A Powerful True Love Story

Every now and then there is a story that just screams,
“The world needs to see this!”

{Flower picture from my own backyard this afternoon – I love living in Phoenix}

At the same time, it so happens that this month is National Brain Injury Awareness
month and what a perfect day in the most appropriate month to share this
heartbreakingly yet tender and beautiful story.

Of course, many, many, many of you remember Karl’s accident well.  So many of
you were with us every step of the way…praying, fasting and praying some more.
{We cannot ever thank you enough!}  We are so grateful for Almighty God’s work in Karl
and Autumn’s life through the powerful prayers of God’s people.

Since Karl’s TBI we are very cognizant of just how drastically life changes
after a loved one suffers a TBI.  Only the grace of God can carry all involved through.

And for the record, I’ve now watched this story several times this morning and 
each time I’ve cried big ol’ crocodile tears – only Faithful God.  

If you have 3 minutes you will, no doubt, be moved by the sweet love shared by this precious couple.    The video was originally made to raise money for their wedding.  They surpassed their goal by $7,000!!

There is also a short article about Larry and Kelcie here.

3 thoughts on “A Powerful True Love Story

  1. God knew what He was doing when He brought these 2 young people togther. I am so excited for them as well as another couple Ian and his wife who are walking this long road with TBI and Jesus.

  2. Well before I pushed play, I thought I would be tough and not cry….NOT!!! Oh my word I bawled like a baby. Stories like this one just refreshes my soul and restores my faith in the goodness of others. We all should love with such abandon. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Our story was so similar. It's been almost 20 years since that awful day. I'm so thankful that Jesus healed my husband. The doctors didn't give much hope at all, but today my husband is doing great! Jesus still performs miracles today!


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