Crazy Love in Action

Some days doesn’t the simple love of a child
put into action just steal your heart away?

Yesterday a precious letter arrived from an orphan-loving young
girl named Ariana.

Inside the letter was a check for $22.50.

The letter said,

“Dear Linny,

My friend Faith and I did a face painting 
fundraiser to raise money for the orphans.  
We raised $22.50 which we are sending you for 
International Voice of the Orphan.  

Love, Ariana”

Ariana {L} and Faith

Even their envelope was amazing!!
Love, love, love how Uganda has a red heart around it!

Crazy Love in action!!

Time so wisely spent.

Child-like faith.

Selfless deeds.

And orphans on the other side of the world eat.

Ariana and Faith could have been doing basically anything else
but instead chose to take the time to plan, gather the things
necessary, advertise and then spend their hours painting
faces so orphans could eat.  How amazingly cool is that?

What a tangible testimony of things that 
young people can do to care for the orphans!

No doubt, Ariana and Faith, the Lord is pleased with your love for the
orphans of the world.  May God bless you a billion times over…and
may your mom and dad continue to fan the flames Almighty God
has been stirring in your hearts.  

And on behalf of precious treasures in Uganda

thank you….

     thank you…..

         thank you!!

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