“He Just Busy?”

A couple of months ago, as Nehemiah lay on the couch, terribly sick,
I laid my hand on his forehead and began to pray with passion.

He’d heard me praying off and on over the hours since he had first got sick,
however, this time when I finished he weakly questioned,

“Why God not do it?” 

Nehemiah’s sweet bit-broken English still lingers and
I love hearing his tender voice.

No doubt, moms hate seeing their treasures sick, but somehow when
that particular child has already had to endure years of trauma,
there are no words for what all that does to this mama’s heart.

Nehemiah’s long journey home was a painful one and I just cannot
begin to express how thankful I am that he is home forever.
He is an integral part of our family and we couldn’t imagine our lives without him.

And so it was that Nehemiah had been so sick, dozing off and on…
that when he questioned, “Why God not do it?”  I stopped suddenly.

This guy of ours was doing some serious thinking!

But his next question was even more powerful:

“He just busy?”

I sat down and began to tenderly share a few of the the truths of
God’s word with our little guy.

Truths that never change!

And friends, this is the ultimate joy of adoption…sharing the life-changing
truths of our powerful and mighty tender-loving God.

I was so very thankful that our son was able to verbalize what
he had been wondering.  How often we adults keep these
thoughts to ourselves!

So why doesn’t God answer immediately?

Well sometimes actually, He does!!

But, of course, we all know He doesn’t always.

Sometimes His answer is, “not yet” or “wait” and actually sometimes
His answer is a gentle, “No.”

But here’s some of what I mentioned to our Nehemiah Judson.

God is not busy.
He hears every single word we whisper.
He actually even sees and hears our thoughts.
He cares.  
He’s moving.
He is faithful.
He has our best in store for us, even though we
live in a very broken and sinful world. 
He loves us every moment of every single day.
No matter what.
He is never, ever, ever too busy for us.

And so while we wait we have expectant hope –
the kind of hope that says,

“Thank you for bringing the answer – I praise you
that you are working even when I can’t see it.”

When we remember what we have seen God do in the past,
we are confidant that He will answer again.

And that He is working on our behalf, whether it seems like He is or not.

Today, what answer are you waiting for friend?

Be reminded – God’s moving on your behalf!

Even when you have been waiting a long time – when it is His timing –
the answer will come quickly – sometimes so quickly it will make heads spin!

In the meantime we must wait with expectancy – filled with faith and hope!

Remember when Paul and Silas were in jail?  They had been attacked by the crowd,
beaten and tossed into jail.

No doubt, they didn’t deserve to be there, yet God was working…
and while they waited they opted to sing praises to the Lord.

How often we feel that our ‘lot’ is unjust and we belly-ache and complain?

Yet, Paul and Silas chose to praise the King of Kings in spite of the circumstances and
suddenly, just about midnight, there was an earthquake of trembling and their chains


Can’t help but wonder if their praising Him in the midst of the prison 
sped the quake of release?

With Mr. Nehemiah that day, we began to praise and sing….
and suddenly the rest is history…
Sweet friends, whatever your circumstance – 
God is definitely NOT busy…
Praise Him and expectantly trust that He is working…
because SUDDENLY His answer will come!

9 thoughts on ““He Just Busy?”

  1. After waiting for so many years for a family and most of all a Mom and Dad perhaps Gods answer is rest dear child enjoy that cool hand on your fevered brow Your Mom and Dad love you and God is already doing it .

  2. Thank you for sharing this message. Lessons in life! Praying my daughter, Megan, gets a good paying job soon. She's working a temp job til end of April. No unemployment benefits since she quit her other job. Long story..but we know God is faithful to His children. Your Nehemiah is quite the lad! Hugs!

  3. I love coming here and soaking up encouragement. Do you know since reading your post about that verse in Joshua that it has become our heart's cry and the beginning of our prayers reminding God about all of His beautiful promises as we wait to see what He will do? Do you know how this has encouraged not only my heart, but the hearts of my husband, my mom, and indirectly our whole family? Over and over, the opportunity to speak that verse and the truth that NOT ONE WORD of all of God's promises failed has been put right in front of me. So while I may not be seeing the big, mountain-moving, breakthrough answers we are personally needing YET, I am SURE that we will. We just don't know the how or the when. But the One who loves us most sure does. =) Thank you for encouraging my heart. You have no idea just how much it needed it. But God did.

  4. You have no idea how perfect this was for me to read today! I am waiting as patiently as I can right now for an answer, just a simple yes or no. This was exactly what I needed! I've been holding on to this verse " Those who know Your name will trust in You, for You, Lord, have never forsaken those who seek You." Ps 9:10 I do love that He will never leave us nor forsake us. I do truly believe that He is working on my behalf right now. Thank you so much for the encouraging words!

  5. Such powerful words for us all to remember! We are waiting to hear when we get to travel to bring home our son! Thanks for the reminder that His timing is perfect and I should pray expectantly full of hope and faith.

  6. Thank you for reminding us all that sometimes we just have to be patient. It's been a very long, hard week stuck in one job that is so stressful and waiting to hear if I got a job I interviewed for last week.

  7. Thank you! I so needed to read this today. It has been a very hurtful and stressful week, a night full of tears instead of sleep, and a struggle to find peace instead of fear and bitterness. Time to turn my weeping into praise.

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