What Will Happen?

No surprise to anyone who has 
been stopping by 
Our Place Called Simplicity 
that we are a family that happens to be 
crazy-passionate about the orphan and always
desperately desiring that each have a forever family
 Our hearts grieve for treasures
around the world waiting.
When I hear of a little one longing for a family, 
I well with tears, 
but when someone sends me the face of that
one longing for a family
and that once faceless little person is
now peering at me from in my laptop screen,
I can’t stand it. 
My eyes swim and 
I just can’t shake their precious faces.
It’s not fair!
So totally not fair!
Why in the world are they waiting?
They don’t *deserve* to be waiting.
Think about it sweet friend,
it could be *you and I* waiting.
Just you or I born in a different place,
in another country, in a different set of
circumstances and we
could be waiting, longing,
crying secretly inside for a family..

a family to belong to.
Well on the other side of the world
in Henan, Ch*na
there is a particular orphanage
that had quite a few older boys.
But the Lord has been working and 
stirring hearts 
last year two of the older boys were adopted.
One actually left the day before his 14th birthday!
Only God!
Three more of the older boys will go home to 
their forever families by the end of this summer
{praise to Almighty God – the one who sets the lonely in families}. 
But there are three boys that remain…
Meet Lucas
This guy stole my heart the second I saw his picture…
I could steal him up in a New York minute,
check out his cheery grin
and that peace symbol? 
Oh my.  
Robert {pictured above] has spent quite a bit of time over several years 
with Lucas and writes:
Lucas has come quite a long way but is still considered delayed. 
I think if a family was open to intellectual delays they would 
have no problems with Lucas! 
He is such a sweet boy, very good natured! 
He does recognize me when I go and is always so happy to see me!

Find additional information about Lucas here.

Robert and Lucas
Seriously, this little Lucas desperately needs a family – 
look at him!  He reminds me of my Jubilee.
Can you imagine Lucas on his own one day?
Really, can you imagine him leaving the orphanage
to manage for himself?
What will happen to Lucas?
Meet Justin
Robert writes: Justin really is just a normal kid, who had a heart that needed surgery. 
His heart has been repaired and his file is very recent so it will have up-to-date information. 

Additional information about Justin can be found here.
 Justin and Robert
Meet Sam

Sam is a very sweet boy, but he hasn’t had the same education as 
Justin so would need some catching up. He has a special need somewhat like CP. 
It doesn’t affect him hugely but does affect his movements and his speech a bit too. 
A family would need to be able to get the right therapy and educational

Additional information about Sam can be found here.


Friends, can you imagine being one of these three
and watching one-by-one as friend’s families
come to get them and you still wait?
I can’t even begin to imagine.
Maybe you *can’t* adopt
but, then again, 
maybe you could.
At least would you ask the Lord 
if, perhaps, one of these boys 
might be for your family?

Three little boys…
whose only true 
“special need” 
is for a family.

Please would you also share their picture and
perhaps someone you know has a place in their
hearts for one of these precious boys?
Would you pray with us for a family
to come forward for each?
“In everything, therefore, treat people the 
same way you want them to treat you,”
Matthew 7:12
For more information:
Justin’s file is held by Chinese Children Adoption International
{the agency who helped us with six of our adoptions –
they are amaaaaazing!} For more about Justin, go here.
Lucas and Sam are both on the shared list.
For more information from someone who has spent time with them:

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