America loves him.
Wake me up any time sweet little boy.
Your Mama Linny counts it a privilege to know
you love me
and know you miss me.
I miss you too.
Sweet friends,
what else matters?
{White salve to help with his chicken pox.}
Living simply to please Jesus
while simply loving one another…

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