That Awkward Moment

Recently Ruby and I spent some time 
in a waiting room with a bunch of other moms.
It was not a place we had been before
and the group was made up almost all young women 
and their babies.
I smiled to myself when we entered and
 saw them all 
sitting holding their little ones
{and feeling a bit out of place I sat
down with Ruby and started to wait}.
There was one woman who looked to be
close to my age.  
The second our eyes met she spoke up, 
“I’m nannying her.” 
It made me smile.
My best guess is that she felt out of place
in that room full of young moms too.
And I’m guessing she sure didn’t think
I was the mommy of Ruby,
but likely nannying as well.
I smiled back to the Nanny-lady, 
“Oh how nice.”
The group turned out to be a bunch of very sweet 
ladies who were taking the opportunity to 
make some new friends as we all sat together.
  I loved it!
I was enjoying listening to 
their lively conversation going back and forth 
when the woman sitting on the opposite 
side of the room asked me if Ruby had
I thought it was pretty cool that she obviously
knew what Hydrocephalus was,
and was curious enough to ask. 
And then her next question made me giggle…
“Are you her grandmother?”
I burst out laughing…
and then the awkward moment arrived
when I could not stop giggling.
I laughed straight 
for probably an entire minute. 
And you know how it is 
when it’s really not as funny as 
your uncontrollable giggling seems to be indicating?
To this moment, I am still grinning and giggling.
I’m not sure why, but it just strikes me so funny.
I have tried to figure why it struck me 
so comically
and I’m guessing it
has something to do with always
dreaming of being old and still having little
And here I am, 
soon to be a Mimi for the 7th time
someone is asking if 
this little 3 year old princess is my granddaughter.
Ruby and I thoroughly enjoyed sharing 
with that young mom 
{in between my giggles}
and the others that I was
Ruby’s mommy.
Poor thing. 
That young woman was so embarrassed 
and apologized profusely.
I assured her I didn’t mind the question at all…
and I just kept giggling.
I finally got a grip and 
we went on and had a great conversation
and I showed them Ruby’s first pictures
and some brimmed with tears…
and I was able to share 
about adoption and the orphans
and the crazy joy, wild fun and utter delight 
there is in being a silver-haired mommy…
And Ruby loved meeting new friends…
and reminding them that God 
still works miracles – 
she is living proof!

A merry heart does good like a medicine.
Proverbs 17:22

4 thoughts on “That Awkward Moment

  1. I'm a silver haired mommy of a sweet boy rescued from a mental institute in EE. I love that you are happy being silver haired because I am too and it is nice to not feel so alone!!

  2. I think your giggle was the lovely sound of walls breaking. Breaking down misconceptions and boxes we put ourselves and God in. I am sure these women are forever touched and changed. May God continue to put you in these places to bring the truth of His words and promises. Ruby is going places and I am so excited to be watching and praying for what He will do through her.

  3. hahahah, I am 40 and have been asked that one time so far…more to come for sure, lol! I emailed you but wanted to make sure that I commented also. I am in suspense to hear what curricula you have switched to (the woot post). My email is


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