How About a Little Spring Cleaning?

It’s been too long since I mentioned something that is always on my heart.
But Friends!  
We need your help!   
Many of you remember that Orphan Wares was started as a crazy idea from the Lord…
The basic premise is this:
Artisans and crafters creating things and gifting them to a place that would 
put it on their website and all proceeds {with the exception of the Paypal fees} 
would go to feed the orphans.  
Someone creates using their giftings from the Lord and then donates.
Someone else needs an item for a wedding, shower, birth, Christmas, 
graduation, or just because…and searches the website…

Their purchase then feeds treasures on the opposite side of the world.
How crazy is that?
God was definitely up to something with that
wild idea!  
I remember sharing the idea on the blog and a woman wrote me saying,
“We just bought a home with a warehouse on the property…and we’ve been praying
about a ministry as a family….”
We spoke on the phone and Kala and her family joyfully agreed to serve the orphans
by donating warehouse space…such an incredible blessing.  Now Leah partners to 
advertise and promote…
But really, all of this is abstract, 
unless we actually see the faces of those 
who we serve because of this beautiful 
Win/Win ministry…
A few of the faces of the treasures Orphan Wares serves:
Allen was sick the day we were there. 
He had malaria.

Boys who live on the streets, 
lining up to eat…

Notice how young some of the boys are.
Can you imagine not having anything to eat
unless you come to the feeding program?
So really, isn’t it crazy to think that when we buy a gift
precious orphans are fed?

Orphan Wares has recently expanded and
is now feeding treasures in India.
Little children at a Leper Colony,
isn’t that beautiful?

We will have pictures soon!

Have you checked out OrphanWares lately?   
Look at a few of the things on the site: 
Lots of great handmade and vintage items are just waiting to be shipped out. 
Now is a great time to pick up a little something for graduations, showers, 
weddings, your home or maybe surprise someone with an extra special gift.  
Does it get any better than that?  
100% of your purchase —
every single penny (minus PayPal fees) — 
goes directly to help feed orphans.  
And while we’re at it – 
We could also use a little help with our OrphanWares Facebook page.  
Facebook has changed how people see pages and as a result not many 
of our friends are seeing our posts.   Facebook is willing to promote our page for a fee.  
Instead of us paying to promote, it would be great if you could take a moment 
to like our page (if you haven’t already liked OW!) and add our page to 
your interest list.   
Adding to your interest list is easy — go to OrphanWares Facebook
click on the little flower/gear looking thing and click “add to interest lists”.   
Also, when you “like” and share photos and statuses posted by OrphanWares, 
traffic to the page dramatically increases, and more OrphanWares purchases are made!  
So maybe something listed isn’t your style or you might not have the funds 
to make a purchase from OW right now…. but by simply clicking “like” or “share” 
you may help us reach someone who might love to purchase that 
very item annnnnd the best part — 
funds are made available to purchase food for orphans!  
Now for the extra super fun part [drum roll please!]…  
A $25 Hobby Lobby gift card has generously been donated by a 
friend of OrphanWares to help us spring clean!  
Make a purchase in the month of April from 
you will be entered to win the gift card!  
Please spread the word and help us clear out some inventory so that 
we can feed the orphans together and make room for new items!   
Winner will be announced Thursday, May 1st!  
PS….Because of donations of goods and then the purchases made 
through Orphan Wares and generous donors, over 96,000 meals were 
fed to the street orphans last year through the ministry
of International Voice of the Orphan….and that my friends, is a true Win/Win. 

One thought on “How About a Little Spring Cleaning?

  1. Would you do a post on how these boys come to live on the streets?

    I apologize if you've already done one and I missed it or can't recall it. But every time you mention Uganda, I am curious if there is a predominant reason there are so many young boys on the streets. Are there girls on the streets too? Is it a matter of families being too big and not having resources to feed them? Something else? I'm really just trying to learn more.

    KK @

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