Can Hardly Type Through Tears of Joy

I have been gone all morning but sat at a red light 
weeping while reading the words from my cousin 
Jamie confirming that Meriam and her children
had been released!!!!!

“We have confirmed through her attorney 
that she has been released from prison today.”

– Tina Ramirez, Hardwired, a Christian advocacy group

What a celebration of the victory as people united 
around the world in prayer and to be a voice of 
Godly justice for Meriam and her children.

We need to continue to pray two things:

1.  For Meriam and her children’s safety as well as Meriam and her two children
will be on a plane to the US imminently!!


2.  For the other persecuted Christians throughout the world being held in prisons.
Pastor Saeed has been held now for 2 years.  Sweet friends, we need to contend and
pray specifically for their release as well.  Although most of us could relate to Meriam because
of her being a woman, there are Godly men and women still held around the world.

On this day of prayer and fasting may we humbly thank God and continue to pray
for the United States Government to grant her and her American citizen children asylum now!

Please continue to pray with us!

Give praise to the 
proclaim his name; 
make known among the 
nations what he has done.
I Chronicles 16:8

16 thoughts on “Can Hardly Type Through Tears of Joy

  1. There is a petition on the ACLJ website for the State Department to accord immediate legal standing to Meriam and arrange safe passage to the U.S.

  2. Praise God! We were away visiting my Mother-in-Law, but my husband got an email on his phone from CSW so, we were very glad! and it was on the BBC news when we got home last evening…showing footage of her with her children FREE!
    Please continue to pray for more than 200 Nigerian girls at Easter and 30 more women taken recently. This is so heavy on my heart.
    Bring Back Our Girls.
    Sandy in the UK

  3. Linny – NBC News is reporting, quoting her attorney, that Meriam (and her husband!) were arrested at the airport before leaving Sudan. Trying to find out more. It's a top headline on Please no…

  4. After my comment yesterday about her re-arrest, I heard last night that she has been released again. Hopefully they can all leave Sudan as soon as possible without any more tricks by officialdom.

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