Sorry Babe….

Dw’s been in a Africa for a few weeks 
and since the yard desperately needed some weeding,
the kids and I teamed up and started
working with true determination.
Dw has a saying he does with the kids.
He will say, 
“Team work…
 then they finish in unison,
“Makes the dream work.”
Always kind of makes me laugh.
Team work makes the dream work.

We were dampening the weeds to make them 
easier to pull.
So as we worked our way along the flower/bush bed
I noticed a gangly bush growing
which was intertwined with the bougainvillea.
I kind of did a little of my own investigating 
and thought it looked like it was more of a sucker weed.
So I cut a large portion of it off at the root.
The boys had run an errand with Graham,
Liberty was at a car wash with the youth group
 Elizabeth, Jubilee and Ruby were
working with me. 
Okay, so Ruby was more like cheering us on
and kind of supervising
as she snoozed in her wheelchair next to us in the shade.
I noticed this gangly thing had really 
wrapped itself around our bougainvillea bush
and I also noticed that Dw had staked it.
I thought, “Wow, that is so weird,
I wonder why Dw staked this gangly-weedy thing?”
Snipping here and clipping there,
before long I had decided that the whole thing was
a wild weed gone bad
although it made no sense why he had staked it.
Showing Elizabeth, I quipped,
“This is the craziest weed I’ve ever seen – 
I wonder why Daddy staked it??”
I was so tickled with my great progress and
that that ugly, gangly weedy thing was no longer there.
When Graham returned with the boys
I proudly exclaimed,
“Look at this thing!  It’s a weed and somehow Daddy
mistook it for a plant! 
 Look, I cut the whole thing down!”
Graham looked at the plant and quietly glanced around the yard,
“Are you sure it’s a weed?”
“Of course it is!  Look at how spindly it had gotten,
in fact there are two more growing over there!”
“Mom, those are bushes.”
Suddenly I remembered the beautiful flowering bushes
that had been there a few months before.
Major big uh-oh.
Graham was completely right,
I had cut down a beautiful bush
{albeit growing obnoxiously and 
in desperate need of trimming}. 
I am still laughing to myself…
I had been so thrilled with my dogged 
determination that had accomplished such
a great feat.
Thankfully Graham and the boys 
came home when they did
we would have had 
less beautiful bushes.
So babe, 
if you’re reading this…
I’m really, really sorry,
but look at the bright side…
Graham came home in the nick-o-time
and thankfully
we still have two of the white-flowering bushes left!
And “two-out-of-three-ain’t-bad”, right?

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