The Roller Coaster

Well as many of you know,

poor Meriam has been on a horrible roller coaster…

{and we’ve been right there with her}


Tears of Joy.

Heartache multiplied.

More tears of joy.

Oh my word!!

So I propose that we pray like Meriam’s still in prison – whether we hear she has been released or not, 

until we actually see her on American soil!!

Once here, Meriam can worship her God freely and live peacefully with her
American citizen husband and two American citizen children!!

In the meantime, let’s continue to lift her and her family up before the throne,
as well as the other prisoners {many of them pastors} being held in various countries
around the world, just for being Christians…

Lastly, I want to thank you all for your participation in spreading the word about Meriam
{please don’t stop until she is safely home}.

The winner of the Perpetua DVD is:

of Kentucky!!

Thank you all so much….you guys are amazing!


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